Friday, February 24, 2017

Linens & Pitchers

Here we are, the last weekend of the month. And that calls for a bit of a change up to both the mental and the physical state of things.

We have forsythia and apple blossoms already. But inside I'm just freshening up a display with linens and pitchers. The biggest jugs are my favorite.

I have a large basin for each, and the large bowls are wonderful for both display and more practical use as well. 

A few platters join the collection.

One of the first I ever collected, this old girl shows off her curves in a basket of linen in the morning light.

But this little gravy boat is the newest to be added. So much character in a little piece of china! Quite a few of these little brown transferware pitchers have passed through my hands in recent years.

A bit of linen is getting a change out as well.

 I like to appreciate the delicate details more fully up close.

 I'll enjoy the jaunty line up of pitchers until I need another change of scene.

I do a lot of mix and match, but this pretty transfeware basin is the actual companion to the tranferware pitcher above.

I hope you enjoy the parade!

I just love the artful china marks too!

Though not a match, this little platter goes perfectly with my latest transferware gravy pitcher. Serendipity!

One of my recent runner finds. I love the ivory tones of natural linen. The lace underneath has been featured here on the blog many times.

I'm off for more treasure hunting this weekend!

 I hope it's a great one for you too!



  1. Always co beautiful here. I enjoy visiting your blog:)

  2. Such beautiful vignettes!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Love that "durability" flag mark --- worth a wrong-side display!! I haven't checked our early bloomers yet. For this lover of winter, I don't want to know about spring until April!! Have had snow the last two days here in Colorado. I'm a happy indoor camper. Take care, Sally

  4. You always make your things look so happy and well loved!
    Blessings, Roxy

  5. I love that small wire egg basket off to find one for me ! always inspiring ..xx lorraine

  6. I never tire of your collections. I have been collecting and hunting for more vintage white linens with crochet. I recently hung a white table cloth with such delicate stitching that belonged to my late mother in law on the wall of a spare room that I have been transforming into a meditation room. The linen has worn edges and some tears but it is beautiful on the wall. It is like having a piece of her in the room. I believe you understand how meaningful these pieces are to grace our homes with. Good lick with your weekend hunting.

  7. Love looking at all your pretties!!! Very homey and natural. Like you, I also love the stamps on the backs of china pieces. I have one that is a beehive, and I wish it were on the front of the piece!!! Happy hunting....

  8. What a beautiful post. Thank you for displaying all your pretties.

  9. I never tire of looking at your gorgeous treasures.

  10. I do enjoy the parade! It looks all fresh and clean and wonderful! Yes, spring is coming!

  11. All the whites together with the brown basket are lovely together. Wondering if you would share what the wall color is and what color you painted the white frame? I love those colors together!

  12. This whole post had me drooling. I'm not one of those all-white people, but the textures and tones of white you have displayed here is simply divine. I do have one little place I can display all white----but, lol, some other color always leaks in. Thank-you for the lovely post. Sandi

  13. Such pretty pitchers - all so unique. Love the beautiful linens with the crochet lace, too. Someday I want to crochet something as pretty just to say I did it! Lovely to see your amazing creamy collection. xx Karen

  14. How beautiful these pitchers are. The pith helmet is the perfect touch! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Your thrifting prowess always amazes me Jacqueline. You find the best and prettiest things. I actually have the almost identical jug and bowl as yours, same shape, but mine has a flower transfer on it. Love them all.
    I appreciate you sharing and supporting my new theme at Create, Bake, grow & Gather this week. Hugs xx


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