Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Laces and Lettuces

I think that I may always be trying to live a Brambly Hedge life, but the tendency seems to grow stronger in spring. At least that's when I am most apt to get lost in a mouse story or bunny tale world! 

I have a million variations of the Jill Barklem books, but that doesn't stop me from looking for new editions now and then, and I recently found this nice one on Amazon. It was actually published a few years ago, and comes in a slip case. Makes a beautiful gift.

I will never outgrow this little fairy tale world which always seems to start with spring.

I am also celebrating a new ironstone pitcher and bowl. When I went to pay for them at a giddy price, the lady at the counter pointed out a crack in the bowl, which of course I already knew was there. Since I have a few cracks now myself, I don't mind a bit! Haha!

Right now my new lettuce flat has a cheery place to wait for it's place in the garden.

I had actually gone back to the shop to get this cotton print panel that I had turned down a week ago and had not been able to forget. I knew it would already be gone. But there it was just waiting for me!

And what should I find but a new stash of laces that had not been there before?!

Also well priced and in wonderful condition. These are all table runners. Pinch me!

Two identical Quaker lace runners in perfect shape.

But this one makes me swoon.

I also don't have anyone young enough around right now to take to the new Peter Rabbit movie, but I didn't let that stop me. Me and Mr. Cottage got a private showing at a local theater at 11 am. (Just worked out that way. I don't think many seniors were clamoring to see that one on a Thursday morning before Oscars. Haha!) Delightful! Wonderful therapy. And it got me all worked up to get into the garden!

There is always a beautiful new version of a B. Potter collection at the bookstore too, but I restrained myself. I have had this version for a while now. So I went and bought lettuce seeds instead!

And I am not too late for the peas! Can't wait to see them popping up.

A nice bouquet from a new friend is also making me feel springy while it blows outside. I know a bunch of you are still getting horrible bad weather. So this is for you too!

Finally, one more version of my kind of gardening book is illustrated by Inga Moore. I love her delicate drawings. (I have also already watched The Secret Garden movie recently. I have spring fever BAD! The 1993 version is my favorite.)

This is one of my favorite drawings of hers from Wind in the Willows. 

So that's me . . .

Welcome to March!

I hope it is all starting out well for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Think spring!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Thinking Spring

Happy Wednesday! I'm thinking spring! How about you? I have managed to keep a little green alive since December when these little pots of ivy arrived on the scene. Thank goodness they don't need much attention!

I've been really drawn to every garden style vignette that I see lately, so I thought I would start one of my own. And nothing warms my heart more than a little chippy vintage mixed in with my usual china and linens.

I have quite a few little bits of linen that have a spot or a hole but still have the cheeriest snippets of lace attached and are ready to peek out here and there. I find them just as cheery as flowers!

I just have to show you the paper whites that I potted in early December too. They did absolutely nothing for weeks. But when I went to toss them after Christmas, thinking that I had just gotten duds, I spotted a single bit of green popping out on one of the bulbs.

Here they are just really only starting to take off. I'm thinking that there is a problem with the gravel medium I have them in. Any ideas? They have been so slow growing that I wonder where they will end up. Anyway, they have all finally sprouted and I am feeling a little redeemed!

I am cheating with a pot of faux something from Ikea that I had in the shop. It's a good stand in until I can get to the nursery.

I'm due, too, for some cut flowers for my pitchers that spend time in my wicker plant stand. Sometimes I enjoy seeing the chippy lattice, but for now I have just changed out the linens that drape over covering the side.

I am also enjoying a new chippy cement planter vase that I found last summer. I am just crazy about vintage garden stuff, but haven't used it inside very much.

 Not many days left in the month. And our forsythia is already in bloom! But we have lots of windy, cold, and unsettled days ahead.  think just a bit of green here and there is going to get me through!

Happy Hump Day!

And a happy White Wednesday too!

So glad that you stopped by!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Little French Valentine Tea

I don't really think of France when I think of tea. And I don't have any hearts for this Valentine tea yet either! LOL! 

But I went digging deep into the cupboards for something sweet to put on the table anyway, and when there isn't a bouquet, there is always pretty china! And Limoges gets me off to a start with the "French tea" part.

I have a lot of one-offs of things. I like a mix of china patterns on a table the way I like mixed linens on a bed. 

This whole table is made up of china odds and ends, which also keeps things informal.

My stacked cups are from my collection of Rose Point by Pope Gosser. I have them paired with a few pretty saucers that I hung onto because of the darling little rose motif on each of them.

They also have a delicious creamy color.

I sold the rest of the set, but kept an orphaned butter plate too.

A lacy napkin added, and voila!, we have a festive occasion!

There is this set of four Limoges dessert/salad plates in yet another pretty pattern.

And the French galettes I discovered over the holidays tilt the theme the rest of the way.

I have since found these on Amazon for twice the price I paid for them at Costco.  I expected them to be more like a sable. But they need a little something, and I serve them with a bit of cheese with fruit.

A little sweet. A little savory. A dainty little tea with a little french accent! Oui?

Happy Valentines Day my sweets!

So lovely that you stopped by!


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