Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cabin & Cottage At Je L'Adore!

Hello again! Here are the shots of  Cabin & Cottage dressed up for the fall event at Je L'Adore!

The holidays start earlier for retailers than for regular people. Even so, I have decorated my Cabin & Cottage space more for "Fall-mas" than anything. But I love twinkle lights anytime!

Plenty of white!

Baskets and twigs and natural elements are a big part of the theme.

I parted with a few of my real treasures for this event, and a good friend went home with this beautiful French statue of a girl reading. It was inscribed 1910 on the base. 

Of course beautiful linens are also part of the picture!

This French relief plaque is a special piece too. These were common in the fifties.

One of my book page wreaths on display.

I may want this lovely French mirror in the guest room for my grandgirls after all! Haha! The French pillows are already gone. . . .

As are the vintage German glass glitter ornaments in such lovely colors. . . .

Sparkly twig wreaths can just say "winter" to me, and work well from fall right on through January, dressed up or down.

More twigs and weeds for the table! The blooming chamisa is from my last woodland picnic. (The opening photo up top features a flambouyant winter sage.)

A wonderful antique coverlet for the table display. 

Love using bottle brush trees too!

A rose painting on glass feels like Christmas to me for this table top display.

Lots of florals too!

I love wreaths in a great old frame.

Linen, lace, and more wicker.

A pile of inviting chenille and matelasse coverlets looks cozy!

Our open house was a great success and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! Thanks to everyone who attended! And thanks so much for all your great comments!! We are strictly a store front business at Je L'Adore in Albuquerque, so I hope you can visit if you are ever in the area!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great weekend ahead!



  1. You have such a lovely space! Everything is simply dreamy. I too love old frames with a wreath hanging in it and twinkle lights and mercury glass all say Christmas to me. Love the linens too. Beautiful, Jacqueline! Enjoy your weekend.

    Autumn blessings,

  2. Wow! I wish I lived closer many things I love and all beautifully displayed!

    All the best!

  3. My heart stopped when I saw the pine cone wreath in the frame! You shop is so beautiful and it sounds like you did very well that day -- I sure do wish I could have been there in person but your photos are the next best thing! Big, happy sigh!

  4. Oh you beat me to it by saying they were gone! I was going to ask where oh where could I get those pillows?! Love them. :) I also love your book page wreath and of course, all of your beautiful white linens. What a treat for shoppers. Happy fallmas! ;) Xo, ~julie

  5. What beautiful staging....nicely done!! Who can resist all those lovelies?? Best wishes for a profitable holiday season....xoxoxo

  6. Very handsome display. I can see why those French cushions went so quickly.
    We have fairy lights up all over the house (on timers) all year round. They keep us cheerful. I can' t understand why some people restrict them to December.

  7. A shopper's delight! Lovely, as always. Sally


  8. Oh everything looks just like your blog, Beautiful
    I spotted something I would like to have had, a pair of the white Staffordshire dogs
    I know people enjoy shopping there and buy a lot also

  9. Oh how beautiful everything is. Good thing I don't live there or I would be broke LOL. What a great job on decorating - so many beautiful treasures.
    So glad that you had a good show.

  10. Pieces of pretty...what a gorgeous booth space, Jacqueline...those pillows were awesome, I can see why they went so quickly!

  11. So many pretty things! Probably good for my finances that I live in Oregon! We have a town about 12 miles from me called Aurora filled with antique stores!

  12. Such an inviting post Jacqueline!! Makes me want to jump in the car and make the 8? hour trip! We hope to one day. All is beautiful and I'm sure a big success. I appreciate the work you put into your blog Jacqueline, it is such a joy and peaceful, inspiring place to visit~ Blessings, Karen O in CO

  13. Ohhhhhh Jacqueline what a great shop and you have a wonderful space. Oh how I wish I lived closer so many wonderful treasures.

  14. Your space is so beautiful - so many pretties in such wonderful displays!!!! You certainly have the gift for creating enticing and lovely vignettes. If I lived nearby, most of your booth would be coming home with me!!

  15. What a feast for the eyes!!! Absolutely lovely! Going to borrow the gorgeous pine cone wreath and frame idea for my holiday porch.

  16. I don't know where to start with the compliments...there is so much beauty here that I just want to take it all in! Your booth is so lovely and the things that you choose for your space are all the things that I love.
    I'm glad that your Open House was a success.


  17. Yes Jacqueline Christmas retail show room buyers buy in July, and it's set up in their shops by October... Your shop At Je L'Adore! Is amazing. I would love to personally shop all this festive white, making it a white Christmas.

    Beautiful beautiful season here my dear,
    Thank you Jacueline for your visit to my simple autumn home and my art inspired there.

    See you soon,
    Looking forward to Christmas here.


  18. Oh I wish I could have shopped here. So many things to make the heart go pitter patter. Just lovely! Seeing your paper wreaths again reminds me to soon bring mine out for the winter season. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Jacqueline,
    C`est Magnifique!!!
    Those German Glitter Ornaments would have come home with me, too, dear friend!!!
    . . .and possibly the vintage chair atop the table!!!
    Your booth has an ethereal effect of tranquility upon me.
    Much continued $uccess!!!

  20. Wow! Wow! Wow! Everything is absolutely beautiful!!! Linens, lace, china, wicker--love it all! Can't believe you sold the little girl reading a book statue--I've always loved her in so many pics!
    Looks fun! Wish I could be there!

  21. Your shop space is very beautiful just like your home. The entire shop looks like a wonderful place to visit and especially to shop for the holidays at. Did you keep the mirror? It really is lovely.


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