Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cottage Whites

Nothing like a few favorite white things to celebrate a leisure Saturday! I'm actually celebrating a new computer hard drive as well. I have some catching up to do!

Fortunately these recent shop photos made it through, and as you can see, garden style vintage stuff is still on my mind!

Time for a good linen fix too!

I can never seem to get enough of the luscious details like monograms and hand worked lace.

Looking for cool summer styles?

White is always easy on the eyes.

I always love the mix of rustic and refined.

And can you ever have enough vintage watering cans?

But ceiling tin is a fairly rare find.

 Just makes me want to go kicking around for more!

How about you?

Happy Saturday!

Hope it's a great weekend for you!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Back In Waxahachie & A Great Little Shop

You can just feel the love when you walk in the door. Or maybe it was simply me falling in love with this adorable new shop in Waxahachie on my recent return to one of my favorite small towns in Texas. Just a peek inside the window of the High Cotton Emporium will tell you why.

All the things I love, in all of my favorite colors! With one pretty display following another.

Lots of talent on show here.

The owners are busy preparing for a Grand Opening this Thursday, May 11th. Click here for more information and details on their Facebook page. 

I wish we could stick around for all the fun!

In the meantime, here's a look at some of the beautiful painted furniture and accessories that they have for sale in this elegant little shop.

We loved this adorable corner with painted shutters and a wonderfully detailed wood door.

The perfectly chippy iron bed. . . 

dressed to the nines! (Don't you just adore those ruffles?)

It was a bit tricky to get a good shot of this dreamy twiggy display with a lovely petite chandelier featured inside. But what a delight it is to see in person!

I can never let go of thoughts of one of my all-time favorite movies set in Waxahachie-- Places In The Heart. (Even if I have to check the town spelling every time! Haha!) Like the heartwarming movie, the shop plays up the cotton history of the place. Especially since their wonderful old building was once an old cotton exchange.

Such a treat in store for ya'll here! Come on by if you can. We just happened to be walking by after lunch, and can't wait to get back again sometime. There are lots more vintage shops near the square, so a destination shopping trip would be the thing to do. Next time I think I'll bring a truck! 

Best of luck on your grand opening this week ladies! I think lots of folks will be very happy to greet you. 

And thanks for adding so much unexpected delight to our return trip to Waxahachie!

Hope it's a great new week for all of you too!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Garden Stuff

I'm probably the biggest pretend gardener that you know. I love to have a garden and watch it grow. But I am too busy with other things to tend much of a garden. And I am also crazy about vintage garden stuff! In fact the very first blog I ever followed and fell in love with was Theresa Cano's blog  Garden Antqs Vintage. She is no longer blogging, and has changed her business name. But she still sells garden antiques! Here's a link to her exciting FB page.

My most exciting recent find are these French antique garden cloches that I found locally together in two sizes. They are a beautiful heavy bubbled green glass, and are in wonderful condition. Not many turn up here in New Mexico. So I am thrilled!

They can still be used in the garden, of course, but they will probably take up residence with my gardening book collection.

The burlap type table cover that I am showing here is from Jeanne D'Arc Living. I am constantly being asked about it. It is a fabulous display piece, but it's not like you can throw it in the washer or anything. It makes a great under layer with the fringe.

Another new discovery is that primitive little antique seed chest made of plywood. I wanted to show it with seed packets inside, but I don't have any handy. What I do have are a few herbs in peat pots from the nursery waiting to be planted. We keep a few pots nearby by on the patio where we use them for cooking and where we won't forget to water them anywhere else in the yard.

There are few more wonderful delights that a few herbs growing close by!

I bought three different varieties of thyme and want to mark each one with these beautiful copper garden markers so I don't forget which is German, English, or Lemon thyme.

They are corralled in a new old garden tote with "California Fruit Growers Exchange" lettered on the side too faintly to show in the photos, but you can see the beautiful old oiled wood.

A few old garden standbys round everything out. And I wanted to be sure to show you my humble little blooming snowball bush! I'll be snipping a few blooms soon to bring inside.

Sculptural iron furniture and accessories are one of my most favorite collections. Few things tickle my decorating bones more than putting together a cheery garden vignette!

Happy gardening!


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