Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lost in Linens

Welcome to April! We are nearly a week in already, and I can't tell you where all of March got off to!

I have been more shop busy than usual, which is always a stimulating place to be. And I recently came across a cache of laces which I thought you might like to see. They are mixed in with a sampling of other things that I gather up along the way.

One of my all time favorites. White worked pillowcases in sets! They will whiten when laundered, but I find this stage simply delicious to look at.

I am so glad when I find a variety of edgings in such wonderful condition as these are.

A large doily lies beneath a filet rose worked table square, and a very old pintuck pillow slip adorned with a tatted lace fringe. (Tatting is made with a shuttle, and is a different skill from crochet.)

Not many of us bother with these lovely old sets of damask napkins anymore. This matching set of ten set me back about about two dollars. Such a beautiful rose pattern for perhaps just the right bride!

The various patterns seem as endless as snowflakes. . . . 

When I am away so long you can imagine me here. Lost in linens. My escape from the cares of the world.

I even fold my regular laundry here!

This large folded piece is a linen coverlet with crochet insets and trim.

It's not all linens of course. Other things get piled around in the life of a vintage dealer. When there's no time for anything else, this is all I have to show you! The men in my life might enjoy these small English pewter tankards.

Just the right time of year for a picnic with old fashioned deviled eggs!

And I have my polishing work all cut out for me here!

But the rest is good to go!

So nice that you stopped by to see what I am up to!
I hope spring is catching up to you. We finally have perfect weather here!

Happy days ahead!



  1. I have over 50 Damask white napkins that I inherited from grandmothers and my mother ---- I use them regularly for family dinners, etc. I let them pile up in the ironing then have an ironing afternoon. Unfortunately, I'm not as fond of ironing as you are, but enjoy using those big, beautiful napkins. Hope Spring is finding you well!!! Sally

  2. Happy days indeed. I may need to start worrying about Christmas since spring is flying by. What incredible linens. I never know what to do with them. I can't believe how clean and crisp yours' are. I wonder how many millennials have linens these days? More for you.

  3. I love the Damask napkins and have a few sets of my own. I have always loved ironing napkins. Lovey post.

  4. Always love all the pretty linens. Gorgeous. I have that clear egg server. In fact I have two. Just used them this Easter.
    Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.

  5. So fresh and beautiful. I so love linen and lace too. Mixed with your silver and pewter it works so well. Love your photography Jacqueline.
    I wish your little shop was closer to me. That sweet little bedroom with its pretty pastel quilt and vintage night gowns I would be in heaven.
    Xx jeanette ann

  6. I used to find lots of linens at the thrift shops but have not seen hardly any in a long while. They have become so collectible. Yours are absolutely lovely and makes me want to get mine out. I have my Grandmother's embroidered ones which should be displayed instead of stuck in a drawer. Thanks for sharing.

  7. swoooon <3 soo lovely lovely lovely~
    Thank you for sharing Jacqueline, its always
    encouraging to stop in and see what you have
    been busy with! And what a great place to be - -
    Up to your elbows in linen ; )
    Take care, karen o

  8. Jacqueline, beautiful, love the coverlet. It must be beautiful opened. I also love the napkins you found. My dad had pieces like those in pewter. He would put them in the freezer to get very cold.

    It is snowing lightly in NJ right now but. The winter won't leave here for some reason


  9. Oh my, what gorgeous linens, Jacqueline!! I love all the trims. I rarely use anything other than linen napkins here....
    I read your previous post, as well, and was in awe of the lace runners. So many lovely pieces!
    Happy Spring to you.

  10. Those are lovely Ms. Jacqueline!!! You know that I am in love with the pillow cases with the flower/snowflake edges. I have stacks of linens and silver...they will probably all be in a garage sale when I am gone. I just hope that someone like you will come along to pick them up!!
    I used my glass egg trays for Easter deviled eggs. Mine is like the one on the bottom of your stack. They looked lovely on a table full of odd hand painted bread and butter plates, cream/ sugars and salt/ peppers! My scrounging paid off, since all the pieces were garage/estate and tag sale items. I think the most expensive was a dollar or two!!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. So much loveliness. I am always scouring op shops in search of linens but don't have much luck. Usually they are stained. How lucky you are to come across so many.

  12. I am drooling! Oh the pillowcases, the silver teapot, and coverlet, even the children's clothes hanging on the wall all inspire me to want more. I need to hang my children's wear collection somewhere. The deviled egg plate reminds me of one I have that belonged to my MIL. My daughter even borrows it sometimes. They are really handy. I try to tell myself I have enough, but then I see these beauties and I want more.

  13. Always frun to peek in your shop. The linens are so pretty and full of detail. Happy Spring, Jacqueline!

  14. This is one of the spots I fall into when I long to be enchanted and calmed. How very beautifully this post lives up to that!


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