Thursday, January 8, 2015

Housekeeping French Country Style

January is traditionally the time for getting the house in order and replenishing household goods for the coming year. I am happy to embrace the tradition! After a prolonged period of house guests and entertaining, I'm busy counting spoons and assessing the damages anyway. And there were a few casualties along the way. We had broken glass, candle wax and red sauce on the linen, and a shortage of bowls. (Believe it or not!) But mishaps are a natural household process, and shouldn't keep you from using your best things!

Among the silver I am counting today is this random set of serving pieces that I wanted to show you. I found them just before Christmas in a fleamarket showcase for the sum of ten dollars. Total! I think there was only one item that I didn't put to use.

Pretty silver is one of my many weaknesses.

I also snapped up this French tablecloth at the end of season sale at Anthropolgie. I had coveted it earlier in the year but just couldn't justify the price for something I don't need at all. (I mean, really!) I got it for almost half the original price. It was the very last one.

The label reads "This rustic unbleached cotton piece is inspired by French country style of the past. The linens evoke an ancient look and feel thanks to our use of traditional natural fibers. It will bring a timeless simplicity that we enjoyed in our youth at our grandparents houses." Sold!

We also invested in these French latte bowls by Apilco. You can find similar versions for a fraction of the cost, but they don't stand up to the real thing. I kept out all the bowls for use during the visiting, but these were what everyone reached for first. Apilco is a Williams-Sonoma basic.

It's that "timeless simplicity" about everyday household goods that I love the best.

Anthropologie also has a wonderful new Espresso candle scent! Beautiful, and so delicious!

Are you getting in a little January White too?

I hope it's beautiful for you!


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  1. Head over heels for all your wonderful new additions to your household items.

    You truly scored with that silverplate, WOW - very well done!!

    Love how that candle looks, and to me a home that smells like coffee just smells like "home!"

    I am all white and silver with touches of green right now. I so need to post! I always seem to have either no time or no energy or no sun.....and one needs all three for a proper post, and I have two out of three daily. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Hugs.

  2. Everything in your French country style cottage is beauty. I have not been to Anthropologie in a couple of years. It is about an hour away through city traffic so I just do not go. We have a large collection of whites from Sur La Table that we love so much. My husband did some contract work for them so we get a huge discount...he was also gifted many items while doing the remodel. It was a wonderful perk! I too am enjoying Winter whites and nordic greys. In Spring I will Add a touch of seafoam or maybe pale seashell pinks.

  3. Your post brought back memories of when all of the stores used to have 'White Sales' in January. The pieces you found are exquisite. And the silver is glorious.

  4. What beautiful pieces you have gotten Jacqueline.

  5. January White? As in January snow? Yes, we are - just about every other day, and it is cold also! But that is ok, as I prefer it over the hot summer wind. Hope you are staying warm. Sally

  6. Jacqueline, everything is so beautiful! You are so lucky!! That silver is gorgeous and so is the French tablecloth you managed to get the last one at Anthropologie on sale!! Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  7. Hi Jacqueline,
    Oh you lucky girl snagging that last table cloth is a wonderful addition to your french farmhouse fill and style.
    Love your bowls, and to have them from France wow!

    I love your twist here, it's speaking my language.


  8. Beautiful vintage linens, gorgeous silver, and white porcelain ~ perfection, Jacqueline!
    Those Apilco bowls are a staple in our cupboards. We are searching for more of the smaller version but haven't found them. I don't think WS carries them any longer. '-(

  9. I do love your Country French and gorgeous silver -- though right now the words "Winter Whites" are fighting words! I've seen enough winter white to last me for a century up here in Michigan -- and it's only January!

  10. Love the silver and all your pretty white pictures. Stay warm.

  11. Everything looks so beautiful as usual Jacqueline. It must be a visual delight to stay at your house.
    Hope you had wonderful holidays with family and wishing you a Happy New Year! So wish we had some of your warm weather instead of this bitter, nasty cold weather.

  12. Hi J,
    You have made some awesome after Christmas scores, that silver takes the cake for me, beautiful designs.. I share the silver weakness:-)

  13. Lovely!!! Timeless 'Olde World' style.....simple, good taste, you never disappoint....xoxoxo

  14. I love your January tradition, Jacqueline! I am in love with your new French tablecloth <3 Your silver is exquisite and those little bowls are just perfect for everything, aren't they? Now you have inspired me to do a little household inventory myself. Have a beautiful week. xo Karen

  15. I love your posts, My little corner table needs a make over, and just like Beatrice Euphemie commented you inspire me. I have so many lovely things collected over the years, I need to put them on show.
    I am just watching the News report about the update on the hostages that have been taken by the terrorists near to Paris. My heart goes out to these ordinary people who have been shot or are now being held against their will.

  16. beautiful!--LOVE the table cloth and candle, jacqueline!

  17. so beautiful! I especially love the silver...sigh. Happy New Year!


  18. Such beauties, Jacqueline! The silver pieces are gorgeous...what a find. I love the Apilco French pieces. I've supplemented my white ironstone with that line from our Williams Sonoma outlet. I may have to go and get a few of the latte bowls.
    I've been staying away from Anthropologie because I can't resist their goods...maybe I need to make a quick trip to see if anything is left on sale...LOVE your tablecloth.
    Mary Alice

  19. Absolutely stunning, Jacqueline. The Apilco French latte bowls are on my wishlist! :)
    Happy New Year!

  20. très joli tout ce blanc
    un bol pour un petit déjeuner
    edith (iris) FRANCE


  21. I am glad to know I am not the only one who buys Another table cloth when I have 2 Rubbermaid binds full LOL( no more chest to put them away in )

    I also love Williams Sonoma stores. I don't go in there but what I drool over something I want.
    I do enjoy seeing all your treasures

  22. Beautiful post. So many photos I'd like to post on Pintrest. Thanks for the heads up on the espresso candle and where to get it. I love the scent.

  23. Jacqueline, really pretty tablecloth and I'm so sorry about spills on your beautiful linens. Could you get them out? You are so good at laundering your linens..Happy Weekend..Judy

  24. squeal! Such beautiful treasure Jacqueline. Please tell me you shared at the Thursday hop ( you can still link up through Sat midnight) hugs!

  25. Beautiful silver and them all. Lovely photos!

  26. Your pieces of French dinner ware, and linen are gorgeous, Jacqueline! The silver is beautiful, too!
    The way you photograph each vignette keeps me going back through your post over and over. You have such a gift for setting up displays with your lovely pieces.
    LOVE this post!
    Happy New Year!

  27. So beautiful! There is just something so soothing about white. I hope you get to use the new tablecloth.a

  28. I'm so happy to stumble upon your blog. I think I will really enjoy it. I'm your new follower

  29. Love White in January too! I have latte bowl & silver crush with you!
    A lovely reminder how simple things make us feel welcome.
    Rnjoy your weekend...

  30. I love all the new treasures you purchased especially the silver! Funny, but I love polishing my silver. In fact I just told my friend that lives in Louisiana that when I visit I will polish hers since she hates it! lol
    It's just something about polishing that I love!
    Have a wonderful January getting everything back together. I'm even changing things up in my house!
    Blessings My Friend,

  31. Hi Jacqueline, love all your wonderful new pieces and the silver is simply gorgeous. Your displays are always inspiring. Wishing you a wonderful new year!!

  32. So beautiful. I love the white bowls. Your silver is amazing.

  33. Such wonderful pieces and you captured them beautifully, I always love seeing your pictures!!! I have a small covered jam or mustard pot from of my favorite ones.
    Best ~ Mickie

  34. Beautiful white, Jacqueline! I always love your blog posts and it is the beginning of a new white year!
    Happy @015!

  35. I do believe I need some of those bowls. I love them. Nice tablecloth too.

  36. I love silver as well. Before silver got so high, I used to pick some pretty pieces for a song. I hope with the prices coming back down. I can find some reasonably priced. I like to display my collection of spoons in a crystal "spooner". So pretty. I really like your tastes in linens and textiles. I always enjoy your posts.

  37. I love the bowls .I will have to visit that store soon.
    Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home

  38. I love it all! I'm still hoping to find some brown transfer ware!

  39. Hi Jaqueline,

    Happy New Year 2015 to you!

    I have followed your blog and you have been so inspirational to me... I never go into William Sonoma but your Apilco piece drew me in and WOW, Apilco is so gorgeous but the price is for those with pretty pennies to spare. But, the WS Pantry collection looks fantastic. I am going to be adding those pieces to my cupboard! I never would have entered that store if not for you.
    ......Hmmm, Anthropoligie? Never been there...I think I am in trouble.

    Thank you ---Sarah :)


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