Thursday, July 15, 2010

cool corner

We are in the high desert here in the Land of Enchantment, the altitude bringing just enough moisture to leave you yearning for more, like a too small warmish sip from the last of your cool drink on a thirsty day.

Maybe that is why I dream so much of the sea.

All white and cloistered

in the sea cave cool of shuttered rooms.

I love cool white rooms in summer, and I learned about shutters from a trip to Italy.

The shuttered farmhouses are picturesque, but the shutters are used to control the hot or cold weather. Closed early in the morning, they efficiently keep rooms cool all day.

We like the look of our plantation shutters, but came home and found out that they worked for us the same way without always relying on air-conditioning. The shell candles are from Pottery Barn. Love shells!

Most of my shells are rescued from flea markets. The large shell in the foreground was a trip souvenir. It reminds me of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce!

I always have a changing stack of decorating books in my cool corner.

It's easy to change the look of a room with slipcovers, but even easier and cheaper to change the furniture with throws. Woolly in winter, crisp whites in summer.

For now, I am lulled by the undulating heat waves of summer days.

Adrift, and awash in watery thoughts.

Here's wishing you your own cool corner! Thanks for visiting me in mine!
Ciao! for now!


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Susan said...

Love that white comfy looking couch. Makes me want to stretch out and take a nap on it. Nice whites! Susan

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love your wonderful whites and that cozy spot to rest. Love all the pillows and if the lamp comes up missing I promise I haven't seen it! Love your writing, too.

Nestled In Rosenberg said...

I love your decor-so fresh, airy, and COASTAL! LOVE IT!

Annesphamily said...

I like white in the summer. It is so cool and refreshing. I think Susan is right, a nice place to stretch out and take a nap! Anne

Kay said...

Visiting your blog was like taking a sweet trip to the sunny shore--calming and refreshing. I, too, love shutters. I even remember the first time I saw them. I was only about 6 or 7 and my friend had moved into a new house. She had shutters in her bedroom, and I loved them then, but have never had any! Keep wanting some in my kitchen, though here in chilly Oregon, it'd be for aesthetics only. Your white linens, pillows, wicker, lamp, and shells are just heavenly, and love the rose picture, too. Beautiful!

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I love visiting your blog and seeing what pretties you have on display. Also enjoy the movie clips on the side. Loved those movies!

Olga said...

The whites in your home so pretty. I love white too. The first shell does look like a scoop of ice-cream.

custom seamstress said...

It looks so comfy, like I'd love to cuddle up there for a while and just relax.

Marlee said...

It was 99 degrees here yesterday with a real feel temp of 115. If it gets that hot today, I am going to re-read your cool post. Your use of words combined with those lovely pictures has a cool calming effect. Stay cool!

nannykim said...

Very serene --love it. I changed out some of my couches with white for the summer too. Although my hubby does complain even when I only have 3-4 pillows. ;-) Hubby's are like that, ya they are.


Love that heavenly-white-comfy bed!Looks airy yet calming!pillows,bed linens are perfect for that cozy bedroom!So Serene!Thanks For sharing...inspiring :)!

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