Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Farmhouse Bath

I just had both of my bathrooms painted, which was long overdue. That has me starting fresh and looking for fun accessories to add. I have kept some of the old favorites, but I love pretty bathroom stuff and always have to remind myself to keep things simple.

 A few French soaps and toiletries are gathered up in a wire tray next to the tub. It's a small room, so not a lot of space just "for show."

The perfect vintage towel hangs just above the tray.

In addition to the walls, we had the vanity and towel bar painted the same color: Behr Off White (that's the actual name). They used to be stained oak.


A few vintage touches get me started with the farmhouse look that I want. 

I really dislike the look of most common toothbrushes and so I order pretty bamboo and tortoise shell ones online from Amazon.

I even like the packaging! 

 For now, I have a vintage wood and wire hanger to store extra tissue paper.

I always need a few old linens for ambiance in the bath too!

It's all bare bones for now, but the white vanity makes the space feel bigger, and I am having fun hunting down the few things that I still need. 

The remaining wood tones keep the space from feeling too sterile with all the white. But I wouldn't mind an all white spa look either!

So, I'm off to shop!

Welcome to March!

Hope you're having a great week!



  1. Well Jacqueline, you had me at first with those dark cabinets. Then voila. Even your toilet paper is pretty. I love whites and creams and try not to put too much on display. I'm even thinking of re-doing the living room floors to a pickled oak/gray. Problem is, all the hallways are that yellow oak and I think I'll just have to tear them up too. Re-doing is hard when you have to watch your pocketbook.

  2. Luv, luv!!!! All so pretty and serene. I can just see myself in there.

  3. HI Jacqueline...
    What a difference a coat of paint makes.
    My Dad always used soap and a shaving brush...brought back great memories.
    Happy March to you...
    Linda :o)

  4. Oh, I'm envious of your newly painted rooms. We need to paint here! Your vignettes always make me smile, Jacqueline. You have great style.

  5. HI Jacqueline, this post is truly so different and I love it. I feel the same about tooth brushes as you, I had vintage tooth brushes for my two children. A baby company made them from antique sterling silver silver ware and the end a disposable brush of natural bristles would slide in place when it was worn out, you could buy refills. I still have my daughters now close to 23 years now, I bought it when she was new born to make sure I had one. As for my brushes I found white ones made of wood and white plastics. Of late just the regular market ones.... You now have me on the hunt for these wonderful toothbrushes.

    As for you powderroom, it's a delight that you shared with us all your changes. Love how charming it feels, I so need to change out some faucets that are tired, and a repaint. See you and your beauty here soon.


  6. Sooooo pretty Jacqueline. Love the color and the serenity it brings to your bathroom. I love the touches of the wood tones with the off white. Looks fabulous. I bet you smile each time you enter in your bathroom.

  7. Ah, Jacqueline - one of my two most favorite bloggers. (And to see who the other is, just look above.) I anxiously look forward to the latest from each of you. Stay classy and homey. And keep the pics coming.

  8. I love all your farmhouse details. I'm going to look for those toothbrushes too. I would to see the cow picture up a little closet too. It looks amazing.

  9. It looks lovely. Painting the vanity made a huge difference.

    I wish I had your restraint, every time I try to use all white/cream in a room color creeps in and before I know it predominates. A perfect example is my living room - I started out planning to use all cream and is now much more hue filled. Maybe someday...

  10. It looks fresh and lovely -- and clean as a bathroom should! I have a feeling you are in jolly good shopping mode these days!

  11. Lovely!! Haven't been over here for awhile. Now I want to scroll back and look at everything I've missed! And love the look of those natural toothbrushes.

  12. Your farmhouse bathroom is lovely! I like the color of the vanity and the beautiful linens used for accent. I'll be following your blog for more inspiration!


  13. I love it!! That "shaving" towel is awesome! I enjoy all the photos you post.

  14. oh my - it's all gorgeous! Those toothbrushes are awesome. I agree - most toothbrushes are tacky - but never tho't to look for other ones. (I'm too cheap...) and the wood tones - they 'make' the space come alive! Great job.

  15. Really liked the white paint on the wood cabinets, looks nice! Also, I feel the same way about the loud and bright toothbrushes...
    I need to check my health food store on some natural looking ones. I did find a nice hairbrush that was very natural looking.
    My bathroom is done in all beach... The Beach is calling and I must go LOL
    Always, Roxy

  16. Jacqueline,
    Your freshly painted bathroom looks wonderful all dressed in white. After seeing your natural wood toothbrushes, I, too, am off to search the internet for some.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  17. Love all of your accessories! That picture hanging on the wall looks like something I would put up. Beautiful bath! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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