Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter Inspirations

February is the shortest month, but is also a time for longing. Longing for love, for spring, for inspiration.

It's all hearts and flowers online awaiting another season, but just outside the window my views are still brown. 

Nature is all in cold suspension. Its invisible workings gone underground.

For now my own imagination feels unseeded.

 Like the ticking of a clock in an empty room, 

there is only the rythm of the winter days. . . .

and the gatherings from a faded past for inspiration. . . .

As I am prone to do, I have cocooned myself in brown. Pondering vignettes of an earthy color.

Stirred up only by ticking stripes and percussive graphics.

With even the birds and bees in a quiet landscape.

I love that my china echoes the winter offerings!

Far from feeling bleak, I just can't stop collecting twigs from a brambling ramble.

And am cheered by something so small it will fit into a teacup. . . .

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead,
 no matter what you see outside your winter window!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shabby Valentine Bunting

I still love to make valentines, and this year I got the idea to make a quick and easy "shabby" style  bunting that reminds me of old love letters.

 I cast around thrift stores for old papers. Not only are they super cheap, but they already have the aged look that craft stores can only replicate. I used cards from an old recipe file that already had the holes punched in them, and got out my stash of ink stamping stuff. I kept to a pale design and only used faded black ink for the look I wanted.

It's very overcast, and this is all set up under a sky light in my back hall. It's all fuzzy, but I wanted the bunting to show against a blank wall.

The doilies are from a vintage box that probably came from an old restaurant supply. Each is simply folded in half, laid across ordinary string, and secured with a glue stick along the fold. I kept it simple with only a single stamp design at the center of each doily.

The old valentine candy box (vintage Nabisco) is also a thrift store find.

This is a single large stamp design already composed on a large block. I can stamp the whole thing,  as I did here. or only a portion of it somewhere else.

The cards are held in place by knotting ribbon along the string to keep the cards from slipping. I like the curl the ribbon makes coming right off the spool. I used what I had on hand, but was glad to find the  super thin pink satin and a sheeny white stripe ribbon in my stash. I knotted one of each strand together at each place with a single tie, being sure to leave random ragged lengths.

Welcome to February!

I hope it's a fun and beautiful month for you!


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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Morning Tea

Winter mornings call for something relaxed. Recumbent even. Perhaps in bed before the day warms up.

Mornings require easy options. A no more taxing decision than "coffee or tea?"

Soothing white with a weathered tarnish to match. Spring will be soon enough for a good polish!

Today I wanted to feature the new Pope Gosser coffee pot that matches my other collected pieces.

And also a little fat silver teapot that sat on the shelf at the shop begging "Oh, take me home with you, please!"

I even love the moss green marks on the bottom of the china.

And the rose knob on top.

The silver plated teapot has a softly burnished pewter-like finish.

But it was that adorable knob on top that captivated me!

I just brought home this perky round wicker tray so perfect for carrying and serving an easy tea. It cradles everything as cozily as a baby bassinet!

Or draws you awake to morning light at the kitchen table. . .

Even the linens suggest the look of a rumpled bed.

We're down to the last few busy days of January! A new month will have us all looking toward spring. But for now it's just time for a few soothing sips to begin a another winter's day.

So nice to have your company!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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