Monday, October 8, 2018

Rainy Day and Monday

Monday is one of the calmer days in this household. Things settle down and get back to "normal." There's the big build up to the weekend, and then suddenly it's all over. But this is what it looks like here in Albuquerque as fall begins to show. Mostly green with a litter of cottonwood leaves starting to happen. That is chamisa turning to seed and looking a bit scruffy this time of year.

It rained overnight leaving things fresh and a few puddles in the road. The desert willow still green but minus the pale pink blossoms that stay all summer.

The ivy is just barely turning a few leaves to red before it abandons them altogether. And it has finally turned coolish, so Autumn has finally made a believer out of me.

I want to show you this cover small so that we aren't jumping the gun too much here. But I want you to know what to look for! This edition passed the page flip test and came home with me this weekend.

There is a gorgeous island of pages in the middle from House Of Harvest that gets me right where I live these days. Here's the link to their Instagram. I am showing less than half the images, and all askew so that no one will pin them, but they are a sample of an earthy simple style with great vintage ideas that I am loving to look at.

You might enjoy a whole look at the issue yourself.

It works for me for fall almost as much as for December!

The other fun thing for me is this transfer ware find posted on someone's Instagram. These are from Pier One. If you have trouble finding vintage brown transfer ware, you can just order these online! I was lucky to get them at my local store. They are smallish dinner size plates with no other pieces to match that I could see.

I don't put my vintage plates through too much because I take extra care with them, but I'm going to enjoy these without fuss all season long.

All the images just make me cozy and happy!

And I love all the details.

It's all fuzzy and overcast, but some Mondays are just like that!

 I hope it's the start of a great week for you though!

 Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Oooo thank you Jacqueline~~
    Makes me feel cozy and happy too!
    Thank you for sharing. Will have
    to keep my eye out for the publication;
    and dishes! It's been a while since
    I visited Pier 1; so glad we do have one : )
    Hugs, karen o

  2. Love this pattern! I wish they had other pieces that went with it.

  3. you hooked me with the first photo of the Chamisa! Another beautiful post. Love the photos as usual. It is very hot in TN, but cool weather is on the way. Dianne

  4. Such pretty dishes and so 'you', Jacqueline! The magazine ideas are so, 'you', too! I can't wait to see what lovely ideas come of it......Pretty scenes in your garden. xo Karen

  5. Always a beautiful post Jacqueline! That Christmas magazine has me really intrigued!

  6. Ohhhh that magazine looks so great. I will look for it for sure. Love all the garden pictures. Just beautiful.
    Happy New Week.

  7. Thanks for the heads-up on the Pier I plates --- they are all of the images of my childhood! Enjoying the cool weather. Sally

  8. Always enjoy your posts and beautiful photos!

  9. So smart to rotate the pages in your photos. Magazines have to pass the peruse test for me too before I’ll bring them home. I have started thinking about my Christmas decor. It will be here soon.

  10. Now I need to look for that magazine. Love the Pier I plates too. Oh so tempting!

  11. I love your beautiful brown transferware.

  12. I have those plates as well....FYI if you need more, they have a good clearance sale on as we speak!!!
    Looks like you are going to have some pretty weather! If it ever stops monsooning in Texas, we will enjoy the rest of the fall :^)

  13. I'll be making an excuse to go to the store to get that magazine. Wow! Love the images you showed.


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