Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tones of August

I love the crisp simple whites of early summer. 

But I am partial to the softened hues of August.

August is my birth month, and believe it or not my mother's grandparents from Germany were named Julius and Augusta after the respective dates of their birth. I somehow escaped the tradition and was given a French name instead! 

My own Pennsylvania Dutch grandparents gave me the first name Jacqueline, while my native New Mexico grandparents bestowed me with Genevieve. (My notorious French ancestors were early settlers here.) In turn, I have a namesake grand-daughter with my grand middle name as well. Her first name is Summer! (She was born in December, and I just love the promise and irony contained in that!)

Nature seems all lace and tracery at summer's ending. I plucked these faded blooms from a pot of failed white hydrangeas left out on the porch. (Our summer plants take a beating when we are gone so much.)

But my eye also turns to the ivory and amber tones when I am out on the prowl this time of year. and my recent finds reflect that. 

A weathered and crazed antique French plate caught my eye with it's subtle charms.

Isn't lilac such an essential Frenchy color?

Worn patterns never fail to steal my heart,

I have shown the luscious lace coverlet a few times on the blog already,

But all the rest here are recent finds as well.

Like the ruffled chemise. . . 

and an antique chippy chair.

 August is the older sister of summer with leaves and blooms all veined and curled with age. 

She wants her silver all unburnished too. . .

wearing a regal, tattered, and tarnished gown.

I found this elegant antique Limoges serving dish on a thrift store shelf.

The leafy handles and quiet pattern speak of the less robust days of the season,

where the rose gives way to mums and daisies. (I prefer them in a muted hue.)

I am enjoying the waning colors of the season, before the new one announces it's arrival with a riot of noisy fireworks.  

A quiet departure can be so beautiful. 

I hope it's been a fantastic week for you!

 So lovely to have a visit from you.


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  1. I like your name Jacqueline
    and Summer is a cute name also for your granddaughter
    As always I like seeing your oh so pretty lace coverlet
    Makes me want to get my lace tablecloth out and use it
    only my cat walks across my table and don't want his paws tearing it, fyi or tmi? LOL

  2. Jacqueline is such an elegant name. I love the subtle, creamy colours in these pictures.

  3. Elegance at its best! Love your muted tones, and your writing is pure poetry. Soothing colors and words!!

  4. Oh Jacqueline, I always love your soft and warm whites. That little girl warms my heart too. Her name is perfect for her blonde hair. One thing I've never thought to buy is books with white covers. Yes, that will be something I must do! Your ideas always get my wheels to turning.

  5. what a lovely post..I enjoyed your soft photos very much :)

    From PA here though German background not PA Dutch :) Still, we have the PA. Dutch lingo here..."redd up your room " for instance, and many other phrases common to just our area :)

  6. Beautiful tones captured by an artist's eye... Happy birthday month! :) Xo, ~julie

  7. What a wonderful delight for my eyes. Pinning and sharing.

  8. Beautiful as always, I love ivory tones, Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Beautiful findings!!!! The plate is so pretty. Loving the dried hydrangeas. Mine have turned from blue to a greenish grey.

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  11. I have a granddaughter with the middle name Genevieve, too! Loving your beautiful photos as always.

  12. been spending my time wishing for Autumn, but your post really woke me up to the beauty of this time of year. thanks for the beautiful post and inspiring pictures.

  13. My mother's name was spelled the same as yours, Jacqueline.
    I so love that lace throw. The French plate is beautiful!
    All of your photos are so pretty, and show the essence of the seasonal change that is slowly creeping in.
    It wasn't that long ago when you were showing us the coming of spring on your lovely blog.
    It's always such a pleasure to visit you.

  14. Jacqueline,
    Good morning. Your pictures are beautiful as always. I am swooning over everyone of them. Your granddaughter is so cute. Have a great week end.

  15. How I love coming her Jacqueline! I see all your gorgeous August finds and how you were able to rescue the hydrangea and bring out it's aged beauty in your photos. I love the names Julius and Augusta. I have never really liked my name, although June is my favorite month of the year :)
    Summer is a doll and I hope you get to spend lots of time with her. Aren't the grands the grandest?
    sending hugs...

  16. We have relatives in our family tree named Jacqueline and they were men! I guess it was used for both. Confused me to see a Jacqueline married to a Mary!! LOL

  17. Such pretty vignettes and lovely words to ponder. What a sweet grand-daughter and her name is beautiful!

  18. Hi Jacqueline, love the tones of August and you have captured them well.
    Your grand daughter is a darling. Beautiful post and always so inspiring.
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, cm

  19. Hi Jacqueline, I enjoyed your summer hues. August holds onto my heart as well,
    Happy Birthday month to you! I would love to hear how you celebrate this
    Summer, A special name for your granddaughter. It's memorable, I love the name for what it is too.

    Come by and visit sometime, I'll be celebrating the palest pinks there in honor of August.
    Enjoy these last days of summer,
    Casual Loves Elegance

  20. Your post reflects something I've noticed here in Michigan -- the changing of the light and colors of summer. They are a bit quieter, not so bright (or white!). The sun seems to have a different glow and the quality of light has changed. Soon it will be time for the leaves to change too -- but not too soon, I hope!

  21. Happy Birthday Month Jacqueline!! I'm always inspired by your beautiful photos. Your granddaughter is just precious! Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Jacqueline,
    Happy Birthday, dearest one!!!
    Wishing you a year filled with joy!!!
    Your Autumnal hues are alluring, indeed!!!
    Love the sweet tureen with mum border!!!
    I'm still enjoying lush lawn and gardens here on the Prairie
    filled with green and the vibrance of orange zinnias from last years planting.
    I can hear Autumn calling. . .and I long for its gorgeous hues,
    but for now, I'm clinging to the greens of 2015's Summer!!!

  23. I simply love to drop by for my fix of romantic soft whites!


  24. He Jacqueline, Dutch parents?? I enjoy reading your blogpost, beautiful lace and soft colors. You're grandchild is lovely and a beautiful girl.
    greetings from Marjon

  25. I love the colors in your pictures, beautiful!

  26. Ooooh, Jacqueline, love your pieces, white linen, porcelaine de Sèvres... exactly what I love and admire /as I am living here in France. Hugs. Monika

  27. Oh Summer is a treasure! She has the spirit of summer! So cute!


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