Monday, August 31, 2020

Slipping Into September

Summer is still thundering outside as I write this. The summer months can bring a lot of drama instead of rain during our monsoon season. Yes, they call it that in New Mexico, even though a fifty percent chance of rain can only mean that someone's windshield in town will get dirty sometime during a hot afternoon when the sky clouds over. If only we did have a real shield from the wind!

One cannot leave an unattended sun umbrella up, or a plastic wading pool on the lawn without risking it ending up in a neighbor's yard while you are not keeping an eye on it. We even lost a tin shed forever one turbulent afternoon long ago. But we never have hurricanes. Or tornadoes. At least almost never.

I know it's no joke. My heart goes out to those suffering disaster during our times. Our times. Our times make each turning season into more than it would otherwise be. And now, an unfamiliar seeming September has arrived.

On the one hand I am numb. There is only so much one can do about the World except regarding what lives in your garden or sits in your own pantry. We have been careful in our community, and many conveniences are available again, since we have always had everything that we really needed anyway. And we have also become accustomed to some of the new realities.

I usually rebel against pumpkins in August, but this year it seems just fine! I know its all going to pass in a blur anyway. And white pumpkins are so smooth and pretty and fine.

My son just came in to announce that there is enough rain falling now to get things wet out there! Well, adios to another lovely but sizzling August! It is a fine way to say goodbye.

You may remember a line by Karen Blixen in Out of Africa when she becomes ill and trials befall her. (What an archaic word, befall!). She says, "...the earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road." Slipping into September feels that way to me. Just sliding into yet another day on the calendar. And another. And another. Small enough chunks for me to manage.

My dear man is sick, and we have hard days ahead, as so many of us do. I have a very sad heart like Gladys Taber did when she wrote of September in The Book of Stillmeadow. "I felt the earth turning under my feet," she wrote, "and I felt the goodness of life above and under all the sad things." And it is our moment now to feel these things too if we can. And I hope we do.

The short rain has now finished for today. And there will be a cooling dusk before the day is done. And tomorrow brings September.

From my heart to yours,



  1. Good morning Jacqueline,
    Thank you for your beautiful post. My dear, I am saddened to read that your man is unwell. Please take one day at a time and know that a stranger in Ontario Canada is thinking of you. Kind regards, Laura

  2. Your vignettes are enchanting!Such beauty!

  3. Dear Jacqueline,

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers and pray for a speedy recovery for your husband. This has been a most trying year and I find myself feeling lost. Maybe autumn will bring a cooling and comforting peace for all of us. Please take care,


  4. Hello Jacqueline. Sorry to hear your sweet hubby is not feeling well. Prayers and good wishes for healing. Love always to see your beautiful pics. I think we all are feeling a little lost in this world. We have to hold onto hope that we will once again be in a better place. It will be easier to find joy in our days. Happy New Week. Take good care of your sweet husband. xoxo Kris

  5. Sending love, prayers and hugs.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful photos. Life is so hard here in Detroit, Michigan. My garden is my sanctuary. So this morning, i read your lovely post while sitting in my garden among my flowers and drank a soothing cup of tea. I am sorry to hear that your husband is ill. You will both be in my daily prayers. May God keep your both safe and may autumn bless you with all its beauty.

  7. Sending heartfelt prayers to you and yours from Quebec Canada. My goodness, we are living in very trying times. God bless.

  8. Sending up positive thoughts for you and your husband. Stay strong.

  9. I hope your sweet man will soon be well. Pray it is not COVID.

  10. I so love that you are able to find beauty during times that are sad and emotionally challenging. There is nothing, nothing harder than seeing someone you love deal with illness and know that there are hard days ahead. My heart is with you and wish I could wave a magic want to make things better. I can't, but please know that you and he will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you found some solace when preparing this post. I know I did.

  11. I am slow to read this post, but so hope your man will be well soon. Mine has just finished a round of radiation and now hoping to recover from that. Life has been definitely rough for so many this year. I have great hope for 2021. In the meantime I send you virtual hugs of comfort and joy.


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