Monday, February 29, 2016

Romantic Farmhouse Style

One thing just leads to another when you try out new ideas. I'm wanting to make a basket liner or two, and before I know it there are piles of linens and baskets all over the place! But when are there not?

It all started with a changeup on the mantel piece. I wanted a bit of lace and twinkle lights to brighten things up. These are the teeny pearl lights that are strung on copper wire. (I got mine at Anthropologie.)

I like a softer look at times, and all it takes is a touch of lace. I like how the darker background shows the design. 

Hampers are great for storage, of course, but I also love the look of a little liner peeking through.

A little graphic pillow adds to the look.

The top of the cupboard gets a minor change up too.

 I love the natural look of wicker and always have my eye out for wicker covered demijohns. An antique picnic basket is tucked away in a corner with this one. 

This tall grapevine basket hides an outlet and power cords by the chair, and even stows a few.

Baskets are the best storage for keeping linens handy, and for showing off their beautiful features when not in use.

A few chippy gardeny things round everything out.

Welcome to a new week and a new month! We're Marching right along!

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  1. I love dropping by just to look at pictures. You are fabulous with vignettes.

  2. Always a pleasure to take a look at your beautiful vintage linens , I have so pieces similar to yours, so it inspires me. The demi-johns to, I hang mine on the outdoor terrace beams. It's nice to move things around. I love the way you have placed a tall basket to hide the wires, one of my pet hates, wires everywhere, Mr France gets so annoyed with me as I keep placing something in front of any wires

  3. Beautiful vignettes! Happy March 1st!

  4. I lived in the wrong farmhouse growing up ---- yours is beautiful, dreamy, and romantic!! I'm going to miss Downton Abbey, also. Have a nice start to March. Sally

  5. My visits to your Blog never disappoint...I love your sense of style and all your vintage linens! Happy Spring!

  6. I just love the way you show off your lovely linens. Baskets and linens seem to go together perfectly in your home. Love the lace over the mantel and the basket liner.


  7. I love your romantic farmhouse look -- and twinkling lights, all year long! Very restful and simply charming.

  8. I always enjoy your posts. I love those twinkly lights with the sand stars. You have such a creative way of displaying linens and the different baskets and table surfaces. I am beyond done with winter but it doesn't seem to want to go away around here yet. It snowed pretty much all day today.

  9. Beautiful way to welcome March! I bought some of those little copper strings of light last year. Love the soft twinkle. I'm crushing over your pretty brown transfer ware pitcher on the cupboard. '-)

  10. It certainly looks like you have had fun rearranging things for March. I love all the details on the vintage linens.

  11. I am a sucker for vintage linens, and your basket collection is simply divine. They look so lovely in your gorgeous vignettes!

  12. What a lovely much beauty and have some wonderful pieces and bring them together perfectly!

  13. I just love the way you use beautiful linens in your home Jacqueline. I love the baskets and hamper you have showcased in this post, with stacks of lovely tablecloths and such in them. You create the loveliest details to every room in your home. I loved the post about the nursery/spare room. What a pretty space. Because you have several children like me, I can imagine the use the room gets. It seems someone is always here or planning to come here.

  14. So beautiful for spring, Jacqueline! Love the look of the lace peeking out of the hamper and the folded linens in the stenciled basket. The twinkle lights and mantel lace give it all such a lovely glow. Love, love, love! xx Karen

  15. Tudo lindo. Amei os cestos e os garrafões.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  16. ahhh, everything looks amazing..I need some of those tiny lights for my mantel...

  17. So pretty. I really love your white cupboard. Perfection.

  18. So pretty. I love wicker baskets and have many. I like the way you use yours. You have such beautiful linens. xoxo Su

  19. Jacqueline,
    I adore the texture and subtle hued palette of your wicker baskets, dear friend!
    I have a set of those lights, I purchased for Christmas.
    Yours are so~o`o romantic on the mantel!


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