Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Thing Of Joy~ Ironstone & Transferware Treasures

We have all probably heard the phrase "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." It's the first line from a poem by the English poet, John Keats. But I wonder if you are familiar with the next few lines.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

Well, that's exactly how I feel about my beautiful linen and china collections! 

 I am showing you a little hodgepodge of ironstone and brown transfer ware today. Each piece with its own small story. Believe it or not you haven't seen any of them here before! The pitcher and bowl above I have had for a few months, but I have been too busy with summer to do anything with them.  I found the set in a very nice local antiques shop for a very lovely price on sale.  

This stunning tureen I have had only a few days. It was sent to me by one of my oldest dearest friends who knows my taste to a T. We have known each other since our own days of youthful beauty. A now long distant era of babies and times of frugality, longing, and shared dreams. It took my breath away when I took it from the box.  

Such lovely details! The kind of object which grows in beauty with each examination.

I love the touches of pink, and the airiness of the pattern. Perfect for any season.

The raised details on the pitcher and bowl set are seen a little better in this photo. And there is a small vase/toothbrush holder from a different vanity set in the foreground.

This cheery little gem was one of only a couple of items I found at a fleamarket last week for a very small price. It will look adorable with a few mums or daisies in it.

Finally, I came across this sweet ironstone bowl that had been packed up in a box and stowed away at some busy moment of my life, and then unearthed the other day while I was clearing a storage closet.  It still had the two dollar price tag from the thrift store! Now wouldn't that bring a little joy to your day?

There is the thrill of the find, the joy of ownership, and all the pleasure of passing on a lovely treasure in this vintage life of mine. It could just go on forever!

But here we are at the end of our October days again!

 I hope that they are lovely ones for you. 


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Old, New, and Something Blue

There is nothing borrowed in this mixture of elements. But the arrangement is a nice marriage of some of my current collections combined with recent finds. Some things old, some new, and a bit of blue.

Items come and go from this basic display that has worked in my dining room for a long time now. It should look very familiar to you by this time! 

But I am always so pleased when I come across something that fits right in, like this adorable little transferware pitcher that I found recently. It is a rarer multi-colored version that charms the socks right off me. I love the russet tones that lend just a suggestion of fall color. And it will make a sweet little vase for a small gift bouquet of flowers. I found it at a fleamarket for four dollars. Could you pass it up at that price?

I am working with some new display ideas and love how a few gathered items can come together for a whole new look.

One of my older favorites. . .

Shown with my most recent brown transferware find.

It's a style that is already right at home with what's presently sitting on my shelves.

My decorating mode tends to just evolve over time when I am involved with lesser things. A tweak here, and a tweak there.

Thank goodness for a little new interest crossing my path once in a while!

 I am plainly drawn to the same themes over and over again as this collection of tablecloths gathered together shows.

I collect cloths with similar cross-stitch patterns on them in these tan and browns as well.

Surprisingly, they are fairly common and inexpensive to acquire. And one of them is usually layered on my table every day.

The new serving plate is also a stand out with all my white china as well.

And just a bit of color breaks up all the white that I love so much.

Our fall days are still so beautiful that I can hardly stay indoors!

I hope that you are able to find the beauty in your days too!

Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Quiet Room In Fall

Hello friends! Here we are just past a couple of October weekends already, and the fall days continue to be spectacular. We have had a house full of guests, had our first cozy fire of the season, and have also been lucky enough to take to the road for a peek at the changing colors through southern Colorado. So stirring to the soul!

I recently found a big old slatted basket that I had no idea what to do with at the time, but knew it's deep patina would be perfect for some fall display. It makes an ideal backdrop for a few fat pumpkins that are headed to the shop.

I have so much else to do, but the brilliant afternoon light streaming in stops me in my tracks, and inspires me to make time stand still for a few moments with my camera before moving on.

A bit of whimsy has crept into the scene too.

We discovered these adorable wildlife themed mugs at our local bird supply shop, and have been enjoying them with our morning coffee. I like the "great horned owl" script on the side, and the lovely nature drawings. (By CJ Wildlife) *Here's a link to more varieties. I just realized that they are by Marjolein Bastin!)

It's nice how just a few touches warm up the rooms for fall.

The mantel has remained the same, but a few tea lights tucked in add so much on a chilly evening when there is no fire in the hearth. 

Easy to add a few gatherings to the basket here and there as the weeks roll by.

The big white McCoy pot is a recent find too. It is the third one of this design I have collected over the years, but I was still thrilled to find it! Almost like a big fat pumpkin itself.  

And what is October without a few baby boos to add to the table?

Not much time for decorating, as usual. But fortunately it doesn't take that much to change the vibe. 

Some fragrant eucalyptus twigs from the market spice up the hearth. And the sound of a ticking clock adds so much to a quiet room, almost making a space seem even quieter. Have you noticed?

The days fly by as we head straight for the busiest weeks of the year. I will be needing the stillness of a quiet room on a sunny afternoon now and then. A good place to gather thoughts as well as the bare branches of a new season.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy some beautiful autumn moments too!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just a Peek at the Wedding at Laurel Creek Manor in Seattle

Just popping in to say hello, really. I've been MIA a lot this month with travels, and most recently at a family wedding at this gorgeous venue in Seattle, WA. One of the most stylish and hip events I have ever attended.

I thought you might enjoy just a peek at Laurel Creek Manor which bills itself as "a setting in English country elegance." It does not disappoint.

You can see much more of this beautiful old property, built in 1917, by clicking on the website here. There is also a link to photos on Pinterest.

Set in the countryside, with lots of Italian influences, the surroundings are almost dreamlike in perfection inside and out. There were even calling geese flying overhead during the ceremony! So romantic.

We filled our short time in Seattle at great eateries and doing a little wine tasting tour with family enthusiasts. And a little too much time, I'm afraid, trying to wade through traffic. Oy! But it is very plain what attracts so many to live in this beautiful city. 

There are few more joyous and happy celebrations than a lovely fall wedding!

I hope you are enjoying these first few days of fall! When we flew through San Diego it was still 99 degrees! Gorgeous back home in the land of enchantment, though.

Happy Days to you!


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