Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Once A Collector, Always A Collector

Sometimes I forget where I am and try to explain myself. I'm a collector, and anybody who visits me here after all this time needs no explanation.

I'm not strictly in the "business" anymore. Vintage, I mean. But who out there can just turn off the love? Am I right??

It's been more than a year since I visited any local markets until now. Some of the prices are unbelievable. You all know that I personally do not need one more ironstone pitcher, but look at this cutie! Fifteen bucks! What a lovely vessel with which to give away a bouquet of flowers.

Cut glass is another weakness of mine, and I look at this beautiful compote as another way to wrap up something (anything from cookies to soap) as a nice gift. Seven dollars.

This scrumptious old tea pot with the exquisite detail was ten dollars.

But it was finding this little set of Staffordshire dogs that keeps me driven to the hunt. I have been on the lookout for tiny figures for many, many years. I know you can buy the small ones for real money online any day of the week, but I would rather find a set for a tiny price to match. Wouldn't you?

I am showing them with the smallest dogs that I had collected so far. (Those are actually more common to find online.) How many ways are there to say "THRILLED"!? I don't think I have stopped squealing inside.

Here is the contrast with the bigger boys that are seven and a half inches tall.

And well, you all know of my linen obsession. I don't collect linen anymore. Except when I do. (Grinning here....) Few people want it or use it anymore. It is a lost art, so I treat it that way, often just hanging it around to be seen and appreciated. Mostly by me. It's one of my happy things to surround myself with.

I like to hang it like art.

What else can you do with a crocheted doily with an lovely linen insert in my favorite ivory color?

I do occasionally use this linen runner on a table or dresser.

The piece underneath is my most recent pillowcase find. A wonderful antique linen that shows better layered on the wall than on a bed. Though I will use it that way too.

This pair of napkins came from a thrift store jaunt with my granddaughter. (You KNOW she was raised right!)

I found the tablecloth at the fleamarket, and I'm actually pretty sure I sold this myself in a moment of weakness a couple of years ago! Glad to have it back. Looks like my sort of thing doesn't it?

This gorgeous all linen and lace runner is lovely, long, and oh so soft. Thrift store too.

This is a small crocheted curtain. Ready to hang or lay on a table.

This one found right beside it with a bit different detail. These are all over Europe hanging in cheery windows.

So I think I have scratched that itch for the next little while. It sure was fun!

I hope you are all finding your own cures for all the madness. We are having the most surprising mild summer, though a crazy hard rain flooded the kitchen and called for a new roof. I consider myself lucky.

Also, I am so glad to see that the sidebar thumbnail photos are back when you post! Bravo! I thought they were gone forever! Unless I learn a solution, your email notifications when I post are soon gone from your email though. (sad face)

 Take good care of yourselves out there!


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  1. So love your ideas, I would love to find small Staffordshire dogs as I have my mom's, which I think are directly from England as her family was from Cornwall. Keep collecting!! Sue

  2. Beautiful collections and displays as always. I have blues and whites in our home with touches of red but when I read one of your posts I want to clear out anything that isn't white, cream or sepia. So lovely. Enjoy your summer!

  3. Love all your new finds. That teapot is gorgeous. The Staffordshire dogs are pretty cool. Have a great week. xoxo

  4. What a pretty tea pot. I'm pretty sure I have those Staffordshire dogs. I also have a square tablecloth exactly like you table runner. Kindred spirits! I always say I have enough, but once I go thrifting, it's like an addiction. I have to go again!

  5. your collection is lovely and timeless. So wonderful to see an appreciation for this snippet of the past. the silver teapot...what a find!

  6. Delightful, lovely post. It's relaxing to look at pretty things.

  7. Oh, lady, you are so right !!! The love never dies !! You got yourself some nice treasures and so reasonable too. Enjoy...

  8. You found some wonderful goodies, J. I'm so in love with the little doggies. Just can't find them big or small around here! I'm desperate to get out to shop but I'll need to be masked head to toe.

  9. Thank you for posting, I do enjoy seeing all your treasures. Looking at the pressed linens brings memories of that certain fragrance that emits from sun-dried linens in the process of being ironed.
    Regards and all the best.

  10. OK -- I'm going to try this again! I'm sorry I'm late to visit -- my reader list in google followers has disappeared and I don't know where my faves are! I'm so glad I remembered part of your url so I could find this fabulous post. LOVE that teapot and ironstone and those sweet dogs. I like cut glass too. Wonderful finds, all! Sometimes we can't stop collecting -- and that's not a bad thing!

  11. I always enjoy your posts. Love your style. I buy a lot of vintage linens at Thrift Shops also. I just can't leave them there. I love the little dogs. Happy Summer!

  12. Hi Jacqueline. I am trying to fool summer with oceans and colors, but the most helpful to me is seeing your beautiful collections of white. I do like and use color but all your beauties just are so much calm for the spirit!..Happy Summertime..xxoJudy

  13. Vintage linens are an art. I hope that some day more people will come to appreciate them again. xo Laura

  14. Gorgeous finds. I love the pitcher. Those little dogs are darlings too.


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