Friday, December 1, 2017

Welcoming The Season

Happy December! It's Friday, almost dark, and I wanted to stop in and say hi before the weekend catches up to me. I hope you are greeting the new season with joy!

As fun as it can be to spend an entire month (or more) gearing up for the big occasion, we know life doesn't stand still for holidays. Christmastime is often a mixed blessing, or even quite difficult for people some years. But it is beginning with excitement for me so far, and I am very grateful.

The shots I took today remind me so much of the few old photos from my childhood taken at Christmas years ago when photography was not the highly developed process that it is now. But then there is always something to remind me of the old days this time of year!
Decorating usually unfolds very gradually for me as we ease into the season. I am never ready for a blogging home tour this early, but thank goodness there are plenty of those to visit!  I am often more focused on my favorite rituals and traditions. And I never get to even half of those! 

I did get around to planting an Amaryllis bulb in a sort of timely fashion though, and just today got some paper whites into a pot.

I know they are not supposed to be crowded too much, but the glass vase I selected only has so much room! Wish me luck!

I picked it because of the tall sides to support the stems, and it is fitted with a wonderful wicker basket. It gives me warm thoughts of the friend who gifted it to me every time I use it. (Ribbons and moss are on their way for a nice display.)

I just found this wonderful pot at Home Depot too, and want to add a little rosemary tree to the gathering.

They come in a couple of different sizes.

It's also time for my favorite Christmas books and movies. We had this old Holly Hobby edition when my kids were small, and it got lost somewhere along the way. A few years ago I ordered another from Amazon. I did the same with an old Lionel Barrymore record of "A Christmas Carol" that my family shared when I was a girl. (Or maybe it was from E-bay!)

The pages are full of nostalgic drawings.

The old-fashioned world it evokes has never left my heart, and so I try to invite as much of that feeling as I can into every Christmas celebration.

Even the smallest tree always seems to fill this room!

We recently went to see the new Dickens movie "The Man Who Invented Christmas." It was a wonderful launch to the season! I had to dig out my collection of various editions of that beloved story, 

including the one I have with the original illustrations. The movie covers the events leading to how Dickens came to write his inspiring story. Just one of so many films to enjoy during December!

Just trying to keep everything homey, simple. . . ,

. . . and relaxed, like Yo Yo the family cat!

So many good times to come! 

I hope there's a wonderful weekend ahead for you!



sweet violets said...

Oh, how I love Holly Hobbie!!! I still have some of the coloring books among other things......

I've been joyful over the holiday since the beginning of November, and my decorating is also an 'evolvement'....little by little!! Love your head start on the bulbs.........ho, ho, ho......

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Your home looks so lovely and that red square quilt is wonderful any time of the year!

Louca por porcelana said...

Lovely pics and beautiful book.Sending hugs,xo Maristella.

Pat @ bringingfrenchcountryhome said...

Merry Christmas Jacqueline! I always love seeing your cozy home, simple and sweet, just like you! Glad you are relaxing in the season like your adorable cat. Hugs from Colorado, Pat

Glenda said...

The similarities between us never cease to amaze me - this time it is Yo Yo. He/she looks just like my beloved George who sadly left me after many happy years just over a year ago. George also loved to lay on his back in a sunny spot and let the sun warm his belly. Such sweet memories. Happy season to you and all your readers.

Diane Porazzo said...

Hi Jackie,
Love your home so pretty....have a wonderful Christmas filled with many blessings!

Michele said...

Everything is truly delightful.

You have such a cozy inviting home, Jacqueline.

Hope your Advent season is filled with many blessings.

Hoping to see that movie tomorrow afternoon with my daughter. Dan Stevens is awesome, and I loved him playing Matthew in Downton Abbey!

Katie Mansfield said...

It's lovely as always. I love your vintage book. Precious.

Jeanie said...

I love your home. It is so peaceful and calm and yes, a reminder of days gone by, too. The wreath is perfect and those books are exquisite. YoYo seems very into the merriment of it all.

I know what you mean about the home tours. There are lots and I love looking at them but I don't think I could ever get my act in gear enough to participate so early! I'm envious of you!

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Everything is so calm and serene. I did a home tour early this year (only one room) and it threw me all out of kilter. Like you, I decorate as the holiday unfolds, cherishing each moment, getting out a few treasures and trinkets each day. I love the nostalgic feeling you have evoked in this post. I am always so happy when I am reminded of all the kindred spirits I have in blogland!
Merry Christmas!

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helena frontini said...

Joyeux Noel.

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