Friday, June 10, 2011

Picture Plates and Majolica

I have an annoying attraction to whimsical things that don't take an easy place in my decorating scheme. I seem to be always decorating some fanciful woodsy thatched cottage with beautiful roses climbing over its roof. In my head.

It's furnished with this platter which has hung on my dining room wall until just recently, and this majolica vase from a shelf in my bedroom.

There's just no explaining the attraction to majolica if you don't already have it. But it's as organic as the object itself. The few pieces I own have been found in junk markets for ten dollars or less. One, a tiny brown and ochre  pitcher with a dragon handle I found in a Santa Barbara thrift shop for four dollars. "This is worth a bit," I said to my shopping companion. "Really?" she sniffed. A short time later it sold back at the shop for a bargain at one twenty five. I've regretted it ever since.

I've most often seen this old art pottery displayed in groupings, and I think that's the best way to appreciate it. The pieces all have an organic relatedness. They are almost always very colorful and incorporate natural themes. Often there is no mark to clue you in to its origin. Plates of an astonishing variety are the most common to find. Damage is almost always present, but detracts little from its value. If you just have to have a wonderful piece, go to an upscale market in Dallas or another big city, and have a few hundred in your pocket. Otherwise, you'll just have to keep a sharp eye out. It tends to blend in and look like something your nephew made in fourth grade unless you investigate it further.  

Here are a few details from my vase close up. I'm always surprised at how little damage there is considering it's intricate design. I've never seen a piece so elaborate as this. How about you?

When I am living in my little thatched cottage, this is where I shop!

It's the weekend!
 I hope you get a little time for a few musty shops!
 Ciao! for now



Willow said...

Your pieces are so pretty and I have to say I love the vase. I have never seen one like it before.

French Kissed said...

Quite honestly, I have to say that your vase is the most stunning piece of majolica I have seen! It would make a instant fan out of anyone. Next time you are in s b let me know as I would love to meet you. Have a wonderful weekend.



Your Majolica vase is gorgeous...what a job on it! The plates are so pretty too, everything is so pretty. Hugs. FABBY

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I love Majolica and this is a fantastic piece, so wonderfully intricate and patterned. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Thanks to my love of antiques or I wouldn't know what Majolica was. I have never seen anything so elaborate.

Pamela said...

This Majolica vase is gorgeous!! I have yet to come across any of it. One day !!

sissie said...

What a beautiful piece of majolica and very unusual. My sister has over 200 pieces of majolica in her collection. I gave her most of mine and I've still got about five pieces.

It is exceptionally beautiful.


Olive Cooper said...

The vase has a lot going on but is very pretty. I hope if I ever stumble ascross some majolica I realize what it is!

rosarod said...

Hello, It looks beautiful and delicate dish, but the vase is truly a treasure! every detail of the relief and colors, suggested to be a piece out of the ordinary, beautiful! Greetings, Rose Marie

Carolyn said...

You do have beautiful things! I have never seen anything like this vase before.
I love your previous posts as well-I always love visiting you. Oh, and by the way P.E.I. may look far away but it is so worth it!!!
Have a good weekend,

Ang said...

I LOVE your bird plate! Everything looks so good together~

Anonymous said...

Your vase,and plate is just beautiful!! It's so delicate,and pretty.


High Street Cottage said...

I have always loved Majolica and never owned a piece. I do look when I'm junking about but so far nothing. Great tips for finding them though. Love the plate with the birdies!

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