Thursday, January 15, 2015

Setting A Cozy French Country Table

The inspiration for my table this week was this white ceramic pair of poule et coq that I just changed out from somewhere else. I thought they made a nice and simple centerpiece. Hens and roosters are seen everywhere in country style, but they are also a popular theme for French decorating.

I would like to serve a nice French onion soup with a crusty cheesy topping and thought about these big soup spoons I had tucked away.

I'm not a very good housekeeper and have the habit of stashing silverware here and there and everywhere. Trouble is, I was having to polish up things I didn't use very often before I could use them! So the last time I went on a polishing jag I got clever and wrapped everything up in muslin dish towels.

Exposure to oxygen tarnishes silver when it is not regularly used. Flannel bags are often used to store silverplate, but plain cotton dish towels work fine. I just bundle flatware up like you see here. If you are really organized and love that sort of thing you can label them too! I just tossed mine in a small box to store in a cupboard.

I was thrilled to find these pieces all ready to go.

I am using my darker brown transferware and a mix of a few white pieces here with a dark tablecloth as a base. I found this beautiful smaller round crocheted tablecloth at a wonderful price to layer over. It's thick and cushy with a wonderful texture and design. . . .

These are part of my vintage towel collection, but beautiful linen is still a staple in a modern French household. 

The plates are antique and without a maker's mark so I can't tell you the pattern. Maybe you already know it?

I decided on these heavy woven napkins with a monogram for this hearty winter meal.

You may notice that I have changed up my empty wall frame with a new scene from an old calendar. I may collage it up a bit more later.

I finally tweaked the garden wicker planter a tad. The large round platter is a recent find. But the little lacy towel layered on top has been making its rounds on the blog quite a bit lately.

The look of love. . . .

Bon appetit!

Maybe you have something yummy cooking up too!
Hope it's cozy for you. . . .

So nice that you stopped by! I love hearing from you!


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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Housekeeping French Country Style

January is traditionally the time for getting the house in order and replenishing household goods for the coming year. I am happy to embrace the tradition! After a prolonged period of house guests and entertaining, I'm busy counting spoons and assessing the damages anyway. And there were a few casualties along the way. We had broken glass, candle wax and red sauce on the linen, and a shortage of bowls. (Believe it or not!) But mishaps are a natural household process, and shouldn't keep you from using your best things!

Among the silver I am counting today is this random set of serving pieces that I wanted to show you. I found them just before Christmas in a fleamarket showcase for the sum of ten dollars. Total! I think there was only one item that I didn't put to use.

Pretty silver is one of my many weaknesses.

I also snapped up this French tablecloth at the end of season sale at Anthropolgie. I had coveted it earlier in the year but just couldn't justify the price for something I don't need at all. (I mean, really!) I got it for almost half the original price. It was the very last one.

The label reads "This rustic unbleached cotton piece is inspired by French country style of the past. The linens evoke an ancient look and feel thanks to our use of traditional natural fibers. It will bring a timeless simplicity that we enjoyed in our youth at our grandparents houses." Sold!

We also invested in these French latte bowls by Apilco. You can find similar versions for a fraction of the cost, but they don't stand up to the real thing. I kept out all the bowls for use during the visiting, but these were what everyone reached for first. Apilco is a Williams-Sonoma basic.

It's that "timeless simplicity" about everyday household goods that I love the best.

Anthropologie also has a wonderful new Espresso candle scent! Beautiful, and so delicious!

Are you getting in a little January White too?

I hope it's beautiful for you!


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