Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Waking Up the Garden

The weather has turned for a few days. It's warm, and the time of year in Albuquerque where there seems to be a clash between the high temperature and the brown leafless landscape. 

Indoors, my now year-old shamrock has given me hope that there may be one or two things that will hang onto life with our very casual gardening. 

Case in point, this paper white bulb rooting outside the door where I tossed it in January!

Parsley has hung on in the patio over winter. . . .

And the chive.

The boxwood is hardy and evergreen and thrives in its pot year after year.

I say that the garden is waking up, but it is more like the garden has woken us up from weeks and months of our sort of indoor stupor. 

And a carpet of periwinkle already greets us with its cheery lavender blue.

The huckleberries have a brief bloom that is easy to miss.

We have a little spot outside our back door with the tiniest bit of earth next to it to sit and watch the birds in the early spring. . .

where lettuce and peas have been planted in little rows. 

A new little pot sits in a cement urn for the moment.

The Iris has been transplanted where it gets more sun.

Just a little spot of solitude for dreaming. Who doesn't need that?

Well that's it from this accidental gardener!

 I hope that you are loving the start of spring too!

So nice that you came by!



  1. It is great to see things coming to life in the garden. Enjoy your sunny spot!

  2. I love when the garden wakes up! You do better as an accidental Gardner than I do trying hard to be one. Lovely post today!

  3. How wonderful your garden is coming to life. I hope in the next month we start to see some new life too.
    Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

  4. Starting to warm a bit. Time to get fertilizer on lilacs and Hydrangeas. I know we will have cool days. Here's hoping bitter cold is over.

    Love your spot of solitude with the pretty iron table and chairs


  5. My garden is starting to perk up a lot and color is popping up all over! Love spring!

  6. At least you have a beginning and seeds planted. It won't be long. I bought summer bulbs today to put in pots and throw in the greenhouse.... Patience is a virtue---and goodness in gardening--you need it!

  7. Jacqueline,
    How refreshing to stroll through the reawakening of your Garden!
    I agree that we are experiencing touches of green intermingled with the brown here on the Prairie, also.
    That little spot for sitting in your garden is so~o~o welcoming!

  8. I haven't seen much of anything coming up here in mid-Michigan yet except my beloved daffodils and a little bunch of purple crocus all in bloom. It was up to 60 degrees today and I worked outside without a jacket. Heavenly after all the dreary skies and snow of Winter.

    Happy Spring!

  9. Oh so lovely Jacqueline! (love to see that you've posted:) Thank you for sharing your early 'stirrings' of Spring with us.
    It's nice to see how, in time, some brave little faces are showing through and greeting us with the hope of warmth and life~ Hugs, karen o

  10. Spring looks lovely in your neck of the woods.

    If you were in California, I don't think you would recognize it after all the rain this year. The hills are bright green and look like Ireland. Now the wildflowers are blooming and they are amazing. I hear the super bloom can be seen from space.

    On a drive to Santa Monica yesterday, we barely looked at the ocean because our eyes were drawn to yellow hills. It's wonderful to see after years of drought.

  11. I love seeing all you have that's reawakening in the garden. We have a lot to do, but no time to get it done. It all needs cleaning up; it's a good thing Spring is late this year. We had Iris lining our drive when I was young and it's always been one of my favorites. You'll be surrounded by green growing lovelies soon. Happy end of March!

  12. Your garden looks like an adorable place...So peaceful and pretty!Beautiful blooms!Hugs!

  13. I am looking forward to garden days! Yours, I find, looks to be a magical and lovely spot! And of course your photos make it all the more so. How I love it here!

  14. Spring has definitely appeared in my part of the world. I love seeing your spring and garden. There is periwinkle in a pot by my backdoor. It has bloomed all winter, which amazes me. Yes, we do need a little place to sit and listen to the birds and dream in solitude for sure.


  15. I had high hopes of digging in my little bit dirt then it snowed all day yesterday during a cold rain also.
    So guess I'll wait a little longer. All your plants looks pretty coming back to life

  16. Jacqueline, I'm so happy that I've discovered you. Your prose is as beautiful as your pictures. Happy April.

  17. Lovely pics (as usual) and your post is my chance to pretend the garden was mine. Having moved from Denver to an even drier and hotter climate than yours (Phoenix) there is zero chance anything like this would grow in my yard and I miss green so much. Cacti just don't cut it for me. I hope to see how your garden will look a few more months from now!


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