Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Shifting Gears

I often go careening around the corner from Thanksgiving into December/Christmas/Winter. But it feels different this time. I'm sure that having an early celebration has something to do with it, since we had a traditional dinner last Sunday. But we have negotiated many early celebrations before. So maybe I just made deeper tracks this time.

I thought I might set up a tree beforehand, but just a hint of decoration served when time ran short. (As it often does.) But all the important things were done in plenty of time. I found a make ahead gravy recipe that a friend posted on FB that turned out great! Here's the link. The head cook made the mashed potatoes the day before. And I made the pies day before too. (No brainer. Everybody does that!) We kept the menu simple, and roasted the bird unstuffed so it cooks faster. But I think having a smallish crowd of ten helped keep things calmer.

We also found another fun new thing for us on Amazon Prime. They have a bunch of nature themed videos for free with membership. Some of them are pretty funky, but 'Winter's Solitude' has beautiful snow scenes with low key Christmas music. Or you can just keep the sound off and have pretty pictures instead of a big black screen (or worse) in the middle of everything.

And, since fall things are sort of all finished the minute Thanksgiving is done, I thought I would sneak in a peek at this lap quilt I am always planning to post and never do. It was the first one I ever made back in the early 80's. I was all into these colors, handwork, and Country Living in those days. Since I am someone else now, I have actually bleached this twice to tone down the fire, but nothing at all happened to dull the bright color.

I rarely show this quilt anymore now, but I am saving it for posterity. And speaking of dull, I like remembering a comment that a helpful neighbor, a PHD in Child Psychology, made when she saw that I had fashioned a crib dust ruffle, quilt, and crib bumper for my new little girl out of the brown fabric shown here. I found the calico adorable with eyelet lace trim all around. (She is my only daughter, and we loved Holly Hobbie so much then!) But turns out that brown makes your baby dumber than primary colors! To think the genius she might have been! Haha!

Things also got shifted around a bit as they can when you are making room for merriment. This antique hall tree which has lived for a time in the dining room was on its way out the front door when it asked for a reprieve to stay in this entryway corner. Probably should have been here the whole time.

It has shown up on the blog from time to time like it does here on the left in this photo. (A lattice screen has taken its place.)

Now the rack just peeks out over the shoulder of that adobe wall behind the big screen.

A few comfy chairs also got schlepped in from other places for our guests. This chair is usually covered in crochet lace in a bedroom out of the way. But I found myself glad to see it in here again.

I gave a thought to passing on the high chair too, but she just doesn't want to go yet! And a friend saw this barrel in the last photo of my last post and asked how I planned to use it. What a crazy question! I never have any idea of course! But it became a handy place to stow my pitcher and bowls so I could use the window bench for dinner. It can stay as long as it wants.

An extra card table, and my Queensware china, and before you knew it, it was all over! (Buffet style only at this narrow table for a crowd like this.)

Today was spent reverse engineering everything. But it was a pleasure hand washing all the family heirlooms, monograms, and special possessions once again.

Things have to stay ready for the next month or so of comings and goings. And there will be more gravy and pies in a day or so somewhere else. There will be time later still for a tree or two.

For now, I see a little time spent right here. Like a Sunday driver in the slow lane. . . .

Even that brown chair gets to hang around in here for a while longer!
 Feels really smart to me!

Hygge hugs to you!
And a Happy Thanksgiving!

See you on the other side!



  1. Love, love those plates - a beautiful post here so fresh and snowy!!!

  2. Jacqueline, I loved your sense of humor about the brown on the bedding. :) Really, who knew? LOL. I think the sweet stitching of the quilt makes it a treasure to keep always. I love your décor. The hall tree and all it's lodge it all. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Hey - we get Amazon Prime and going to check out that Winter Solitude - thanks for the idea! We have a large flat screen but it is hidden in a den, so luckily we don't have to look at the ugly thing very often. I think it's been 4 months since it's been turned on, as we do not watch tv.

    That barrel - a large circle of wood or heabvy cut glass would make a nice bar height table for appetizers.

    I love your brown chair in that space - grounds the room nicely, you should consider keeping it there - it really looks good.

    Love how you poetically take us from Thanksgiving to Christmas in your world, J - always a pleasure visiting you. Hugs right back. ♥

  4. maybe that explains all my problems, since brown is one of my favorite "colors", haha! That big ol comfy chair you brought back in just looks like an old friend, ready for a cozy cuddle up. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, J!

  5. Sunday dinner in the slow lane. What a wonderful turn of phrase! I love each and every photo (swooning a bit with the quilt and the pinecones.) It all looks truly peaceful and lovely!

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  6. The quilt seems perfect for this time of year. Had to laugh at your comment about not having a plan for the barrel. I'll be admiring your pretty dishes all week. Really lovely!

  7. Always beautiful! Yes, and then it is over with a snap of the fingers we are onto twinkles and sparkles.

  8. As usual, your photographs are just so beautiful! I love those plates. Such beautiful texture they bring to your table. Happy Thanksgiving, Dianne

  9. HI Jacqueline,
    I love moving things about and so wish I have more proper wall space to arrange pieces I wish to arrange.
    Yes, I would say everything here has its beautiful place and the darker pieces complete your look.
    What a beautiful setting for Giving of thanks, I've been setting up my twig trees and today I will set up my green tree squeezing it in the window. I always visit here never disappointed with your topic and your design style.

    ahhh! The relaxed beauty here beckons to take a seat and take it all in.
    Looking forward to your trees dear.

    See you soon


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