Saturday, February 10, 2018

Back in the Linen Nursery

The changes in the "nursery" are going at a snail's pace. That is the speed at which most things are done here these days. I have nursery in quotes because the nursery kids are now between eight and fourteen years of age!

We have also shared the nursery with the linens all these years, since my nursery girls are only sometimes occupants of this tiny room, and it's a handy place to manage my linen collections in between times.

But I also seem to cultivate a great number of linens and laces here. So it almost seems that they are grown in this space the way plants do in a greenhouse nursery!

The ironing board is no longer a standing fixture in here at all times. (Sad face.) There is barely room for the four beds lining the walls. (One is a trundle.)

Less ironing goes on, and I am slowly changing things up to look less "baby" and more "lady," since the seven regular visitors are all girls.

We are doing less pink, and more white. And I am supposed to be clearing stuff out to get ready for new carpet. But every time I grab a box or basket to clear a closet or a corner, I get majorly distracted!

There are plain linens and fancy ones. Gorgeous antiques that need a mend or iron mixed up with the workhorse linens like those from Ikea, and even the paint department at Home Depot that are fresh from the wash. (Actually I got that all cotton drop cloth from Amazon. It's big enough to cover my sofa!)

Before I know it I've done nothing but play with linens for an hour. . . .

But it's a happy place. And worse things could happen.

This is a giant antique pillow sham that I got over last summer that needs a few stitches.

LOVE those buttons! (last year we went from summer to Christmas in two weeks! so no mending got done.)

And then I unfolded this FABULOUS crochet bedspread from last summer's jaunts too. I think it was something like forty dollars. It is heavy, and dreamy laid across a bed.

So what's a grown woman to do? I knew you would want to see too!


I guess I'll get back to my Saturday things now like I'm supposed to!

Happy weekend everybody!



  1. Your vintage linen collection is beauty to treasure. Your Nursery is a peaceful retreat, so delicate, so pretty.

  2. What a beautiful room, and such a wonderful collection of linen and lace. I am quite envious! How blessed your family is. <3

  3. LOL- I had to finally take my 'nursery' down when we put our house on the market. My daughter got the crib and uses it for when her niece comes to visit. I have my linens safely stashed in containers and will pull them out when we get to our next home. I know I need to go through and do a more selective process on what to keep--but it is hard!

    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  4. Good morning...I love my visits to your beautiful Blog! I can understand how you keep getting distracted among all these lovely linens...
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Wonderful linens!That crocheted bedspread caught my eye,really gorgeous!Hugs!

  6. Simply beautiful Jacqueline. Happy Sunday.

  7. Hi Jacqueline! It would be very easy to get distracted by all those beautiful linens. Guilt-free! Hugs, Pat at Bringing French Country Home

  8. Why are my lovely linens stashed everywhere but out so I can enjoy them!! Yours are beyond beautiful and thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Yes, I adore your linens. Oh the is a beautiful spread and I can never resist white on white pillowcases. They are all wonderful!

  10. Getting new carpet is the worst --- the whole room has to be emptied and I'm not good at that. Where do you put all the stuff while waiting on the carpet? That bedspread is yummy. I am always attracted to those knowing how much work was invested in its making. I have several that I cherish. Lots of snow here yesterday -- a good day to stay home and sew!! Happy Monday to you. Sally

  11. It will ALWAYS be your nursery! And it's a beautiful one at that. I love the spread and that wreath has just a pop of gentle color. Lovely in every way.


  12. Thank you for taking time to share; I soo enjoy
    visits to your blog. The linens are gorgeous,
    and I really love the twig wreath - so fem and lovely~
    hugs, karen o

  13. For sure, a very happy place! 7 little girls, how fun. I never seem to get my linens ironed, just love the crisp ironed look.

  14. *SIGH*

    I need to fly to NM and visit you one day.

    You live in a dreamy world, my friend.


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