Monday, December 26, 2011

What Is This, Grand Central Station?

Well, yes. Twice in a week. And not that bad for the holidays I guess.

I wasn't the only one stopping for photos. Far from it. I wonder how many folks going through are actually from NY?

If you're not in a hurry, there's plenty of food and shopping. The carnival atmosphere alone is almost worth paying for. . . .

Leaving the Big Apple! What a ride!

Ciao! for now!


Divina Chita Brasil said...

big and beautiful!!

Marydon said...

So love your captures, & even more beautiful in person.
Happy New Year
Hugs & love,

Jane said...

of it's so enormous, and those lights! safe travels Jacqueline. Jane x

Sarah said...

Grand Central Station is sooooo grand. It's always a favorite stop when in NY just to see this gorgeous building. Happy travels ~ Sarah

Bente said...

What a beautiful building it is.

Hugs Bente

Bente said...

What a beautiful building it is.

Hugs Bente

Carole said...

One of my favorite places to photograph. I'm often running for the train but love it when I can just people watch.
Oh did you go to the Food Market??? heaven!
and the best pizza is downstairs!!!

gosh makes me want to go right now. Maybe in January


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