Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Unsettled Weather

Do you get a little unsettled the week of daylight savings time? Springing forward just seems like one more thing to tilt things off a bit this time of year. 

Anyway, I am needing something green to get me settled down a bit. Spring fever!

I went out to find a few herb-y things for the patio garden and found these cool little pots at Home Depot. They are jardinieres, so I can just plop my ugly plastic pots in them while they are waiting on the window sill. So convenient for watering in place too!

My silver teapot is always close by so I got the idea to use it as a watering can. Very cheery. See? It's already working!

I had to clear out this corner to get some pretty pictures. This bench is all too convenient a spot to catch everything that runs loose around here. But it has the best light, and is perfect for little plants!

I also did something miraculous and caught a few plum blossoms at just the right stage! I always forget until it's too late and then have branch envy all over the internet. They are jaunty as all get out!

I wanted something arty, and it helped when petals dropped when I moved the branches. Made me a little less cranky! LOL!

I also did a bit of rearranging while I was at it, and put my canines all together for effect. Except for little ones, my collection of Staffordshire may now be complete. (Not making any promises though!)

Old shutters are so perfect for vignettes! They are adding a little depth to my daily experience. (Insert a small ironic smiley face here . . . .) (See how unsettled I am?)

I just found this fabulous old brown linen towel with a patch on it too! (Life is good!)

That little framed picture is all the change up I have done in my empty frame so far. (Such a good space for also changing your mind all the time.)

Thanks so much for joining in on my March Madness!

(I feel much better now. . . .) 

Hope it's a great finish to the week for you!



  1. Ahhh! The blossoms!! I have been anxiously awaiting blossoms, they are almost here. Today at the market there were some long branches with ruffly pink blossoms and it was all I could do to resist them. I did pause and enjoy for a few moments. And the snow of petals just makes my heart sing. Lovely feel of spring time coming.

  2. Such lovely spring beauty, Jacqueline...and I am stealing that idea to use a teapot for watering!

  3. Beautiful blossoming branches! I haven't seen anything blooming here yet, we are way behind schedule for mid March. Your pup collection is wonderful. I always leave wanting whatever you've shared. I found 2 of my doggies today in two separate boxes. They've been reunited! As for DST, I don't need any extra wacky-ness in my life to mess me up! xo

  4. Love how you put things together that look just right. Teapot as watering can - great idea - decorative and useful!

  5. Lovely post Jacqueline! You’ve really got me yearning for all things Spring! 🌱💚

  6. Oh so pretty and love seeing the plants for Spring. Let's hope we all start to see Spring outside our windows soon. I love that you use your sweet teapot for a watering can. Too cute. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. What a fun post! Love all of it. You have such darling ideas!!!!

  8. Love the teapot for watering not with one so pretty.

    Super collections as always. Anxiously waiting for warmer days.


  9. I love your pictures and all the pretty things you have. I had to buy a little green plant the other day at the grocery store just because it looked so sweet. Hugs,

  10. Your beautiful white dogs....they are so pretty. The man on the horse isn't shabby either. You have a great blog.

  11. That's really amazing!!! Great thing. Perfect. I cant Take my Eyes of this.

    Greetings from Poland

  12. Jacqueline,
    I agree. . .Daylight Savings time is truly, unsettling.
    I adore your plum branch!
    Like you, I too, am craving something green!
    It is far too early in our area, but I may have to re~check
    for some Primrose and Tulips at our local garden Center in the morning.
    Those tall planters on the Front Porch have been empty all Winter!
    LOVE the brown linen towel with the patch!
    Spring officially arrives on Wednesday,
    but I'm sure we'll have a few more Wintry Mix Storms before our weather settles.
    Your 'green' post has lifted my spirits.

  13. I’m waiting eagerly for the Apple blossoms here in snowy Colorado!! They also look and smell heavenly!!

  14. Your sweet shamrocks and green, the falling petals, the white dogs -- all looking glorious and like spring. Which will come here someday!

  15. I am always on the look out for reasonable priced white stafforshire dogs !!! I love them also

  16. There is so much to love here! I am headed straight to Home Depot for those lovely pots.

    Your canine collection is wonderful!


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