Thursday, October 30, 2014

Linen Days

I work with linens all the time, but there come days when I plan to take the hours it requires to tidy up a batch of new finds. Take that to mean that I take time to do the things I love best!

This crispy organdy dress will look wonderful in a vintage Christmas display. The decoration is painted on as was often done in the era. So airy, with pretty lacy details.

I found it with the darling little bonnet attached. (I haven't tried it on my big fuzzy bears yet.)

I have heard it said that linens find me, and that is probably true in some ways. One day a lovely older lady who was a stranger to me visited the shop with this elegant christening gown in tow. She was only giving it away, she explained. But rather than send it on to a thrift store, she preferred to pass it on to someone who would love and care for it. (Well, yeah! Thank you very much. . . . ! ) I pulled it out of the closet just recently and it will be pressed up nicely for show this season.

Just look at this beautiful detail of the eyelet ruffles. . . .

A shorter matching under gown hangs behind it on the dressing screen.

Here is another lucky find from a local thrift store.

 I may snap a Christmas photo of my five year old cherub grand-daughter in it.

I also pulled out an old cutwork sheet tucked away in a pile. I love the look of it but don't use it often.

It looks nice just hanging on an old wooden hanger. 

Here are a few other things that were freshened up today. 

This wide crochet runner has designs in two alternating patterns.

I love the darker tones for fall. . . .

And can you ever have enough lacy doily things to soften your day?

Thanks for joining me on one of my lovely linen days!

It's so nice to have you to share it with!

And here we are winding up another month of Fall.

 I hope these last few days are enjoyable for you!


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  1. Oh I love these, especially the dresses. So light and fresh. I could these photographed on a little girl with blonde curly hair in a field of wildflowers on at the beach--like my grandgirls:)

  2. That first little dress reminds me of my baby pictures. My mother loved little girls to wear white dresses, and she made sure that my daughter had a couple. We then made sure my granddaughter wore her mother's white dress, too. They really are charming. Sally

  3. Oh I feel more feminine just imagining touching and working with those treasures.

    I love the story of that lady making sure that Christening gown went to someone who would appreciate it. That was so smart.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your linens always make me swoon. They also make me appreciate what I do have in my cupboards. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The first dress is so. Adorable. I love linens too. Lovely post with love Janice

  6. Pretty white dresses, how lovely to see. I have so many white table place mats and a whole set of plate covers all tucked away in a box not being seen so I've decided this Christmas for my lady gifts I'll slip one of them inside with their gift package and hope they will enjoy having a vintage piece of linen.
    I do enjoy your linen days. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. All your linens are so pretty and the christening gown is over the top precious and sweet
    So nice when someone gives us something they know we will adore and cherish

  8. Gorgeous photos and I would like to see your little granddaughter in that in a Christmas photo


  9. So many pretties - it must be so enjoyable to freshen these lovelies and imagine the women who spent so many hours and loving thoughts creating them. Such romantic photos - I really enjoyed them. xo Karen

  10. Jacqueline, you could have nothing else around but your linens and you would have a gathering of an abundance of riches..Happy Halloween..Judy

  11. Truly adorable! I especially love the photos with the hangers. Perfect contrast.

  12. Jacqueline,tyle pięknych rzeczy mogę pooglądać na Twoim blogu - jestem zauroczona wspaniałymi koronkami - sukienka wygląda ślicznie - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  13. and what a lovely linen day it was xo Laura

  14. I always get your posts via e-mail and they are always a comfort and beautifully done!

  15. sigh . . . it is just bliss to visit here . . . everything is so lovely.

  16. Jacqueline,
    Ah~h`h. . .such lovely linens, indeed!!!
    So tranquil. . .a lovely way to end my day!

  17. It's always a treat to see your beautiful vintage linens. Gorgeous!

  18. I have always wanted on of the Christening gowns! What a lovely one you have here. They are so delicate and beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  19. How I would love to come to your house and play (help) in your stash of linens. What beautiful finds J! I remember those organdy dresses well and remember that when I was four or five I had one as a Sunday dress and hated Sundays because of it. It was miserable sitting in Sunday School and have it scratch me to pieces. It was sure pretty though :)
    sending hugs...

  20. your white linen posts are my favorite, jacqueline:) you have so many beauties! have a great day!

  21. Not sure which I love the most your linens or your brown and white transferware!
    I actually found a brown and white transferware teapot here today at a flea market along with a few other pretty dishes...good day!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  22. All the linens and photographs of them are beautiful, but that Christening gown is precious - and what an amazing gift. I can understand her wanting it to go to someone who would appreciate it. It's lovely.


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