Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gathering Up The Threads

I'm back home again among my own things and finding myself surprised once more about how little it takes to turn toward a new season. Merely a change in color can do the trick, as nature herself demonstrates.

Most of what shows here is always within arms reach in my own dining room year round. It's all in what I choose to emphasize. But that's true in all aspects of life isn't it? (Even my chairs are always ready for fall!)

But there are a few new things to celebrate another September, and this delightful embroidered vintage tablecloth is one of them! Can you see that gorgeous crocheted edge all around??

Someone valued this cloth at ten dollars. But really how can you put a price on such a thing? The heft is wonderful, as is the stitching.

Individually, the colors are not what I would choose, but scattered thinly across the table they are understated, and a perfect reflection of gently falling leaves. I can't tell you how much they cheer me!

All in perfect condition.

Another newcomer is this entertaining jar in rustic colors with a nod to all things French. No doubt it is a reproduction, as its lack of crazing and age proves it cannot possibly be as old as 1892. Love it anyway!

I did manage to come across this old ironstone bowl in my travels, all mottled and crackled as it should be.

I love the interesting rim details on top and bottom. A keeper!

Everything settles in together as though it had always been there. Gathered up snug and cozy like a few more strands of nesting material woven into place.

Isn't that what we all start to do in September?

I hope you are enjoying gathering up all the threads of summer too!

I so much enjoyed all of your supportive comments on my last post! Thank you so much! It was just so heartwarming to me. I'm looking forward to getting back to you, and celebrating another new season together!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Our Talented Friends

It has been an especially active summer for us, with lots of travel, not all strictly for pleasure. For the second time in recent weeks we will have visiting family in the house while we ourselves are not able to be here! When you already feel that you want to see the grandchildren as often as possible, that can be a bit painful.

It is also a challenge to keep a good connection with the blog. As so much has been said around Blogland recently, there are notable changes with blogging in general. Other social media can be so much easier and less time consuming. Fresher faces, with so much more exciting to share, can seem to take up all the air left in the room. And worst of all, my dearest blogging pal has just thrown in the towel for a while! I hope and pray that it is just temporary. But while I completely understand, I miss her presence terribly!

All that said, I just had to share with you one of the most lovely things that has ever happened to me in or outside of my blogging experience. 

Waiting for me at the return of one of our trips was a mysterious package whose return address I recognized. It was from Patricia Eaton (Pat), from Arkansas, who is immensely talented with a blog of her own, Bird Nest On the Ground. Pat has now and then over the years taken the time to write lovely emails of praise and support for my blog, assuring me that though she did not often comment, she was a regular reader. She has also sent lovely things by post that she knew I would love.

But this time she has outdone herself! Pat saw a beautiful vintage towel that I had posted on the blog a while back and decided to copy the design and make a special gift for me!

I can't tell you how humbling it is to received such an exquisitely worked object of beauty, custom made especially for me. It leaves me utterly speechless at the lovely gesture.

Pat meant it as a thank you in appreciation for my blog. And I know that she would not mind my sharing her impeccably elegant work and beautifully written note with you.

I was so thrilled to see that she had even signed her delicate work of art on the back. Isn't that just the loveliest handwriting? That alone is becoming a lost art!

The finishing details with the lustrous bead work is just breathtaking.

This magnificent little pin cushion will always be the loveliest memento of my blogging days. I love the personal monogram. And isn't that adorable pale pink heart pin just the perfect finishing touch?

Pat's beautiful letter says so much more about her wonderful talents than it could ever say about mine.

Thank you Pat for your beautiful heart and your wonderful talent! I am overwhelmed.

There are many of you who visit and leave a sweet comment now and then whom I can never reach either because you are not a blogger, and have not left a return address, or you have a Google plus profile page (or Blogger page) with inadequate email or blog address information. Please check if this is the case for you. But thank you so much for leaving a good word for me! I also have many non-blogger and shop friends and family who read regularly, but do not have a way of commenting (or just don't! haha!), since my settings do not allow "anonymous" comments. Thanks to all of you too for stopping by now and then! I love sharing my small world with you!

Happy days to you!
 We are still summering on. . . .


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tones of August

I love the crisp simple whites of early summer. 

But I am partial to the softened hues of August.

August is my birth month, and believe it or not my mother's grandparents from Germany were named Julius and Augusta after the respective dates of their birth. I somehow escaped the tradition and was given a French name instead! 

My own Pennsylvania Dutch grandparents gave me the first name Jacqueline, while my native New Mexico grandparents bestowed me with Genevieve. (My notorious French ancestors were early settlers here.) In turn, I have a namesake grand-daughter with my grand middle name as well. Her first name is Summer! (She was born in December, and I just love the promise and irony contained in that!)

Nature seems all lace and tracery at summer's ending. I plucked these faded blooms from a pot of failed white hydrangeas left out on the porch. (Our summer plants take a beating when we are gone so much.)

But my eye also turns to the ivory and amber tones when I am out on the prowl this time of year. and my recent finds reflect that. 

A weathered and crazed antique French plate caught my eye with it's subtle charms.

Isn't lilac such an essential Frenchy color?

Worn patterns never fail to steal my heart,

I have shown the luscious lace coverlet a few times on the blog already,

But all the rest here are recent finds as well.

Like the ruffled chemise. . . 

and an antique chippy chair.

 August is the older sister of summer with leaves and blooms all veined and curled with age. 

She wants her silver all unburnished too. . .

wearing a regal, tattered, and tarnished gown.

I found this elegant antique Limoges serving dish on a thrift store shelf.

The leafy handles and quiet pattern speak of the less robust days of the season,

where the rose gives way to mums and daisies. (I prefer them in a muted hue.)

I am enjoying the waning colors of the season, before the new one announces it's arrival with a riot of noisy fireworks.  

A quiet departure can be so beautiful. 

I hope it's been a fantastic week for you!

 So lovely to have a visit from you.


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