Thursday, May 2, 2019

My Blooming Snowball Bush

Viburnum, Guelder Rose, or Snowball Bush, by any other name it looks and smells as sweet, right? Although I don't think it gives off much of a fragrance. . . . That doesn't stop me from looking forward to its bloom all year!

There is nothing like flowers to change the whole attitude of a room, and I forget from time to time what an impact a lovely bouquet can make. I mean whole blogs are run on just armfuls of flowers! I don't know how it's done. 

I go through phases where I indulge regularly on grocery store bunches, but even in the warmer months there is never a profusion of bloom straight from our garden around here. So each little petal is cherished and dresses up the ordinary in our rooms. 

I love how long they last after cutting too.

Looking back over past posts it's amazing how rooms can evolve from year to year. But I like a little something new to look at when the season changes. Still enjoying my doggies in this room, so I have added a little still life behind them as a back drop.

No major changes right now, but I get a lot of satisfaction from my revolving collections, and never change things up much anyway. A lace tablecloth is the other different thing for this week in the dining room.

Always my dish collections too, of course.

But the new things get featured more, like this recent pansy covered pitcher on the shelf. I have been looking for just the right droopy purple flowers to put in it. And I like seeing my birdie platters in the spring too.

The floral Evian bottles get pulled out in the spring and summer. . . .

And this little white Johnson Brothers pitcher is new to me along with its little matching vanity vase. So fun to find things together like that!

Here is the vase holding more flowers....

That little squat ironstone pitcher is a new flea find too.

As is the vintage glass celery jar. Pressed glass is another one of my weaknesses. Remember when celery and carrots were always on the table right along with the bread and butter? Anyway there are so many pretty versions to be found around now, some of them turning purple. 

So for a few days my dining room is going to feel a bit festive with the May Day blooms around. So happy for spring to be here!

So nice that you stopped by!

Welcome to May!

Hope it's a great weekend for you ahead!



Constance said...

You always post the most beautiful and amazing things, I enjoy every post and this one as always has a way of lifting my spirits. Take care and thank you for sharing


Roosterhead Designs said...

Ohhh sigh & swoon! ; ) Thank you for sharing Jacqueline~ Beautiful restful Spring post! Love the snowball blooms~ and the peek at your newer 'finds.' Love that pansy pitcher! Hugs, karen o

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Your bouquet is wonderful and brings life to the room.

NanaDiana said...

How very beautiful. My mother had a huge snowball bush and it was a beauty to behold in full bloom. I always cut masses of them and brought them into our house when I was young.
Have a wonderful May- xo Diana

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your Snowball blooms are so pretty and fluffy looking. Beautiful in the white pitchers.

My Mom had a huge old fashioned snowball bush in her yard. It always had tons of snow balls on it. Around this time of year it would be in bloom and the blooms would still be a pale greenish color and then it would turn off a bit cold for a couple of days, Mom called this cold snap Snowball Winter (in reference to when the Snowball Bush blooms would turn white). When the weather turned warm again, the snowballs would be fully white.

One of the best pictures my Mom ever took was a wedding day picture of my closest friend and her husband in front of that snowball bush in full flowered bloom. Those white snowball blooms are beautiful and romantic.

My Mom's snowball bush is long gone, and I don't have any around my neighborhood right now, but this is definitely Snowball time and it was cold last week so I'm sure it is snowball time here, too.

Merlesworld said...

Very pretty flowers.

Louca por porcelana said...

Stunning pictures,gorgeous flowers!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous as usual Jacqueline!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Another beautiful post!

The Snowball bush is stunning. Have you ever tried taking cutting? They are so lovely it would be nice to have lots of them. (-:

Glenda said...

Ah Jacqueline, so many similarities. I adore the flowers - and white always takes my breathe away. So many others croon over flowers, vibrant with color. Yes, color is lovely, but nothing says serenity, elegance and grace quite like fluffy, white blossoms. If I weren't 1500 miles away, I'd be dropping by Cielo for a weekly visit. Keep the blog and photos coming. They always brighten my day.

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Jacqueline,
I always swoon when I come to your blog posts. Love those Evian bottles. So pretty. The flowers are gorgeous and look so pretty in your brown transfer ware pitcher.
Happy Friday.

cloches and lavender said...

The Snowball flowers are gorgeous. They remind me of my Limelights which I can't wait to bloom.

Loving the Evian bottles so pretty. Your new piece with Pansies is another beauty. Lilacs would look great draped from inside.


Sandi Magle said...

Oh, viburnum bush only has 1" leaf sprouts---we are so far behind.

Rose L said...

I have a snowball tree and love the blossoms

Jeanie said...

Just breathtaking in that pitcher!

Heirloom treasures said...

hello Jacqueline
At last I've made the time for a long awaited visit. I am so in love with every post I see. The collections of beautiful white and lace is a joy to see. I must see if I can find a snowball tree in our nursery,it is lovely
xx jeanette ann

Marilyn Miller said...

I always love your white and now adding snowballs to them is stunning. Love the wicker tray under the arrangement too. The pansy pitcher is lovely. Oh sigh! for white!

Debra@CommonGround said...

My paternal grandmother had massive snowball bushes on either side of her front walkway. That is a memory that is so very sweet and beautiful. Your's are lovely and I really love seeing your doggies when I can. adorable. Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day!

Art and Sand said...

Your snowballs are lovely.

I hope my hydrangeas make it this year!

Pat said...

Gorgeous Snow ball blossoms in your vintage pitcher!
I love seeing all your collections of white dishes, ironstone and transfer ware!
Spring is in full bloom here on the Prairie, as well.
I am enjoying the awakening of blossoms within our Garden areas.
I'll be watching for your choice of purple blossoms for your newest pitcher find!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I love all your pictures, my snowball bush has buds on it and hopefully in couple weeks it will be blooming.

I love your Staffordshire dogs also, I am always looking for another one or two

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