Monday, September 19, 2016

The Sideboard In Fall and Au Revoir to Summer

I think we are having our last day of summer. The weather channel says 88 degrees. I know many of you are so done with the heat! But it is a bittersweet day for a summer lover like me. The rest of the week shows a prediction for cooler days. I'm pretty confident we won't see almost ninety again for many months to come. Au revoir to my good friend!

That calls for a few changes of course. Many of them quite welcome. It has been a while since we saw much difference in the dining room sideboard, for instance, and I have given it a little refresh to herald a new season.

My inspiration came from these pretty new plates I got on sale at Pottery Barn this weekend. They told me they are from the spring collections. And that sounds about right. I haven't been shopping much since the nice weather hit way back then. But they seem so much more suited for fall to me. The colors certainly are. 

So I paired them up with some twiggy things to settle in.

There are more bowls than pitchers showing on the shelves this time. The days pouring forth with so much activity have passed too. I'm ready for books, woolly throws, and savory soups to cradle in my hands after a bracing walk in the woods.

The flickers which we only see at our vines in autumn have already arrived.

The lower half of the dresser holds plenty of plates and bowls to pull out with a little room left over for a few brimming serving dishes. I love the simple suppers of fall.

I have thrown open the patio door for more light, which shows off the textures of my Rose Point china. The goldfinches just outside are cheering me on with their song as they head for the feeders.

Someone recently posted a saying online that is a new idea for me. "Fall is for new beginnings." And I think I will be taking it to heart. . . .

Happy Monday!

And happy first days of fall!

May it be full of new beginnings!


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

White Weekend

I have only simple stories to tell. And this one begins with our latest summer roses as inspiration.

Sometimes it's hard to grasp just how hardy these delicate beauties are. Yet here they are. Seeming only to await our return home to bloom. We have had only small bouquets in groups of two or three to bring in from the garden. But that simply means successive days of fresh cheer one after the other.

The shifting light means hunting down the best ledges to stage a photo. Our weekends are full, and so familiar objects fill in for a quick shoot.   

The brimming days can pass in large number before much is altered at the end of this room. The unchanging displays as steady as wallpaper.

The same textures and colors are at home in any season. 

I will miss these home grown petals when they are finally gone! As beautiful as they can be, hot house blooms feel more formal to me in the colder months ahead.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Bird Inspired Table Setting to Celebrate September

When I give way to whimsy in decorating it tends to be mostly at the table. A little linen table square with a bird motif is my inspiration here. I found it at a flea market for under six dollars. Not my usual color scheme, but I have a friend who loves this combination, and it will make a cute gift.

A snippet of linen like this really enhances the look of a tablescape, and has me gathering things up to coordinate with it.

That's always going to include bits from my white and cream china collections of course! The green trim vintage English plates are the perfect thing here mixed with Wedgwood Queensware teacups. 

Vintage monogram napkins add still more to a layered look.

The lace tablecloth underneath is not an heirloom, or even vintage. It was made especially for me by my talented daughter-in-law just a few years ago. You can't even imagine how many different ways this is special to me.

A plain English teapot by Johnson Brothers, which is still in production, and a Royal Albert creamer and sugar bowl round things out to make a pretty picture!

I thought I was finished collecting majolica until I came across this fantastic bird pitcher a few weeks ago. It takes my breath away, and seems just made for this table setting. I love it when things just seem to fall together!

A bird themed table always makes me feel so cottagey!

And here we are coming up against another weekend already!

 Maybe it's a big one for you.

Hope it's fun!


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer In Sepia

I only nudge the colors a little at the approach to fall. The tones warm up as the temperatures drop, but you will not often find strong hues in close proximity in our small rooms. There's the great outdoors to accommodate that beauty. And it will all come soon enough.

Already the frenzied days of the recent past are melding into the end of the season blur. The summer calendar now as filled in and scrawled as a little kid's drawing. And I often do feel like that youngster in the middle months of the year.

Sepia is the color of nostalgia. The hue of letting go. The cast of light at the end of August. . . .

I have made a few changes in the indoor scenery with that changing light. The top of this oak cabinet is a common stage for shifts in the season. I am loving farmhouse style these days and have gathered up some vintage finds in that direction.

 I have an old fashioned collection of pretty runners to save me from dusting. (Housework is the last thing I want to be doing!) And it's always nice to see a fresh version laid on top of things. 

I don't do much strictly seasonal decor in the house, so you are just as likely to see a wreath in the rooms in warm weather as any other time of the year! And anyway, I needed something to crown the tin tile here. The directions to make this paper wreath are here. (I just found these gorgeous ceramic eggs at the fleamarket yesterday and I'm still admiring them.) The enamel pitchers are also summer finds.

The art of Mikel Robinson that I posted about here earlier is also a new addition to the room. (Ravens are one of the Mr.'s power animals.) And isn't that a crazy wonderful vintage frame that Robinson does?

Rather than big color changes in fall, I gravitate toward more texture. Two big fleece sofa pillows came home with me on my last visit to Ikea.

The nice natural linen sham in back is also from Ikea. (This big deep sofa doesn't motivate me to housekeeping either! Haha!)

A few new laces passing through seem to be always on display in this room too. I couldn't resist snapping that beautiful trim!

I have had this vintage plywood magazine rack for a dozen years that never really fit in anywhere before. We finally painted it to solve the problem. So handy at the arm of the sofa ready for anything.

I would gauge the age at around the turn of the last century.

A big doily makes a nice quick and easy cover change for a simple lampshade. And yes, September, sweet sepia September, will bring plenty of quick changes all on her own.

A bon voyage to August!

Have a great week!


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