Monday, September 15, 2014

Moving Into Fall

I'm no longer in denial about the changing weather. Days are still warm, but nights have gotten wonderfully chilly. The best night's sleep happens under a light quilt in the fall!

The change in light and temperature in the daytime has me switching things up too. An umber colored picture frame holds a couple of botanical prints hung loosely inside creating a leafy still life with the lamp shade and dried blooms. Little tokens of autumn will no doubt be added here as the season progresses.

A vintage whisk broom from a summer junking foray sits on top of a small woven trunk given to me by old friends and adds to the earthy elements that I like to use in fall.

It's a busier look than I have had in this room for awhile. I had a very spare treatment here all summer with only a chippy tin tile and lamp on top of the cabinet. But with the changing light the white paint was looking especially dingy, and I am ready for a change.


 I'm enjoying the difference. Especially in evening light.

I have also pulled out a few things that have been stowed away for awhile like these older clock motif dipping bowls from Pottery Barn. I often keep the packaging, like this box they came in, because it's all styled so well.

Time is marching on. . . .

I have also pulled out my newest brown transferware find to hold small bits of things on the coffee table. I wonder why I find these old pieces so comforting?

So perfect for fall. . . .


And a shot or two under lamplight. . . .

I hope you enjoy these last few days of summer!
It's time to get cozy. . . .

Have a great week!


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  1. Beautiful and warm. I love your little clock dipping bowls!

  2. Beautiful hydrangeas and transferware. It looks so cozy and comfy, even with the white. Lovely in every way.

  3. You have inspired me to think fall ....I always cling to summer longer then most!

  4. I love the browns in the transferware.If I could have read my future when I first started collecting I'd have enough to use for the fall and winter entertaining.

  5. Your Fall vignette is lovely! I adore the hydrangeas, and the brown transferware, adds the perfect touch of fall!

  6. Your 'after' vignette is simply stunning! I love every detail :)

  7. Beautiful! I love those clock face bowls and the sweet container they came in. Your fall look is warm and cozy feeling. It might be a frosty night here tonight. It has certainly been cool the past few days. Pam

  8. This is so pretty, Jacqueline...I really love the look of the prints hung in the open frame...

  9. Oh Jacqueline,
    Your before and afters are equal in my eyes, I guess that's because I love all you do here. I adore the clock face dipping plates, do you ever use them? Maybe for the holidays you can set out the clock plates and do a tree with clock faces.
    I so would have added these plates to my collection and would make time to use them :)

    Your linens look great in the cabinet along with the collective china pieces.
    I want to get right into winter with you and take in your fireplace, the snow, and holiday inspiration.

    See you soon and all the beauty you inspire.....I so need a dark cabinet to anchor my room of pale like how yours does just that.

    See you soon


  10. Jacqueline,
    Oh, dear friend, I adore the "after" photo!!!
    Gorgeous subtle Autumnal hues in this vignette!!!
    The loosely fitting prints within the frame is elegantly done!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E those clock face dipping bowls!!!
    Cooler temps mean revived energy here on the Prairie!!!

  11. So soft and romantic....Love everything - you have a wonderful talent for dreamy spaces. xo Karen

  12. Everything is lovely, but my favorites are the clock pieces.

  13. Hi J,
    Yes, Cozy indeed! I love the changes, another of your top notch vignettes!! The whisk broom is fabulous, a fun & unusual addition. I am loving that new transferware piece too, a lovely catch-all :-)
    and yes, yes, yes the cool nights are divine...

  14. I love your brown transferware piece and the vignette. I can't wait for some cooler evenings!

  15. j'adore cette couleur
    et la clarté de l'automne
    superbe décorations
    bisous edith (iris) France


  16. I love the cozy time and your creation is beautiful a warm blanket of light....autumn is coming...greetings from Marjon

  17. Jacqueline you are really starting to look cozy. There really is something about an old well-loved dish with crazing and the coloring that gives a feeling that you just can't put your finger on. Everything is so pretty and peaceful..Happy Thursday..Judy

  18. I'm drawn to the warmth of your fall vignette. I picked up a couple of brown transferware pieces that I'm enjoying...I think you were my inspiration because, yes, there's something comforting about the old brown and white ironstone.
    Mary Alice

  19. Your fall decor is just beautiful! Visiting from Savvy Southern Style. :-)


  20. I just love the clock plates
    I would love to have a set of dinner plates like those.
    I have a lot of the old brown ironstone transfer-ware I need to get out it could be my fall decor

  21. A girl after my own heart. I love the earth tones. I especially love the clock plates.

  22. I love all your "after" things on the cupboard!! That little suitcase is wonderful! And the lace on it, and the whisk broom is perfect! But my favorite is that gorgeous white pot/vase with the wire and wood handle, filled with hydrangeas. Sooo beautiful!
    Lovely, lovely!!

  23. The transferware is gorgeous!! I love the plates too, perfect for new years and so fitting for the changing season too. Thanks for joining HSH!


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