Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vintage Versus Repro ~ Summer Table

The weather report said 101 degrees for us today, and it's well on its way! I started thinking this table over in the cool of the evening, and thought to shoot it by candle and patio light yesterday, but it wasn't gonna happen. The theme lends itself to that kind of diversity, however.

I'm always wandering Potterybarn and getting inspiration from their fabulous displays. It's hard to keep from picking up some little thing now and then. Especially candles. But PB gets so much of their own inspiration from vintage stuff that it's easy to replicate the look with an original of what they only reproduce.

The only thing here from PB are salad plates from last season, the rest is vintage, like my glassware, or has been sourced from some place cheaper. Some of it I've had for many seasons.

Using white as a base for linens and china keeps things cool looking. My cafe ironstone is thrifted, and the table coverings are vintage.

I love the layered look with everything varying in height, but it is also easier to serve from dishes that are elevated. The white pedestal is long ago Williams Sonoma and will hold a main dish rather than the potted plant when it's time to serve. I also love the look of these wicker domes, but they are perfect for protecting food outdoors. I've had mine a long time.

I had a mishap with this shoot where my shade screen fell over onto the table smashing plates. Boo hoo! I'm only telling because I see too late that there is a remnant of the disaster underneath this plate stack. It was a spectacular crash, and I'm just glad it didn't take out anything else!

I've seen pots similar to these you know where. These were at the nursery for under two dollars each. I love the deep brown color. The contrast between light and dark excites me more than is probably reasonable.

The vintage punch bowl has been idle since Christmas. Milk glass seems so much more soulful to me than clear glass.

I haven't had time to iron since Granny Camp so my big linen napkins are au naturel today. These are not vintage so I don't worry over them (not that I would anyway). I like the rumpled look too. And Rachel Ashwell made it fashionable!

My beautiful ladle was a three dollar thrift store find.

Does it look hot enough out there? In New Mexico, if you can find shade, you can get cool.

I like the topiaries you see in catalogs everywhere, but I prefer the real thing. This sage colored plant is a curry herb that I found at the nursery. I've never grown it before, but it has a very lovely mild curry scent.

An antique sieve will elevate another serving dish.

Hope you're lovin' summer! Party on!
Ciao! for now!

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  1. I love your summer display. It's so pretty and features all the right elemnts and textures.


  2. You made it look cool, hot weather or not. It makes me want to put more thought into my table settings. Which consists of getting the food on the table in record time. These men folks of mine, I promise I taught them better.

  3. I love the sweet, little statue in the nook in the wall! And the beautiful wicker food cover, and charming milk glass punch set. So sorry about the crash and loss of some dishes. That is always sad! You're 101 and I just checked here, our "hottest" time of day and it's 67! (Sat. I'm doing a sale---hoping for no rain!) Beautiful, lovely, summery post! Stay cool in the shade!

  4. I love the milkglass punch bowl! Who would have thought to use that for nice refreshing water! You always make your sweet patio so welcoming and inviting. So much charm! I enjoyed seeing your patio retrospective.

  5. Just gorgeous~ Jacqueline! What a delightful table setting! I love the water in the bowl with the lemons- fantastic and loving the sweet wicker cover too~ so cute! :)

  6. Hi Jacqueline...

    My friend, your porch is lovely and I just adore your beautiful summer tablescape! It truly is "vintage" at it's best! I really enjoyed looking through all of your beautiful glassware! I think this may be the first time that I've seen a punch bowl in the milk's gorgeous! I also loved getting a peek at more of your lovely linens! I do have some of the prettiest in all of blogland, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous porch and table with was a delight!

    By the way...I have "eyed" those very same plates from PB! They're awesome! So sorry to hear about your falling screen fiasco...eeeks! I hate that some of your pretty dishes were broke!

    Warmest summery wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  7. That ladle is a gorgeous find and I am so sorry about the broken dishes. The whole table is full of summertime sweetness. I am in this party too with Debra but I have simply vanished form all the blogrolls somehow. hugs♥O

  8. Hi Jacqueline! Your table is beautiful. So many gorgeous things and I especially love the wicker food cover. Sorry about the accident with your plates.

  9. So summery and cool! I love the wicker cover, what a fun way to protect something delicious!I would love to be sitting right there soaking it all in!

  10. looks so cool and refreshing, and i bet its a scorcher, we were 112 this week :(

  11. Beautiful as always. I love the statue in the nook.Wow! 101 degrees that would be hot.


  12. I like the wicker dome and the bubble glasses.
    I like the whole look but those are my favorites.

  13. Love Love Love the wicker dome ...


  14. Everything is beautiful and we have the same wicker food cover. Sorry about your mishap. Hate when that happens.

  15. Jacqueline, I love the glasses, the wicker dome, the beautiful glass dome and the amazing ladle. Actually, the entire look is rather lovely x

    Eliza Interiors & Design

  16. Love that ladle! the milk glass punch bowl looks so cool and inviting for summer!

  17. Jacqueline, I love everything on this table and even more so that it's vintage. Wish I could find some of the woven domes. I look for them everywhere. Gotta have shade here too, if one wants to be cool. ;-)
    Thanks for the email. I'll be in touch. ~ Sarah

  18. Beautiful visual candy Jaqueline! I opt for the vintage every chance I get too.*winks* I love your wicker dome and that fabulous cherub with the dolphin! ...Oh and could you send me about 20 of those degrees? I could really use em! *winks* Vanna

  19. You set THE most gorgeous tables, each one so unique and they always tell a story. I'm in love with those wicker cloches. Your courtyard is so lovely, what a perfect backdrop!! Thanks for joining in on the Block Party, love ya bunches, Debra

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  21. You put things together so well, love all your bits n bobs and agree with you vintage things have a quality that repros don't have.

    We have had rain here all week! so its nice to see a lovely summer setting :) x

  22. Your table setting is beautiful. It's so cool, refreshing and inviting! Love you attention to each and every detail! I have been a long time follower and enjoy everything you do!

    About the removed comment: why is it you never notice a glaring error until it's published? ;)

  23. I'm picturing a very light lunch at your beautiful table. Something cool and refreshing...just like your vignette.
    Milk glass lends itself to just about any season..even tho' it weighs a ton! I have a punch set that was my mother's and use it every chance I get. The lemons look lovely floating in the sea of white.
    Shade=cool? Not in Texas my friend!

  24. Such beautiful pictures! Could easily be a magazine cover! I know you just boohooed over your accident. I so hate to break a treasure! Love the ladle!

    Thanks so much for your visit. I'm a follower too!

  25. Love your summer table, can I come over to sit for awhile, lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by my father's day fishin blog post.
    Have a great weekend, try to stay cool.

  26. Everything looks so beautiful! I love how you incorporated old and new pieces! Coming over from My Romantic Home and your newest follower!


  27. simply fabulous table setting, artfully blending so many pretty things and love your dishes

  28. Hi J,
    I thought this was to be about bees at first glance, the wicker looked like a skep and the glass wear like honeycomb:-)) Sorry about the spill and casualties, thnkful we love our mix and match:-))
    101 ouch! I thought about you and your sun when we stayed in the 50's (ouch again) yesterday, you nearly doubled us!!!
    stay cool:-))

  29. Jacqueline,
    This keeps me cool looking at it. Love the wicker and all the texture against the white. I also love how you pair chocolate brown with white. I like that too. Keep cool in that dessert heat. So sorry about your smashed plates. Love your courtyard! Thanks for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!


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