Monday, January 13, 2014

White Mornings

January always finds me with a huge appetite for white. Maybe after all the holiday intensity, and all of the visual delight, my eye is ready for a rest. More likely it's the light pouring into my dining room first thing in the morning that's responsible! It's more of a wake up to me than any cup of coffee.

And the light never shines more beautifully than it does at the morning of the year when the sun rises earlier each day and January begins to keep the promise of a coming spring. 

So I often pause a bit to appreciate the gift. The new light on my old things in the early day. Even as it passes quickly away. . . .

I hope your new week has started out well!
I am elbow deep into my new projects of the year.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
 I am still getting around to visit you when I can!


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  1. Beautiful Whites! Yes, it is a time for renewing. Got just a glimpse of the brown transfer ware platter with the birds - very pretty. The white hands...I would add them to my collection in an instant!!!

  2. Muy bonitas todas las jarras. Felicidades

  3. Beautiful words and beautiful photography.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. You have the best collection of whites, Jacqueline...the variety of shades and textures are always beautiful in every setting!!
    Mary Alice

  5. What a lovely post. I love all of your white pieces, they're just beautiful. I've been enjoying the lighter mornings too.

  6. This beautiful post reminds me of my mother's collection of white milk glass. That's what she called it. She had vintage pieces and newer pieces (newer as from the 50's-60's). It was a beautiful collection like yours and I have a few pieces.

  7. I love white too. For Christmas Hubby bought me a set of fiesta dishes and they are all white. I am also putting more white in our dining room. Will be showing it in a few weeks hopefully.

  8. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous photography, dear friend!!!
    The sunlight playing on your whites has an ethereal effect!
    Your voice this morning is so tranquil. . .I'd never had known you were in the midst of projects! 2014 has come with a procession of projects here on the Prairie, too, dear one!!!
    This is a "wrap~up" for my busy work day. . .winding down with your whites...perfection!!!

  9. Happy Monday J,
    It was wonderful visiting you in the morning light, all the pretty pictures! Those birds coming in for a landing on the pitchers rim are a whimsical delight, you always make me smile!

  10. So bright and fresh. Love your collection of pitcher. There are stunning.

    Have a wonderful week.


  11. Love all the vintage white ironstone pics

  12. always.


  13. This is so lovely, I love this photos,
    Whish you a nice wek

  14. A lovely, illuminating post, filled with so much beauty. xo Karen

  15. It is all so lovely. White is renewing to me, too and with so many gloomy days it lightens up my feelings. xo Laura


  16. Hello have a beautiful blog and i am a new follower....i like your decorations and your Photography...greetz Marjon

  17. I love the loveliness of all your white, but to be perfectly honest, in Michigan in January the last thing I'm into is white! WAY too much of it outside this year! I'm imagining these in April, I think. The cusp of spring!

  18. So pretty and fresh. The perfect palette to start the new year. I simply love the pitchers.

  19. Beautiful! I love all the white.

  20. You put together the most beautiful vignettes of anyone I know, Jacqueline. Always, always such a beautiful blog to visit.

  21. I agree, January is a great time to focus on white. Your mostly white blog is outstanding all year long. You also have such a good way with words!

  22. Love all your white ware, just makes my heart sing, as I am a pitcher
    collector as well......
    All your images are wonderful!
    Lovely white Wed. post for sure.
    blessings, Nellie

  23. Love your whiteness, the lace, it's all so pretty. There definitely is something lovely about white which I have come to realize in the last while.
    Blessings, Diane

  24. Jacqueline,you do have some beautiful pieces.

  25. No one does whites quite like you do, Jacqueline. These pics are gorgeous.

    I agree that Jan truly IS the perfect month for whites.

    Thanks for all the eye candy!

  26. Im not sure what happened but I must have fallen off your subscriber list - I just saw a whole bunch of posts I hadn't seen. So I just rejoined.

    That is so weird. It happened to another fav blogger I was a member of, I hate that. Sorry, friend! Hopefully I can catch up on back posts, they're always way up on my FAVORITES to see and read.


  27. What a beautiful use of whites! I have some but I wish I had more. I go through the same thing wanting white. I love color, but you are so right. It's nice to have a break now and then..and besides, I doubt I will ever see another drop of snow except on the far distant mountain tops and even those have none this Winter. We are in such a dry time out here in California.
    A really lovely Wintertime post. :)

  28. You know how envious I am of your creamy white environment, Jacqueline! Each image is just so lovely and relaxing and filled with everything January is to me: a quiet, waiting, patient, stripped down to its true beauty time of year. Wishing you luck with all your projects. For now, I'm concentrating on knitting, ironing and reading.

  29. I just love those white pitchers! They are beautiful! Of course, white linens always make my heart happy too.

  30. Love all of the texture - you do white right!
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  31. So much beautiful "feast for the eyes" white prettiness, Jacqueline...I especially love white and the lighting in winter...

  32. LOVE these photos, Jacqueline. I hope you had a great week. Blessings, Pamela

  33. A beautiful tribute to white. I seem to long for simplicity and white, once the Christmas decor is packed away. Much to my delight, a stunning white ironstone pitcher came home with me from the local consignment store last week. Happy Birthday to me!

  34. beautiful pictures, jacqueline! have a lovely week!

  35. Only you can make a single little acorn looks so exquisite!


  36. Jacqueline, you do whites so well. Your photos are always so serene and even the most basic item looks amazing in your cottage. I thank you sincerely for linking up each week at Shabbilicious Friday. It is my great delight to feature you this week.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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