Thursday, April 13, 2017

Perennials~The Toughies in the Garden

I haven't done much in the garden except to stroll through. I am strictly a patio gardener, and not much of that! But I can tell you that this bloom is centranthus, or Jupiter's Beard because a friend identified it for me. But what's in a name, anyway? eh?

What is more important is that ol' Jupiter is a survivor. It persists and endures year after year like the loyal perennial that it is.

My pot of boxwood has looked like this all winter long. (Well, it's evergreen.) It is a fuller, looser variety than the typical box. Soft and droopy.

And our snowball bush is coming into bloom! These little babies form incredibly fast.

Most of the cherry blossoms froze, but we always get enough to interest the grackles. 

The salvia greggii sage is in full bloom and loving its place in the sun. Hummers love it.

The first rose is always a celebration. Coming soon to a garden near you . . . .

A few lilac volunteers are springing up after our old bush withered, and we even got a few blooms this year!

This is the southern exposure of part of our house. I can't begin to tell you how hot it gets! But our laurel bushes manage to hold their own. 

This is vinca minor, a smaller variety of periwinkle with smaller, narrower leaves.The web says vinca "can be tenacious plants, despite their elegant appearance." Love that. 

The minor version covers the bed in partial shade.

Here are the leaves of the vinca major for comparison. (Larger, and described as heart-shaped.) Much leggier as well. It climbs as well as creeps.

But this is our most hardy perennial! The finches love it. Dandelion keeps its root over winter and blooms in spring. And keeps blooming. . . . . We dig some, but of course that is futile. They are described as "bold and brash and unrelenting, . . . the pollinator's best friend." Right now we are leaving them to the birds and the bees. 

It got green so suddenly that I am startled each time I look out the window!

So happy for spring!

Happy Easter Weekend!



  1. Don't you just love a flower that survives no matter what abuse you or the elements might put it through? Such troupers, some of these blooms are. It's fun to see your world coming to life in color after the dormant season. Here, too -- daffodils and hyacinths... buds on trees. Yes, I think it just MIGHT really be spring!

    A lovely Easter to you!

  2. Hi Jacqueline!Happy Spring to you! I didn't know vinca was a climber. Wonder how it would do in mostly shade? I love your yard with the big tree and adobe wall. So NM! Things are growing so fast here in CO, I can almost watch them grow!Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Easter. Hugs, Pat

  3. A couple of these plants are real stalwarts in my garden too. It is so nice to have plants that look good and are dependable. We have hot summers here also but your winters are much cooler. Love the photo of the grassy area with the lovely tree.

  4. your garden is beautiful! I love that you are leaving the dandelions for pollinators, thank you for doing that.

  5. Garden life is coming back in beauty - looks gorgeous, Jacqueline.

    Happy Easter, sweet friend. Hugs.

  6. Happy Spring, Jacqueline. I love seeing what others have in their gardens. Hope you had a joyful Easter weekend.

  7. Lovely garden flowers. You are so much further along than we are up north. Our cherry tree is just blooming, not fruit forming yet. Oh vinca minor can take over. Happy patio gardening.

  8. You have some wonderful blossoms - such lovely colors! I am fascinated by the Jupiter's beard - so pretty! I love those flowers that are tried and true without a lot of fuss. Your courtyard is wonderful. It's like a little oasis in the desert. xx Karen

  9. I really like your periwinkle plants. We can grow them here but I haven't any. Of course, not much is growing yet. The daffodils have a few buds on them today but that's it. Not even a dandelion yet! It will happen soon though as most of our snow is gone and there is green showing in the brown grass. Your yard looks so green and lush right now. Enjoy!

  10. You have a beautiful garden Jacqueline! The dandelion are insane here. Every yard that doesn't spray for them is a sea of them this year. The school properties at about 20 acres each are unbelievable. You mom them down and in two days they are 1 foot tall again! Spring came on all at once here. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. I am so glad that I read your post tonight. I bought some pretty flowers at Trader Joe's and I am loving the look. I bought them on Friday and they still look as fresh and pretty on Monday. I had no idea what they were, but you showed your snowball plant and now I know.



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