Monday, January 28, 2019

Gathering Up the Flower Pots & A Few New Bits of Ironstone

Hello friends! Here it is the end of January, and though there are still weeks of winter ahead, I find that my mind has made the shift to the second half of the cold season which of course ends in spring! I am not much of a gardener (gross understatement that), but I always feel excited at the idea that you can actually start planting some things in February. At least here in planting zone 7! But in lieu of that, I have pulled out a couple of cheery imitations like these potted geraniums from Ikea. No doubt many of you have the real deal sitting on your window sill right now.

My focus has shifted more to the green and floral themes that seem so out of sync for me earlier in the season. And I like how January is so quiet for a few weeks to allow a transition from the lively holidays. At least it has been so for me. 

So now I am gathering up my collection of vintage garden pots, which are all mostly white (of course). I have more than I am showing here, but I have to hunt them all down. And they are mostly all too small to be very practical, but I love the look of them. I will work on a way to display them all together because I love garden style. I also like using old chippy china as saucers underneath. Feels so cottagey!

Here is a very crusty and old McCoy pottery sample that I had never seen before. That creamy color rings all my bells.

I have shown a few of my larger white clay pots from Guy Wolff on the blog from when I first got them a couple of summers ago. But here are some smaller ones. I have seen some white embossed pots from Magnolia that I would love to add to the collection too.

For now, a few are just lined up on top of my china cupboard for cheer.

I have also snapped a few portraits of the latest ironstone and "farmhouse" things at hand. These all tend to sprout around on my dining table like plants in a garden might. Since I have such a smaller shop space than I used to, I only pick up the most irresistible item here and there. But they all add up! 

And of course vintage linens. . . .  One of my favorites, made with rickrack lace.

I had silverware in this short pharmacy glass container for years until I recently came across a matching lid for it. Hooray for junking!

A nice big thread spool, and this adorable little tea pot which charms my heart. There was a larger version (a little different) also sitting on the shelf where I found it at the flea market, but this one is the perfect size for me.

My ironstone collection is big enough, and I always have pitchers and bowls around.

But now and then I come across something with different features that I like that I can trade out like this new washbowl with the scalloped edge. You like?

So that is how my gathered life goes at the end of January. . . .

I wonder what lies ahead?

I hope the week has had a good start for you!

Thanks so much for popping in!



  1. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous collection of ironstone and pottery!
    I, too, l o v e to collect ironstone dishes!
    I'm being more cautious about additions to my collection of ironstone.
    Trying to use what I have. Anything new needs to have a 'useful' purpose!
    A goal is to not have any collectibles on the lower level storage areas.
    I want it out where I can enjoy it, not put away in a tub.
    (Exception is seasonal collectibles)
    That rick rack linen piece is exquisite!

  2. Yes! I really do like the scalloped edge washbowl! : ) Hello Jacqueline, and thanks for a peek into your <3's early inklings of Spring~ Lovely linens and white pots too! I remember admiring the Guy Wolfe one's not that long ago~ I can just imagine your larger pitchers filled with Spring flowers and even grasses/greens~ Hugs, karen o

  3. Hello Jacqueline....The plate with the pink roses really spoke to me. Using soft floral dishes this time of year helps get through the coldest stretch of winter. It helps keep me connected to the flowers that are resting under the snow. Beautiful post today.

  4. oh that little teapot, how sweet. always love seeing your wonderful groupings. guy wolff pottery always makes me glad I appreciate "collections". xo

  5. I love the collection(s) you have there. I love the look of old vintage pottery planters and you have some great ones. How fun that your table has "spouted" such wonderful pieces.

    I am SOOO over winter here. We are below ZERO and a blizzard is just dying down. We have drifts up over the windows. ugh!!

    Have a wonderful week. xo Diana

  6. Love that rick-rack lace -- I see it so seldom! Happy New Year to you and may it be filled with many blessings. Sally

  7. I love posts from you. A bright spot always. I too have a collection of matte white pottery on my living room shelves. Great minds think alike. Hope your winter is bearable. I too can only dream that spring will be here soon. Since time always flies by I don't know why winter doesn't.

  8. I absolutely adore that little teapot and the pink flower plate - gorgeous!

  9. Oh how I wish I lived in Arizona so I could visit your shop. Your pictures are so soothing and yet they make me look at all my white things and want to rearrange and decorate more!

  10. Jacqueline so many pretty pieces. The dish in beginning and end stole my heart.

    Enjoy your day


  11. I don't have the real-deal geraniums. Today I feel like we will never, ever, every have the real deal again -- but sub-zero will pass!

    Love all the beautiful ironstone. Even though it's white (usually a fave, but this week I'm taking a pass on all white, especially if it's outdoors) it's just lovely and beautifully staged.

  12. I love certain restaurants for their food and others for the ambience or location.

    I go to Cabin & Cottage for your linens and lovelies. I love everything you show.

  13. Always so lovely Jacqueline! Your post was a needed ray of sunshine, as we are currently in the midst of a blizzard. Once the snow stops a a record breaking freeze is supposed to follow. 😩. I might just have to keep viewing this post over and over again!

  14. The Guy Wolff pots are to die for, especially the one with the ruffles edge. Your posts are always so inspiring!


  15. So cute. I always love seeing your collectables. Those pots are darlings.

  16. Jacqueline I like it when you go through your cabinets and shelves and show off your pretty white stoneware and linens. It's makes me want to straighten mine up LOL everything here is messup LOL

  17. Your photos are always so delicious---no matter what the subject. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images!


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