Thursday, August 6, 2015

Taking Time for Pretty

I found the sweetest rose tea plates on my recent travels to see family. They seem to capture the tone of late summer to me. Maybe it's the hint of amber that suggests the coming season.

I am pairing them with some creamy embossed china which keeps the mood light and cool on a late afternoon in August. The leftover cheesecake from a mid-week gathering will look fantastic on them! Haha!

I also found a whole set (almost) of this vintage white china with all the serving pieces in THE MOST unpromising stop along the roadside. I almost choked when I spotted them. No crazing or chips. None!

A smattering of silver tea spoons dresses things up a tad.

Each tiny spoon has a different design. Makes me happy just to look at them.

A little pause for something pretty and delicious fits perfectly with the ritual of reading a monthly chapter from The Book of Still Meadow, by Gladys Taber.

My dog-eared copy is never buried too deep in the book piles, and is such a soothing and delightful read. 

See what I mean?

Peering over Edith Holden's delicate botanicals is a restorative pastime on a catch-up day as well!

Happy days!


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  1. "I love the rose dishes - they are stunning. Your white ones are also very pretty. There is nothing like finding beautiful dishes. Love the spoons also.
    have a great weekend,

  2. Beautiful post today Jacqueline. I love those teaspoons. Haven't read Still Meadow in quite awhile...time to read it again!

  3. Lovely post -- I am particularly fond of old botanical books. They make such pretty accents!

  4. Jacqueline, you are the best shopper. You always find such pretty things. Love the whimsical spoons and the white dishes were a really good pick. I have one plate very similar to your rose ones only my roses are slightly more peachy colored but the brown shading does remind of summer fading into fall. I went right to Amazon and ordered The Book of Stillmeadow. It was one I didn't have in my library. You might be interested in Hollyhocks, Lambs and Other Passions , A Memoir of Thornhill Farm by Dee Hardie. I've had it since 1986 and you have reminded me to read it again..Happy Friday..Judy

  5. I always make time for your pretty Jacqueline,
    As for those sweet in-creditable petite French spoons, they would make me more then happy to look at them everyday. I hope you have them is a place where they show off all this Frenchness to you daily.

    Where in the heck do you find all your great pieces? When I find something that I think is fabulous it's a rare find.

    See you soon beautiful.


  6. Wow, Jacqueline, you do find the most exquisite things!! And Gladys Taber is a favorite of mine!! I have 19 of her books and today, with all the stress I'm dealing with, I believe I will go sit out on the swing and read one! Thanks, as always, for a beautiful blog that is a wonderful respite!!

  7. Thank you Jacqueline and Judy.....I have two books I'm looking for. I love books like that. I also love roses and flowers in general. Thank you for posting

  8. Lovely post, Jacqueline...the plate does seem perfect as we tumble into fall...

  9. It's all beautiful, Jacqueline, but those silver spoons have me swooning. They are exquisite!

  10. Pretty plates. I have Edith Holden's book but now I dearly want to get Gladys Taber's also. It looks beautiful.

  11. Those spoons are simply perfect. So elegant and simple. They look fabulous with the dishes!

  12. Jacqueline,
    Pretty, indeed!!!
    I l o v e it when I combine visiting family and friends with great finds along the way!!! Those white dishes are elegant, indeed!!! Love the embossing around the rim. Cute, cute, cute silver teaspoons!!!
    Now about that cheesecake. . .

  13. So beautiful - images of Victorian teas come to mind. Love the books <3 xx K

  14. Nice cups and plates. I have read Gladys Tabor's book and enjoyed it too.

  15. Usually I ooh and ahh over your linens, but his post has me coveting those gorgeous teaspoons!

  16. I just love your spoons...because of the 'S' on all of them. My last name is Sanderson so they would be so perfect in our home. You find the most lovely items.

  17. There's always time for 'pretty' Jacqueline. Love all these pretties.
    Hugs - Kerryanne


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