Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Winter's Gifts and A New Year's Day In New Mexico

Snow on New Year's Day here is almost a tradition it is so consistent. But it never ceases to thrill.

Like snow anywhere, it makes everything more beautiful. I know some of you get more than your share, but our snows are rare. Maybe once or twice a year in Albuquerque which is at a lower elevation than Santa Fe, Taos, or most any where else in northern New Mexico. It doesn't last either, so I quickly grabbed a camera while everything else was going on.

The last of the Christmas ham grilling with onions . . .

And waiting for the black-eyed peas to boil.

We just got the last of our train of family visitors in, so the festivities go on for a few more days. But it has mostly been a day for sleeping in and staring out of the windows. With the snow, what could be a more promising start for the new year?!

We tried the Scandinavian method of keeping greens for Christmas, roots and all! So there is still a bit of live green after days inside.

But the rest of our Christmas trees were all outside. This small one on the patio has survived for several years in a pot!

I always love the look of gardens in snow with all their interesting shapes and forms. That boxwood is a long time staple on this patio too.

I might have tried to bring in the asparagus fern with the drop in temps, (I actually forgot about it until I got to taking pictures.) but we have precious little space for plants inside. It might be okay under the eaves.

Ready to roll! Just have to add everything else and let it simmer awhile.

I read the good suggestion somewhere that we embrace winter instead of dreaming of spring. I'm going to do that in this brown town this year, and already took my first freezing long walk in the fields. Geese flying directly overhead in the waning light and a coyote crossing the road was my reward. 

On Christmas day an enormous flock of cedar wax-wings hung out with the robins and red-winged blackbirds in our cottonwood trees all day, swooping down to the feeders and sipping from the water bucket. I had never even seen a cedar wax-wing in person before. I had to keep borrowing my binos back from the youngsters all day. It felt like both a blessing and an omen. 

With the snow, it feels doubly so. Starting fresh with the promise of winter, and the start of a new year, and who knows what else. Glad for longer days and the return of light. For little birds right outside the window to brighten the day. For warm fires and simple food.

For loved ones to share it all and remind you of all simple joys.

My Texas grandgirls so rarely get snow. I know it is also rare for a fifteen year old to say out loud how much she loves to visit our house for New Year's Eve, and how much she likes my "aesthetic." Almost the best gift a granny could get. 

And I'm wishing all of the best gifts of the season to you too!

And the Happiest New year!



  1. I don't know this method of keeping greens, roots and all, but it looks quite beautiful. As does your entire holiday and snowy world.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Funny how just a few little words from the grandchildren can make our day! Beautiful photographs.

  3. Happy New Year Jacqueline. Your grand girls are adorable. How fun that you get the snow for Christmas and the family gets to enjoy the beauty inside and outside with their stay. Wishing you a beautiful start to the new year. May you enjoy health, happiness and find joy in the little things through out the day.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Oh How fun, Snow that is

    We had a dry Christmas in Missouri, my grandsons even played basketball in the drive way no jackets on

    Your snow is so pretty as all your pictures are

    Happy New Year

  5. How fun. Sweet girls. I hope you enjoy your time with them. I'm going to embrace the winter and the ability to cozy up our space. Summer is so long for us in Texas that it's nice to have a long break from the heat. Happy New Year.

  6. Here in Montreal, Canada, we had a very unusual green Christmas and plenty of freezing rain for New Years day. The Christmas spirit was alive and well though-as usual. Happy New Year!

  7. How beautiful this all is. What a lovely start to the year.

  8. We've had snow, also --- enjoying every minute of it! I finally went outside today for the first time in 3 days; I truly enjoy my inside days. Your grandgirls are adorable enjoying the snow. My grandkids learned the word "aesthetic" at an early age -- I guess because a pleasing aesthetic (including your blog) all around me has always been important. Enjoy January!! Sally

  9. Seems to me we all do pretty much the same thing with left over ham from Christmas!

  10. Always so beautiful Jacqueline! How nice for your holidays to be white. Ours were very green here in New York!

  11. Jacqueline,
    Such an exquisite post!
    I l o v e Snow!
    Although I reside here on the Prairie of Kansas,
    we have had little to no snow over the past few years.
    I, truly, understand your 'brown town' statement.
    May this be your happiest New Year ever!

  12. Looks like fun family times. Yes the garden is so pretty in the snow, so quiet, so peaceful. Happy New Year!

  13. Such lovely photos, Jacqueline! I am a winter embracer...until March anyway lol.

  14. Love, love the snow. We are having a mild winter so far and think we may miss snow this year. Also love your grandgirls comment on your ascetics. That would be extra special.

  15. It's been way too long since I've been here! Computer problems, so couldn't blog for six months!! What pretty girls you have, Jacqueline! Your photos are all beautiful as always. I like IG, but miss blogging lately.
    Have a blessed New Year, my friend!

  16. Christmas 2010 we went to Santa Fe for Christmas to get in some skiing. We got in one really bad day of skiing and had a magical time on Canyon Road on Christmas Eve. And then, came a major storm. We quickly threw everything in the car and that storm chased us all the way Arizona. Had we not left when we did, we would have been snowed in for several days.

  17. Oh boy...I am going to go to the nursery maybe tomorrow and see if they have a little chistmas tree that I can pot. I bet it will do great...I may just get two!!
    And, I have a grandgirl and her family that just moved to your fair city and in the spring or summer, I am hoping to visit and see their new house. If I can go, I want to come to your shop to meet you and drool over all your pretty things. I am making a note of it right now so I won't forget...

  18. We need to get our two 15 year olds together. I had much the same comment from mine over Christmas!!
    The cedar waxwings stop off here on their way north (we keep running water year around). They completely strip the berries in the Chinese Pistache trees and the Chinese Tallows. They are real chatterboxes too. I love to hear them!
    Happy new year to you and may it be a blessed one for your family!


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