Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's late in the day and I am trying out ideas for an autumn table. Yesterday's grocery pumpkins proved to be an inspiration. A few small baby boos seem so versatile without taking up a lot of space. 

I'm table testing a new set of beautiful dishes that I recently found. I thought at first that they might be Limoges, but they turned out to be a very old English pattern by Grindley in a lovely teal rose transferware. They are a wonderful match with the sugar bowl/biscuit jar that I found near the same time. Don't you love that kind of serendipity?

 A few earthy napkins and dried sprigs from the garden lend the right atmosphere. What appear to be weeds are what is left of the ferns and lavender that suffered neglect at the end of a hot summer on the patio. As I was tossing them away I realized that they had exactly the look I was going for!

A bit of white ironstone and milk glass round out the setting. The fabulous hand-crocheted tablecloth underneath was a recent birthday gift from a dear old friend who has shared a love of country and cottage style with me for a few decades now. Thank you so much, Kay!

Swirls as lovely as leaves floating down in an autumn breeze. . . .

I'm also experimenting with a few things on the darker side. A bouquet of fresh red roses which have dried right in the pitcher to the color of wine, pine cones propped in a silver sugar and creamer, and a tall jar of sunflower seeds from the market just for show.

A bit of withered maidenhair fern dresses up an old ironstone pitcher and wash bowl.

My newest ironstone dish corrals a few vintage silver serving forks.

P. S. Crazy for monograms!

Wheat and cornflower blue make a delicate fall color combination. . . . But should I go light or dark? No need to choose. There are still plenty of fall days for both ahead!

How can it be that September is already coming to a close?
But how well I know that each turn of the calender brings its own delights.

I hope there's a wonderful new week waiting ahead for you!


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  1. You always amage me, taking things that someone else would have thrown in the trash and make them beautiful one last time with the roses and herbs. I also love the crochet tablecloth. A very beautiful fall table setting.

  2. The plates are so delicate and pretty I can see why you thought they might be Limoges.
    For the first time I have seen mini pumpkins in our supermarkets. They are sold as 'munchkins'. xx

  3. I would love to have this exquisite table décor in my home. You have created a soft, lovely look with all the ironstone and the white pretty.


  4. Beautiful as always. I am in love with your dishes:) Have a lovely day:)

  5. I love love love your dishes. All your fall touches are simple and elegant. Very beautiful.

  6. The white on white is so beautiful, serene and ethereal. The monogrammed silver is such a nice touch.

  7. That china is a stunner. It's beautiful with those napkins and the naturals.

    I have GOT to find white pumpkins. So far, no luck, though I always see them. Maybe I'm early. But I've been looking!

    And thanks for your recent visit to Marmelade Gypsy -- I love it when you come by. (And the copper is looking good!)

  8. Your dish finds are amazing. The wheat on the sugar bowl with your dried stuff from the yard is wonderful.
    Have fun playing.
    That's what I'm up to today, too.

  9. I am loving the new plates you have found... and your new table display pieces look wonderful together! Have a great week.

  10. Love the autumn touches of white baby boos and your delicate dried maidenhair fern. And of course, your dishes & linens!

    I hope to find some boos this week. Not a whole lot of choice in the small mountain town we shop in, so my fingers are crossed.

    Have a lovely autumn week!

  11. No one blends neutral color better than you do --- just beautiful! Sally

  12. So beautiful, if I could just keep the cats off it.

  13. Absolutely lovely! Your blog, decor, and ideas are always a treat!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. So inspiring- I love the simplicity of the dried ferns and sprigs from your yard. And the sunflower seeds in the jar is brilliant. I've done pumpkin seeds this time of year, but I love the gray and white combo of the sunflower version! I also love and collect monogrammed silver :) I had a friend make a cuff for me with my initial on it, and it is my favorite accessory! thanks for sharing your beautiful table.

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  16. Beautiful! I love ferns and yours is lovely here for Fall, along with the white gords. That tureen is soo pretty too!
    Happy Fall week.

  17. It's all so beautiful. Who would think to put sunflower seeds into a jar and fit them into a sweet vignette? Jacqueline would. :-) The table cloth reminds me of swirls of frost on a window. I love the soft blue flowered plates. They are so delicate. Have a beautiful week.

  18. Hi Jacqueline,
    I love the softness of all your fall decor. Very pretty.
    Love this.

  19. Your Autumn table is as beautiful as everything you do Jacqueline! I love your soft hues for fall. Perfection my dear!
    hugs from here...

  20. You provide so much inspiration, Jacqueline, in your lovely table displays using your pretty new finds. I love the way you create so much beauty that includes ordinary items.
    Mary Alice

  21. love the baby boo's sitting in the white goblets or are they little vases? too sweet! have a great week, jacqueline!

  22. I love all of your autumn touches! I can't seem to find baby boos anywhere here and it makes me so sad. Happy white Wednesday!


  23. So beautiful!!!! Love the tablecloth....such a pretty piece!

  24. I love how you decorate for fall with soft shades. I love those green and white plates too....actually have some similar ones.

    Happy October!


  25. Jacqueline, you create the most beautiful vignettes. You should be styling for home and garden magazines. Victoria, perhaps? Thanks for the sweet comment you left on Lin's post at my blog. xxx ~ Nancy

  26. Happy October J!
    Seriously October, wow time is flying...
    I love your version of soft Fall, so soothing and quiet... such beautiful new transferware, and I love this wispiness of the dried maidenhair fern. Yummy swirly tablecloth too!

  27. At the season when things can look harsh and brittle yours are still gentle and soft.


  28. Gorgeous, Jackie! Your arrangements and photos are always just fabulous!

  29. That tablecloth is stunning! I also love the way you used that fern, very romantic!

  30. Hi, I just found your sweet blog. I am so excited - just like discovering a wonderful new magazine with beautiful pictures that are of the style you love. I can tell that I will be spending much time on your blog.

  31. Just lovely, I always enjoy your post and your photos.. with love janice

  32. hello
    quel chance vous avez d'avoir
    des petites citrouilles blanches
    j'ai beaucoup de mal à en trouver
    c'est la couleur que je préfère
    cela fait des décorations tellement
    Shabby , j'adore
    c'est la période de faire secher
    beaucoup de fleur
    tout est si plein de poésie
    edith (iris) France

  33. oh, Jacqueline ! Is there any chance you'd sell or trade the fork with the "PS" monogram ? Those are my initials ! Please let me know.



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