Friday, January 6, 2017

Winter Cottage Life

We have just enough snowfall overnight to give us a little winter cheer! Ours will all melt off by noon. But it gives everything a beautiful softness in the early morning light while it lasts.

We will get a nice fire going to cheer us, since the house has gone quiet. The last of our house guests have only just left. I have spread fresh seed for our resident yard birds after seeing tiny tracks in the snow. It is the coziest winter day we have had yet.

I love the cocooning of winter days. It always makes me want to take up a bit of knitting and see something productive take shape stitch by stitch, bringing its own kind of winter softness.

My little brown bear sports a small white handmade sweater that I found once at a thrift store and couldn't help rescuing.

I'm always thrilled to ponder its neat and orderly pattern done by some unseen loving and expert hand.

This is more my style. A little useful square of wool to satisfy my instant gratification. There is already plenty of waiting for things ahead in winter! Haha!

I always have my eye out for bits of wool in my thrifting forays as well.

I snatched up these skeins of mohair so fast it would make your head spin!

Just enough to make a fluffy scarf.

Even Miss Helen has her own version of an Irish Fisherman's knit sweater. I had the pleasure of stitching a couple of these when my children were small.

Finally, here is a larger version which I also salvaged from a thrift store rack.

Beautifully made by Barbara Grant whoever she may be... Well done!

First warming the stitcher as it lay across her lap while in progress. Then the one who was fortunate to wear it with great care. And finally, warming my own admiring heart. 

This lovely white afghan throw was another thrift store find. (Should I be feeling embarrassed instead of lucky?) Oh well, I say, as I snuggle down for awhile, ready to read a cozy winter tale by the fire.

I hope you are enjoying these first quiet days of the New Year too!

Happy Friday!



  1. Your sweet finds are wonderful.

    I pinned the white throw - what a beautiful pattern.

  2. I think i want to live where you live -- Where the snow falls, it looks really pretty and goes away pronto! Loveliness all around!


  3. I would rather go to a good thrift store than a candy store LOL Then again a good thrift store is our candy store.
    Your whites are all beautiful together. I never have been able to knit and like you said those hand knitted sweaters are so lovely hooray for Barbara on her good job on the sweater

  4. Loved to see your knitting treasures. I'm knitting this week --- nothing fancy or fabulous --- just a little wool scarf for an 18" doll. I love that retirement gives me the opportunity to do something as frivolous as a doll scarf!!! Hope it gives some little girl a giggle. We have about 6" of snow. Enjoy your weekend. Sally

  5. How nice that your guests could stay on after the holidays for a bit longer! Your new finds are so sweet. I adore the pictures of the bear and doll with their sweaters! Enjoy your cocooning- we will be cocooning here for a good while yet.
    Happy New Year Jacqueline!

  6. Its always a wonderland here, but winter for some reason is my favorite inside and out covered in whites. The throw, the sweaters, the nesting is a cozy place for ones soul.
    Let your winter days inspire you my dear Jacqueline.


  7. Cozy and beautiful Jacqueline. Love that beautiful throw.

  8. Beautiful knitted pieces, Jacqueline! How charming to use them for the bear and doll!

  9. Great finds. I wish our snow would melt off quick, but this is our 3rd storm and am tired of it. I have many friends who knit and get together once a month for a tea party!

  10. Your home looks like the perfect cozy spot to hunker down for those cold days.
    Mary Alice

  11. HI Jacqueline..
    I also love to find lovely linens and handmade items while thrifting...but...they are getting harder to find!
    I spy that fabulous crochet afghan again...gosh....wish I could find a pattern for that beauty!
    Enjoy your week ahead...
    Linda :o)

  12. Cozy knits are perfect right now. That hand knit sweater is fabulous! Wishing you a Happy New Year! Glad your guests came and stayed a while! Have a wonderful 2017 Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  13. Beautiful texture on all those knits. Lovely.

  14. Jacqueline, you always find the BEST treasures!

    Hope your new year is going well! Hugs!

  15. All the pictures are so beautiful.. the sweaters of the teddy, the doll.. everything so beautiful n cozy...

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