Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Peek at the New Shop Space

I've been a little missing in action from the blog lately while developing my new shop space. But I'm giving you a little sneak peek into where all the Cabin & Cottage action is lately. 

Here we are standing just outside the door where the shop sign hangs at Vintage Market & Design in Albuquerque. . . .
 Come on inside!

We are all working overtime to meet our February 1st opening just a few days away. Only the bare bones are in place, but you may get a sense of the cottage vibe that I love so much.

I'm loving the clean spare lines of the space before it gets all filled up. Still so much to do!

Cubbies to fill. Linens to hang. . . .

It's also an opportunity for me to get the hang of taking photos in a room illuminated mainly by cold fluorescent light. The upside is that I never have to wait for the right time of day to do it!

I'm excited to be showcasing some of my favorite things like this luscious vintage table lamp. A wonderful hand painted example of decoration the way it used to be!

I love all of the wonderful details. . . .

I have a thing for decorative French mirrors and old laces.

Lots more room for pretty china.

Alas, never enough French furniture.

It's so nice that you came by for a look! I'll be sharing more of the new collective space and the other wonderful shops here too. It'll be a big hump day for me this week. I hope you're having a great week too!


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  1. If I lived near you, had the house space and the money that white cabinet would be coming home with me! I love it!

  2. Hi J,
    This looks like so much fun! The space looks BIG!! I am dying over that white cupboard, you'll have all of blogland coming to N.M. to shop! It's nice to see your so so pretty tags too:-) Your lighting looks fantastic, not cold at all, I have tried florescent and ended up blue... Oh and Oooh la la on the amazing guilt settee, sigh...

  3. I don't know how you could part with that rose lamp or almost everything in your space! I love it all. The french settee sofa, Oh my, I want that. I am sure you will have so much fun though. Good luck. Your sign for your shop space is so so lovely. xxo

  4. Nothing else, only beauties and treasures in your charming shop Jacqueline ! Wish I could visit it but I'm so far away!
    Have a lovely day dear friend !

  5. It looks as if it's coming together quite nicely! Oh my, I love that screen door...gorgeous!!! Looking forward to more pics.

  6. Pieknie u Ciebie i inspirujaco:-)

  7. It is simply lovely! Everything! I'll bet people have been waiting anxiously for your shop to open with their faces pressed to the glass. That would be me.....saying 'Open, open, open'! What fun, but I know what hard work it is. I can't wait to see it all complete. xoxo Karen

  8. I hope that your shop opening goes really well for you and that the shop is a great success. You have some lovely things! xx

  9. Your shop, Jacqueline, cannot be anything but utterly lovely with your taste in the home decor department. That lamp in your first photo is honestly! the prettiest lamp I've ever seen. I envy the persons who can step into your shop in person.

  10. Jacqueline,
    Congratulations on the "new space", dear friend!!!
    Your "bare bones" is quite intriquing!!!
    I'll be watching as you fill in all the spaces with more "eye candy"!!!
    Much $uccess!!!

  11. Your space is so lovely and I can just imagine how beautiful the entire shop will be.
    Please keep us posted with your lovely photos.


  12. I would love to visit your shop, Jacqueline. It looks wonderful. Thank you for the tour!

  13. Me encantaría que tu tienda estuviese mas cerca. seguro que es super bonita.
    un abrazo

  14. OH it is going to be WONDERFUL, Jacqueline....I want to be there! Have fun with your new venture!

  15. Greetings Jacqueline...
    HOW EXCITING FOR Y*O*U!*!*! Best of times with your new venture!!! Just LoVe the French Settee!*!*! I look forward to SEEING what develops...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  16. love that lamp and your beautiful new sign, jacqueline:) wishing you huge fun in your new spot!

  17. Best of Luck with your new shop! I miss mine so much. It is a lot of work but fun. I love everything you showed me. I have a thing for mirrors and chandeliers! lol Take it one day at a time and breathe!
    I will pray for you.
    Blessings My Friend,

  18. Your white cabinet is such a love with all that pretty pink! Oh, it promises spring, badly needed in these parts! Cheers!

  19. Oh wow J. how exciting. I love your signature look. It is something I cannot manage. We seem to sell a bit of everything which is not good. xo, olive

  20. Oh, how exciting!!! I also love your signature look, can spot it a mile away!!! Best of luck to you and the others in the co-op......your space looks amazing!!! Wish I could find a place like that in our area, am dying for a booth!!! Can you incorporate craft items also???

  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so lovely!
    I whish I lived over there!
    Whish you all Luck

  22. The shop is so beautiful with all its touches. That lamp is so pretty and so perfect for the shop and those mirrors are so pretty love the frames. I can feel and tell this will be a success. Good luck!!


  23. Congratulations, Jacqueline! It's such fun seeing the way you decorate the shop with all the lovely items you own. (How can you part with them???) Wishing you all the best in your new space.

  24. Jacqueline, I'm so excited for you. I know your shop will be gorgeous. I will definitely stop by for a visit the next time I get to NM. Hopefully this spring or summer. Congratulations!

  25. Beautiful mirrors and I just love that table lamp, what a beauty!

  26. Hi Jacqueline: I read your blog all the time, but don't often comment. But today I just had to let you know how pretty your photos always are, and what a lovely shop space you are creating. I had a great idea while looking at your pictures for a salvaged piece that I've had in our garage forever and wasn't sure what to do with it, so thank you for the inspiration today.

  27. I love your tags! Looks like you are moving to a different place? Wishing you great success!

  28. Your space is just so beautiful and inspires me as our white show approaches!

  29. Lovely space, lovely sign and price tags too! Best wishes!

  30. Jacqueline, Everything is beautiful!! Where did you have all those beautiful things stored away? It's good to have them out where they can be seen, enjoyed, and bought!! And you certainly have a gift for display!! Wish I could be there! I know it's fun but also a lot of work! It's all so lovely!

  31. Beautifully displayed. You have some wonderful items. Would love to shop.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  32. Good luck Jacqueline....
    It will be fab-u-lous ♥️
    Linda :o)

  33. Hello Jacqueline. Oh your shop is going to be gorgeous. What beautiful pieces. I wish I could visit your pretty shop. I would spend hours looking at everything. I do love that lamp. Any online shopping for the shop?? Congrats and best wishes.


  34. Dear Jacqueline,
    I wish you all the best for your new opening on the 1st.
    Cabin and Cottage, looks simply adorable.
    Your hand painted lamp will be a snatch.
    I would be going for some of your lovely linens and cottons.
    best wishes
    val x

  35. Oh how I'd love to be able to come and shop in your space, Jacqueline! You'd have to replenish after every visit of mine. :-))
    Your tags are gorgeous!
    Mary Alice

  36. Just so charming....adore the table color and the pretty skirt. You sure have "an eye" !

  37. OH your shop looks fabulous!
    Wish I lived near!
    We have a booth at the Village Antique Mall here is Beautiful B.C. , and I tell you its a lot of work (fun) keeping it full and beautiful!
    Your space is going to be a very popular one! Wish I could bring a truck down and buy that beautiful cabinet/armoire!

  38. Oh, your space looks just gorgeous! I wish you much success :)

  39. Good luck with the opening.
    How very exciting!

  40. Jacqueline, have you had your opening yet? Hope it goes (went) well. It's so much fun fixing displays but lots of hard work when you have to replace something. I wish you great luck and wish I could visit for some shopping. I would find it so hard to let all of your beautiful things go. You have some really wonderful mirrors and frames..Happy Weekend..Judy


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