Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flea Market Style

Isn't flea market style just another name for vintage? And aren't there tons of interpretations of style within vintage? And what makes prairie different from country anyway? And who decides? Golly gee! I have a friend who went to buy at a major furniture market a month ago where he was told that the buzz words for new furniture styles this year are Vintage Farmhouse and Rustic Country. I have found that many folks interpret painted furniture, especially white, as Shabby Chic style. A famous trademark name. 

I love old stuff, so I shop where you find it. That's mostly flea markets. Call it what you want. This week I went looking for garden stuff. I hardly ever find what I'm actually looking for. But look at what jumped into my basket very first thing this time!? A couple of cement garden finials in white! I then headed straight to the nursery to cure a very bad case of spring fever. . . .

This shot reminds me of Victorian flower paintings with very dark backgrounds, but it's just azaleas in late afternoon lighting.

Okay, so I call it cottage. Always have. Always will. 

Adios February! Hello March!

Thanks so much y'all for stopping by!



  1. Oh, these old finials are perfect for your cottage. '-)
    You do find the best things when you are out shopping. And the azaleas are gorgeous. I bought an azalea topiary recently. Hopping I can keep it alive. Love the Victorian painting shot.

  2. Oh yummy finales!! I need a better place to shop, you find some awesome goodies!! YES hello March, I am ready... counting the days!

  3. Whatever the label, your style is lovely!
    By the way, I just broke the handle off my little transferware creamer, (sad), would you happen to know what type of glue I should use to repair it?

  4. I only know two types of furniture old and new, old I like it has history and style and will last the distance, new not always, I sometimes have new stuff that falls apart not long after it comes home but any second hand stuff has lasted forever, and it's fun to change the look of it when I feel it's needed.

  5. Jacqueline, love those finials and don't you just love it when a picture comes out to be something different all on it's own? I call it all cottage too. Sounds so romantic..Happy Thursday..Judy

  6. Jacqueline,
    I love white pottery. Is that a McCoy jardiniere that I see? I used to have one just like it in turquoise. White just seems to go with everything. I can't wait for the weather to change. You're so lucky to live in a climate where there are flea markets year round. The finials are awesome. Think spring!

  7. I love that large finial, I have a few that are very similar. Great finds and I like the frame too.


  8. Well, Jacqueline, I hear you on just what the proper term is for our favourite decor style. "They" change it with every season it seems but it's really the same things with a new name. I prefer 'cottage' style but like the term farmhouse style too. Same things, different name. OH well. I love the finials you found and your vignettes are so springy. Have a great day! Pamela

  9. I don't know what you call it either but I love the look of those pink azaleas against the white. I like the kind of flea market where everything is jumbled up and nobody tries to tell you what you are buying!

  10. Jacqueline,
    Love the "Cottage" themed finials!!!
    Like you, I prefer unique, vintage I, too, shop Antique Malls and Flea Markets! They're the best!!!
    Was out today and had to pass up an elegant white table cloth...a huge tear in the perimeter of the cloth! Drats!!!
    Your photos are alaways inspiring and mesmerizing, dear friend!!!

  11. Oh those buzz words. It's all six of one and half a dozen of the other, I say. Love those finials.

    I say good riddance to February. It has hung around way too long.


  12. Yup, I call my style whatever I want it to be. Works for me! Great cement finial. Looks so pretty nestled in with the flowers.
    Mary Alice

  13. Those finials are fabulous, and so are the amazing azaleas. That one shot is totally painting worthy, just beautiful. And... i know, there are so many names out there for it all, but i think cottage pretty much covers what i love the best.


  14. Cottage sounds perfect to me, Jacqueline! And what a find those finials were. Your photo of the flowers could easily be a Fantin-Latour! []
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, full of mild weather.


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