Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Garden Stuff

I'm probably the biggest pretend gardener that you know. I love to have a garden and watch it grow. But I am too busy with other things to tend much of a garden. And I am also crazy about vintage garden stuff! In fact the very first blog I ever followed and fell in love with was Theresa Cano's blog  Garden Antqs Vintage. She is no longer blogging, and has changed her business name. But she still sells garden antiques! Here's a link to her exciting FB page.

My most exciting recent find are these French antique garden cloches that I found locally together in two sizes. They are a beautiful heavy bubbled green glass, and are in wonderful condition. Not many turn up here in New Mexico. So I am thrilled!

They can still be used in the garden, of course, but they will probably take up residence with my gardening book collection.

The burlap type table cover that I am showing here is from Jeanne D'Arc Living. I am constantly being asked about it. It is a fabulous display piece, but it's not like you can throw it in the washer or anything. It makes a great under layer with the fringe.

Another new discovery is that primitive little antique seed chest made of plywood. I wanted to show it with seed packets inside, but I don't have any handy. What I do have are a few herbs in peat pots from the nursery waiting to be planted. We keep a few pots nearby by on the patio where we use them for cooking and where we won't forget to water them anywhere else in the yard.

There are few more wonderful delights that a few herbs growing close by!

I bought three different varieties of thyme and want to mark each one with these beautiful copper garden markers so I don't forget which is German, English, or Lemon thyme.

They are corralled in a new old garden tote with "California Fruit Growers Exchange" lettered on the side too faintly to show in the photos, but you can see the beautiful old oiled wood.

A few old garden standbys round everything out. And I wanted to be sure to show you my humble little blooming snowball bush! I'll be snipping a few blooms soon to bring inside.

Sculptural iron furniture and accessories are one of my most favorite collections. Few things tickle my decorating bones more than putting together a cheery garden vignette!

Happy gardening!



  1. Oh, thanks for the link. I love anything for gardening.
    The glass cloches remind me of ones I saw in New England. It was the first time I'd seen any for sale. Your pair are beauties!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! My pitiful, little snowball bush is almost ready to pop with blooms. Can't wait, as I'm a lousy gardener; but enjoy it all. Sally

  3. Beautiful gardening beauties!


  4. Beautiful garden collection. Oh I would love that burlap throw. It is gorgeous!

  5. from one pretend gardener to another, I LOVE this, so perfect in every way. Are those Vibernum or a type of Hydrangea? gorgeous. I think that's how we met, J, on the sidebar of Theresa's blog! I love all the scrolly iron work!

  6. Teresa's blog was the first blog I followed too. I always stop to look at old garden antiques though I have found that you can have too many in the garden. Love your tableaux.

  7. absolutely love this whole vignette. Just my style!

  8. What a perfect shopping day of finding the perfect treasures for making your spring more perfect. Every item you fetched is awesome.

    Happy gardening. ♥

  9. I love gardens, I love flowers, I can't grow things to save my soul and my gardening attempts are more failure than fruitful and usually not terribly aesthetic.

    But I LOVE garden STUFF! The wheelbarrow, the pots, the chair, the pretty stuff! So I love this post! (If you want to see blooms, check out my Paris in Bloom post that is up now -- sigh.

  10. Congratulations on the wonderful find of those two are indeed lucky! I love the idea of a nice sized garden but, have come to realize that its just to much work for one now I grow just a few things and enjoy it so much more.

  11. Your vignette is so sweet and beautiful! Love it!
    xoxo Jo

  12. That one cloche is huge! I love gardens but not caring for them as well. Love the snowball bush!

  13. Love your pretty garden things, Jacqueline! Those cloches are wonderful! Everything looks so sweet gathered together. I would love to putter around in your lovely courtyard! xx Karen

  14. Beautiful garden collection and love your blog. You inspire me!

  15. Hi can you tell who you purchased the table cloth from ..was it directly from JDL website as I don't see it there thanks Jacqueline !!

  16. Wonderful cloches. It all looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  17. Jacqueline, I too am a pretend gardener...
    It's all in the beauty as to what we see, right,?
    I envision so much more then what I see, and
    when my eyes set on a garden, statue, a watering can,
    a urn or bath I find them placed in my yard of dreams.

    I think of myself as the gardener that I wish to gather and
    Collect, creating natures beauty as I see here.
    Keep creating you our pretend gardener.
    It's the beauty here that inspires.


  18. Wow Jacqueline, those cloches are so beautiful... what a find.
    For a non gardener, your garden photos are always so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing this week at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather. I'm delighted to be featuring yoru beautiful antique cloches at tonight's party.

  19. I'm headed out to the garden to work all morning so this post was inspiring. I have some ideas for my garden table now.


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