Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finishing Up January

We are not the sunshine state. That honor goes to Florida. But the sun does shine at least seventy-five percent of the time here in New Mexico. This is all to say that I well know that we have NOTHING AT ALL to complain about in winter, and wish safety to all of you caught in the big winter storm.

I am merely noting that we have had an unusual number of overcast days this year. In a high desert climate, that is somewhat good news, because we are ever on the lookout for a little more moisture to stave off drought.

But winter hangs heavy on our little brown house, with many weeks yet before the ivy springs to life again almost overnight. Just a dusting of snow on a grey January day feels somehow bleaker than a lovely carpet of white. 

But indoors we should all be amused by the record winning height of my amaryllis which is finally in bloom! Not enough sun (this is eastern exposure) and probably not enough plant food (as in none).

But oh how cheery an outcome for a person with no green thumb!

My little indoor plant jungle has to hang in there mostly on its own until patio time arrives again.

A second bulb finally has a bloom in bud as well, but it was not a good score of two out of seven!

Desolate as it may be at times, the cold weather season is not without beauty, especially in the countryside, as Gladys Tabor so well expressed in her January chapter of The Book of Stillmeadow:

". . . Under the hard and bitter rind of winter, there is much loveliness. The white mystery of snow is a splendid thing, all the landscape is muted to deep silver laced with blue shadows. The meadow is a sea of pearl with scattered dark masts of briar riding the foam. The apple orchards pattern the sky with dry-point precision The cool clean smell of snow is in the air, a special fragrance known only to winter country.

The sounds are fine too. . . The laughter of children making snowmen, . . . The crackle of applewood in the fireplace. The feathery sound of snow shifting from the pine branches in the woods.

. . . Yes, there is much to be said for winter. If one looks directly for its beauty."

Yes, even if one has to search within the leaves of a good book in order to find it on some bitter wind-swept day!

I hope you are all wrapped up in whatever comforts you as we close the cover on January. Happy hump day!



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love that old courtyard wall. I like the way it looks in the winter.

Shirley said...

I didn't even know you got snow there. It's funny when you live up north, you think of the southern states as always warm! What a beautiful entrance-way.

Merlesworld said...

Did I hear you right snow in Mexico well I never.

Art and Sand said...

A very different look than what I associate with New Mexico.

I love the lines of verse you shared.

Pura Vida said...

no...not the sunshine state at all...however...the land of enchantment that has a big part of my heart!

Pamela Gordon said...

Lovely post and thanks for thinking of us who are in the snow belts of this continent. I love this stone wall and gate and the dusting of snow. It won't be long until you see some green poking through there I'm sure. And we'll all get through this winter as we always do. I'll enjoy seeing spring arrive early in the southern climes and be jealous but then I get to enjoy it for real when it arrives here later on. Pam

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

In answer to Merlesworld above: In all respect I regret to say that, no, you did NOT hear correctly. We have snow in the U.S. State of New Mexico, rather than the country of MEXICO. This error seems to be somewhat common. But thanks for your comment!

Sarah said...

Lovely post. It's fun to see the courtyard in winter. New Mexico, Land of Enchantment.....any season of the year. '-)

Ruffles and Roses said...

You win first prize on the tallest amaryllis !!!!!!
what a beauty
I purchased extra at christmas to bloom for Valentines day .....and I love your brown house and garden....staying warm with 2 feet of winters wonders
* * Lorraine

Seawashed Living said...

Your pueblo style home is so so beautiful in Winter. The words are so lovely and fitting with the images of your snow covered courtyard.

Iris Hubertts said...

oui bientôt nous allons voir
les premières jonquilles
les roses de noël et les
je suis impatiente de voir un peu de couleurs dans le jardin
edith (iris)

Junkchiccottage said...

That old courtyard door is fabulous. Loove. I have to say I am glad to say good bye to January it just gets me a little closer to Spring and life blooming again. Have a great rest of the week.

lynn said...

drop dead gorgeous courtyard wall and door! i would LOVE to have a courtyard!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jacqueline, your little brown house is lovely. It still looks welcoming with a dusting of snow. You are a girl after my own heart as far as plants go. I personally would not have even gotten a red bloom so, therefore, I have stopped trying. Love the quote from the book. I cannot speak for winter at my end. Our sun is still shining and no moisture of any kind in sight. Most, I'm sure, would love that fact. I hope we get to see a dusting of snow like yours this winter..Happy Thursday..Judy

Addie Rogers said...

Oh!!! lovely pictures. PLEASE PLEASE take more outside pictures of that wall in bloom. It is hard to believe it will come back. I don't think we've ever seen outside pics before.
Love all your lovely linens and things.

cippy said...

Lovely post today. Enjoyed the quotes from it such a long time ago. Makes me want to read it again. I, too, did not realize you get snow. Just enough to make for beautiful photography. Would love to see more of your property. It looks wonderful.

Marilyn said...

Oh I love your winter tales and the quotes from Gladys Tabor too. Winter does indeed have it's own kind of beauty, one I am not getting much of this winter as spring already seems eager to arrive. Your indoor garden looks about like mine with very little care, but water enough to stay alive. Happy Winter!

Jennifer Wallace said...

I love New Mexico. Only visited once but it stole my heart.
How blessed you are to be there.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Lovely winter scenes, Jacqueline! I am in love with your stucco wall and lovely gates! Oh, it does remind me of my parent's home they built in White Rock, near Los Alamos in the late 70's - sweet, sweet memories of a beautiful place. We lived in Tucson and would visit them often, then we all moved to the Northwest together a few years later, but my heart remains in the beautiful desert. Love the Gladys Tabor quote - a favorite writer of mine. Spring will be here before we know it....have a lovely weekend! xo Karen

Jeanie said...

What a lovely post and such a beautiful glimpse into your world outside the shop. Your flowers and plants are fabulous -- I tend to kill anything inside for too long! I'm hoping to visit NM sometime -- it's a spot I've always wanted to see.

Pat Cantwell said...

I agree with the Author. . ."Yes, there is much to be said for winter. If one looks directly for its beauty." I seek and find great beauty in Winter, especially with SNOW of any sort!!!
Mesmerizing photography!!!
I find your home to be of Fairy Tale Cottage quality!!!

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