Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Greys of Fall

Give me the dull colors of autumn to match the grey days. There are plenty of fiery colors around  outdoors, but the drab colors go more with my mood in fall. Softer, slower, bookish, more thoughtful, and more turned inward for a season. More into the "grey matter" I suppose.

A few collected objects still entertain us at the middle of the dining room table, a room that I pass through constantly throughout my day. But I have added a few things like this silverplated tray now turned to grey. Just the sort of thing one my expect to find having been cast off at a thrift store. The sort of thing now perfect for scratches and candle wax and all manner of benign domestic abuse. I find that the rounded filgree edge has loads of charm still in it.

I just now looked up the word "dun" to make sure I knew what I was talking about when I used it. A brownish dark grey color, the dictionary says. A muddy tone. Perhaps the muted color you see in everything at twilight.

I love the silvered grey on my Apple & Brown Sugar candle. As delicious to look at as it is to smell.

Just yesterday I found this fab vintage linen cloth at Vintage Market & Design. It's old but still feels stiff and new with a wonderful thick heft. Fabulous in the hand. The grey morning light shows off some of its wonderful texture and weave. Love that flat felled seam down the middle!

I am so much more into the quiet cozy pleasures of fall.

Another dull colored find: a crackled old ironstone bowl for something delicious and warm by the fire.

Though you have hints of its once lighter color, it has become the color of acorns. . . .

And finally, this small ancient pin tray of quiet colors to whisper lovely tales of autumn with its delicate pattern and colors. Small treasures to warm the heart in a cooler season.

It's good to be back home settling in again.
 Sometimes dull can be very good!

I hope you're getting in some cozy time too!


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Urban In San Francisco

I had the best cappuccino I have ever had (really) at the Bar Norcini in downtown San Francisco. Forget about staying downtown if you need quiet. But once in a while the rush and clang may be just what you need to get your blood and brain moving again. Believe it or not, even my 93 year old MIL enjoyed the change of pace for a quick weekend.

Just a quick fortification before heading out of the hotel lobby of the Villa Florence near Market and Powell streets, the heart of the shopping district and lots more.

We perch at a table near the window to rub elbows with the "beautiful people" on the other side, and to see all the street action: buses, taxi's, cable cars, and the stream of pedestrians floating by as mesmerizing as fish in an aquarium at all hours of the day and night.

Public transit takes you anywhere you want to go. Just be sure not to be in a hurry. Powell street has only two lanes to accomodate all that urban action.

We stepped off of the street (and out of the construction) to pop into the Crate and Barrel around the corner.

We have no Crate and Barrel where we live so I found it a treat. Here are some things that caught my eye.

Always fun to see the seasonal displays. . . .

I like their faux fall flora better than anybody's.

Acres of dishware. . . .

Tons of halloween fun.

And TONS of classic white to go with everthing. . . .

I loved these smooth and hefty soup bowls with the handles.

Mountains of great looking cooking stuff.

I found this fantastic Eiffel Tower candy dish (the top lifts off) on the gift aisle.

I want to try out this Dark & Stormy candle.

An island of serenity amid the chaos just outside the window.

Love these linens!

But time to head out. . . .
Always tons more to see in the big city!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a look!
Hope you have a great week ahead!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Brown Transferware

By now you may know how much I love this stuff. Brown transferware. So you might imagine how thrilled I was to find a few matching pieces scattered around for very little money at a not-too-promising flea market recently. 

The pieces weren't displayed together so I got a little jolt every time another one popped up, each one more special than the last.

The saucer was fifty cents. The two dinner plates, inexplicably, two different prices for a total of less than four dollars.

When I moved a little farther on and found a matching major piece I began a fevered hunt for more  and was not disappointed. 

I have never seen this ironstone pattern before. But the unmarked pieces confirm that they are very old. And the details are wonderful. (Love this square platter!)

None of the items in this collection were more than seven dollars each. No wonder I am such a dish addict!!!

So perfect to display for fall. . . .  

A tureen with its lid!

This darling little biscuit jar may be my new favorite.

The pretty little lid is different on each side. . . .

I find the small pattern differences simply enchanting.

It seems these unassuming companions have lived together a long time. I wonder how many others were snapped up before I arrived on the scene with my twenty dollars! (I'll try not to focus on that!)

For now they are enjoying life on my dining room table where they are as cheery as a fresh bouquet of flowers. . . .

I hope it's a beautiful fall week for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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