Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old Habits Die Hard

Can it ever be too sunny? Especially in winter? I admit that I am a sun worshipper, but not in the conventional sense. You will never find me tanning on the beach in a bathing suit, for instance. But I would find it challenging to live away from a climate that didn't have lots of sunshine every day. I love curling up in a sunny window like a lazy cat during at least three seasons of the year.

It really was too sunny in my sitting room for photos. (I had to edit out more than I kept.) But it's a great spot for a read on a winter afternoon. And maybe you could use some New Mexico sunshine!

You can see my piles of books and magazines here. (The table always looks this way.) As much as I enjoy being online, I still prefer a photo on a real page instead. Reading and online surfing are mostly two different things to me. (I bought a Kindle a long time ago and have never used it... Does this mean that I am just old?) I thought I would show you what's piled up on my coffee table, and what I'm enjoying offline right now since I have made such an investment in it. Print can be very expensive these days! 

Susan's ( book is delightful as many of you know! I am loving reading her new book.

I will be spending time with The Goldfinch. All 771 pages of it!

It's fun coming across blogging friends in magazines. The articles seem to be little potent capsules of both the person and their blog. One can take a page and literally pin it for inspiration if you wish. I love June's ( feature in the current issue of Where Women Create.

And Dore's ( in the current issue of Artful Blogging magazine.

(from Artful Blogging)

Jeannette's ( images are just captivating to me in print in the same issue.

(from Artful Blogging)

(from Artful Blogging)

Our local corner cafe just closed down the magazine section that they used to make available for browsing to patrons, and they are putting in more outlets for electronic devices instead. That's a good thing I suppose. But thank goodness there is also a bookstore and newsstand right next door!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

Wishing you lots of sunny days ahead!
(The groundhog always sees his shadow around here!)


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hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Thank you for the links to these lovely blogs.
I must see if I can find the artful blogger magazine in town. Goldfinch is on my list of books to read...I hope you will review it for us.

Paula Driesell said...

So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing! I love the white armoire!

Locksley Lane

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the sun streaming in through your window. Gorgeous photos. Hugs, Marty

Suzan Sweatman said...

It's sunny here - but COLD ( Montreal ) I could use a little New Mexico right about now.
I'm halfway through Goldfinch - what a story :)
Loving your pics

Sylvia said...

Your sitting room is peaceful and perfect for reading ... and contemplating, Jacqueline! I share your feelings about reading a paper book and surfing online or reading e-book. Holding a book in your hand and reading it, smelling the pages, leaving bookmarks, re-reading it is a totally different experience to me. I love seeing my shelves full of different size and texture of books and my table ( the same as yours) covered with piles of magazines ... It is always a pleasure visiting you. Enjoy the sun!

Bella said...

Happy Morning J,
You know I always love peeking into your sitting room, it's beautiful, if I was in the neighborhood I'd have to hang out in your sunny room often.
You are a busy reader! I love the cover of the Finch book, and I am so glad to be reminded of Junes article (another house I always love peeking in).
The "big" town where I shop population 40,000 closed it's only book store a couple years ago... a sad sign of the times, yes.
Well that sunshine, when you have to much feel free to blow some my way :-)

Gee Singh Newbanks said...

I too am a reader, and a `sun worshipper as in thought the windows :)
Nothing like turning the pages .
Beautiful photos as usual .
Hugs, Gee

sweet violets said...

Yes, please, send me some of your sunshine!!! We are in the midst of a new snow storm right now....however, I admit, I do love the winter!!!

I also love the printed word and spend time once a month at B&N going through the newest publications. So expensive, I rarely purchase anything. Love the new blogs you posted about. Have a great day!!!

White Lace and Promises said...

I want your sunroom! Shoot I want your house, but of course, fully decorated with your style! Yes, as much as I say, give me snow, I need the sun. This bipolar person needs light and the winter is hard for me anyway.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

That is such a beautiful room, must be so nice to relax and feel the warmth of the sun! That issue of WWC looks wonderful!

Amy at love made my home said...

So lovely to see the sunshine. If it gets too much for you please send it my way, we have not had sun for weeks and weeks, rain, yes, gallons of the stuff causing all sorts of floods, but no sun! Hope that you enjoy your books. xx

Pamela Gordon said...

Your sitting room looks lovely and cozy with the sun shining in. I also enjoy magazines and books and have a stack of magazines on a stool by my reading chair. It's nice to see articles from fellow bloggers in magazines too! Enjoy.

SizzleandZoom said...

What a lovely sitting room for reading. I would read more if I had a cozy corner like yours. I didn't see a link to Artful Blogging. Is there one?

Jeanie said...

Sunny sounds mighty good to me, we of the frozen north salute you! How lovely!

I, too, have been enjoying seeing blog friends in print. It's such a treat!

Which part of New Mexico might I find you if I ambled out there sometime in 2014. A dear friend is in Santa Fe and I'm hoping the new year will bring a visit!

Vintage Gal said...

Oh how I long for the sun to shine on my face. We have not seen sun in many days. Too much snow and cold. Your sitting room looks so comfy. If I was there, I would enjoy reading all of your books and mags. Love the printed word as well. I agree online browsing is totally different (maybe I'm old too).

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Gorgeous light coming into your cozy room! I, too, prefer the written page and have never used my kindle (don't tell my son who gifted it to me)! Your book looks interesting and I will have to check out the blogger links - thank you for that. 'Artful Blogger' and 'Where Women Create' are two of my favorite magazines - so much inspiration! Enjoy your beautiful sunshine - we are getting some today, but it is very cold with a strong wind coming from Canada. I almost froze my poor little fingers feeding the birds this morning. I will stay inside and read these beautiful blogs you have linked us to. :) xo Karen

Jennifer said...

I say it all the time, Jacqueline, it's just too sunny here sometimes! I try not to say it too loudly, though, to avoid the rotten tomatoes people might through at me. :)

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

Jacqueline, you are so sweet to mention me in your post today!
I am waiting to get my hands on the Susan Branch book after following her journey on her blog! I will have to wait until our library system has it :)
Your beautiful room looks like the perfect cozy spot to curl up and read. Thanks for sharing what you're reading today!


Tanya Rachelle said...

Lovely post! Sunny and clear blue sky here today but cool. Always enjoy visiting your blog.

Merlesworld said...

I love winter sunshine.

Custom Comforts said...

It is so fun to be browsing through a magazine and come across a blogging friend. It makes this big world seem a little smaller and more intimate.
I too enjoy reading from a book, touching and turning the pages. And even though there are so many beautiful photos on Pinterest and blogs, the magazine rack always beckons to me in the grocery store.

ChiPPy!-SHaBBy! said...

Greetings Jacqueline!*!*!
LoVe your ever soooo CoZy living room area with the tall white hutch against the white brick!*!*! I understand about too much light ~ I lived in the Nevada Desert for a long time...
Jeanine Burkhardt

June said...

Your sitting room is such a beautiful serene place Jacqueline. I loved seeing this special room. It is the perfect place to read and blog.

You were so sweet to share my feature in WWC! I now need to get AB to see Dore's beautiful feature.
sending hugs...

Marjon said...

Beautiful Pictures and thank you for the other blog links.....your livingroom is georgeus....
and....a beautiful song from Mick Jagger hihi...greetz Marjon

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh, Jacqueline,
I was out late this eve finishing up a late job, to then read my emails, answer a few etsy questions, and truly you will not believe this but visited a blogger and then went to your site. I often stop by to wow myself with your beauty and what's next. As I was reading, looking, and in total awww! Over your room that lives life beautifully I took once again notice of that amazing white painted brick wall, and the white armoir of sorts wishing this exact wall was in my home. It was then the glow of sunlight lit up your room in a peaceful calm. After taking in all my heart could handle I noticed you were making mention of our sweet June and her feature in WWC, I totally agreed with you when one picks up an issue to then notice a friend, I out loud with a quick sigh agreed with you that is always a joyful surprise to think out loud I know her and she's my blog friend. Then my heart in shock sunk, I was in total shock to see my feature in Artful Blogging with this beautiful mention in your post! Gasping to catch my breath and composure, I could not wait until morning to let you know how honored I am to be in beautiful company with like blogging friends.
And best was to be posted and mentioned on your site, one I look up to, and one that inspires the depths of my soul.

I have mentioned how enamored I am with your home, beauty, inspiring finds, and every inch of your creative self, always finding something in your postings and cottage life to adore. To be added in a post on your blog site that you would take notice of me and my feature over joys me, and I am so blessed to be in your good and beautiful company.

Thank you Jacqueline, for adding beauty to all I create.

A romantically inspiring February to you sweet friend.
Again thank you dearly for including me in on your post, you are someone to love.


Anna Lantligt på Svanängen said...

Lovely post! Greetings Anna

Pat Cantwell said...

I, too, enjoy the printed pages in a book and /or magazine, dear friend!!!
We have such a limited selection that I go on~line looking for more suitable publications. I'm going to check out those mentioned here.
Enjoy your "sun bathing".

Betty W said...

I am like you, I love the sun, but I will not sun bathe in it anymore. I also love reading books, the real books.

Jen said...

I love how clean and fresh and bright your home is--that white brick wall is wonderful. The only white I see around here is snow. :)

I loved The Goldfinch--hope you enjoy it.

Fågel Blå said...

Ohhh so lovely this room and all things you have there!
Love it!
My English are so bad!
Whish you a nice weekend

Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Jacqueline,
I just have to smile seeing your table as it looks very similar to mine most of the time. LOL
I do have a Kindle and use it to browse décor image ideas, but for me, books will always be my first love. There is something so wonderful about holding a book, turning the pages and seeing it on the shelf and piled on the coffee table.
Looks like you have a great selection to cozy up to for the winter.
Send some sun our way. Here in Dallas, we woke to pretty snow dust and 14 degrees. BRRRRRR

Have a great weekend,

Art and Sand said...

Yesterday I was just like you. I took a stack of decorating books out to the garden to read in the sun. I love to look at the pictures and get up close to see details.

I love Where Women Create and will have to go to Barnes and Noble to see June's home featured.

Debra of Common Ground has her home featured in a new farmhouse look magazine.

Have you ever been featured in any magazines?

Haworth said...

Your home looks so beautiful, Jacqueline! Such sunlight! We have had sun today, too, although it was bouncing off the sheen of snow and nearly made us blind with it! I, too, love curling up on the couch with a shawl and my favorite magazines and books. (Some books I read through over and over again -- like the WHITE book that "Victoria" magazine published, or Edith Holden's diary...) I'm relieved you still have a place to buy magazines. The emphasis on electronics is so rampant, it worries me. Wishing you a lovely weekend of enjoying beautiful things!

lynn said...

so sweet for you to share your blog friends pubs:) we haven't seen much sunshine lately, --i'm ready for spring:)

Marilyn said...

Love the light in the room.
Susan's book is total delight.
The Goldfinch is in the mail to me right now, can't wait to read.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Jacqueline - what a beautiful sun room you have! I love the pure, clean, airy look you've created there, and can certainly see why you love spending time there reading and relaxing. :) I envy your constant sunshine. It's been pretty absent here this winter for us in MI. Hoping for an early springtime so that I can get some Vitamin D therapy!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I agree, it can never be too sunny. I hope that sun keeps on shining right through your winter days for you.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

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