Monday, October 5, 2015

Time For Linen And A Few Other Props

So, when is it NOT time for linens? Linens are my life! (Well, almost.)

These are a few things that I had soaking overnight. Sometimes I wake up and remember that I have a tub of pretty things waiting for me and it cheers me right up! Now isn't that a great way to start  a Monday morning?

My work room always has a few of the latest props sitting around and so they are joining the party too.

I love finding old brown bottles with the labels on. Especially for decorating in fall. Ever heard of Rhubarb extract? I have to say it is a first for me. . . I'm also thrilled whenever I can find old clock faces.

A sweet little guest towel joins the collection. The more serious stains soaked right out.

The monogrammed napkins are soft as a baby's bottom. Seriously! And I never turn down a letter B. But really any monogram is fabulous. 

This was a set of six, with two napkins being too tattered for use. But I will salvage them for something else. A set of four works for me!

 The other gorgeous piece you see here is a very old runner full of holes and serious stains, but with its wonderful lace edge fully intact. It will look spectacular peeking out of a display, or the edge of a shelf the way it is.

Sometimes I need just a snippet of something for a task where I would rather not risk my nicer linens. And you handy crafters out there know what good use you can put a little lace trim to!

October is out of the gates in a big way for us. It's Hot Air Balloon Fiesta time in Albuquerque too, and that always brings plenty of enthusiastic guests to the Land of Enchantment. We're getting ready for a house full!

Well Happy Monday! 

I hope it will be a good week for you.


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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wedgwood Fall Buffet

Guess what? I just love white embossed plates! But Wedgwood design always seems like the queen of china to me. I only have a few dinner plates of this design, and the smaller plates, also Wedgwood, are a set of four that I recently splurged on when I discovered them at a friend's new shop. Aren't they gorgeous?

Fall seems like the only season that makes me think of food. But on the first of October it's all about wanting soups, stews, and all kinds of baked goodies! The nice thing about a one dish meal is that it is so easy to serve buffet style for a big crowd. And we have a few of those headed our way! 

You first saw this tablecloth on a bed that I posted about this past summer. But another reason it may look familiar is that this theme is common for me. Cross stitch crochet in a dark thread. I have a little collection of it going now.

This version has a great rectangle design in the middle that just begs for a new silver tray I acquired over the summer. It's the perfect size for me! I love silver in the cooler seasons, and I am especially nuts over hollow handled knives lately. I'll be sticking them in that little Spode embossed pitcher standing by.

I visited a friend recently that has inherited a whole set of this gorgeous china from his mother. It is breathtaking displayed all together in his china hutch.

I just love the leafy transferware design on these smaller plates that I will use as bread or dessert plates, or for a small tea. Doesn't that sound cozy? Golden Ivy for some golden fall day. . . .

Another new addition to the scene is this big ironstone tureen I bought this past summer. Maybe this stuff turns up left and right for you in the Midwest or wherever, but it is quite hard to come by in these parts. Just waiting for its first pot of stew! 

I have a ton of options as a base, but this viney transferware version is my platter of choice today. Soft patterns like this one are my current favorite in brown transferware these days.

Is there a fall buffet in your future?
There really is nothing easier!

Happy October!

I hope that it turns out wonderfully for you!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sweet Dreams

I was so lucky to come upon a little stash of pretty linens at a giveaway price this weekend! I don't mind at all having just a single pillowcase when it looks this pretty.

These lovely Madeira applique napkins were a bargain until I realized that they had sticky tape residue on them! I did my best with a soak, but without much success. I Googled a remedy, but it didn't really work for me. I will use them unironed and keep washing them a ton. It may help.

I always pick up plain all cotton pillowcases too when I can. Besides being a basic for the bed, they are perfect used as a cloth sack for storing quilts and other linen that you need to keep fresh, organized, and breathing freely.

A new pitcher joined the collection as well. I have a bunch already, but a pretty white pitcher makes a perfect all occasion gift. Especially with a fresh bouquet tucked in!

I don't get a lot of small embroidered pieces anymore, but this one was too charming to pass up! A pretty piece like this is a great way to get the youngest generation going on appreciating vintage linen.

But my favorite new find is this delicate little doily with a knitted lace edge. The french knots, and the bitty touch of yellow just stole my heart away! Worked on fine linen, and still in perfect condition. 

The top folded piece is another pillowcase single. It also has a rarer knitted lace trim versus the usual crochet edge like the one underneath. Any all white pieces work wonderfully together. I wouldn't think twice about gifting a mis-matched pair of beautifully worked vintage pillowcases!

But I'm thrilled to find pairs like these too of course!

Just a touch of color on an all white bed is delicious!

This Battenburg pair is not old, but still pretty with its machine done details.

It all makes for some pretty sweet dreams!

I hope it's turning out to be a beautiful new week for you!
So nice that you came by for a visit!


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