Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Using All Of Your Resources

It's early, and the light is bad. But I am putting perfectionism behind me for awhile today, and have lit a candle for courage.

Maybe you have read a bit lately of the "hygge" concept. If not, here's a nice link to clue you in. I thought about the idea a lot this morning, and think it's a great notion for our times.

There is always so much to share, and so little time. My big idea moment of the day is often first thing in the morning when I am just waking up and starting my brain going with a nice cup of something and a browse.

I used to get energy and inspiration from magazines first thing, but the internet has augmented that these days. (For good or ill.) In a lot of ways these resources are still finding themselves and their relationship to each other, but it seems that for now decorating magazines have turned heavily to blogs for sustenance.

A while back magazines weren't faring so well.  But they have had such a resurgence that you can't keep up. I mean, there are so many now that no one can afford to! But I am limited more by common sense than money these days where that's concerned. I subscribe to no more than two publications now, and cherry pick from the rest. I spend a lot more time making my selections than ever before, and buy a mere fraction of what is offered, yet I still seem to get a ton.

We dish out for a single issue now what we used to spend for a book, so I choose more carefully. I also pass on the issues that I am finished with, and hang on to piles of all the rest. That alone presents challenges of its own. Where to keep all those magazines!

This issue is one of the very few that I chose for fall. They can all end up looking the same to me.

(The title was hard to read above, so I zoomed in.)

Notice that it is "the best of", so you may have already seen some or all of it. And not cheap.

I enjoyed the whole issue, but this article caught my eye enough to look up the artist, David Arms.

I could tell by this book room that we have a few things in common.

I always read with a magnifier, and you would be shocked at how much more detail that you pick up.

Besides the whole aesthetic of the family rooms, one of the things I liked best was the magazines stowed behind the couch!

And one click on the David Arms website was all I needed to see that I was going to love a lot more. Just look at his adorable looking workshop in Tennessee! His FB page is also a treat. (His "about" page reads like this..."David Arms was born on a cloudy October day in 1956 in the rolling hills of East Tennessee.")

He loves what we love. A lot of bird themes, transferware, and wonderful quotes.

There is original artwork for sale, but I won't be investing in any yet. Fortunately there are greeting cards and other things for sale that you can have for a lot less! But just looking over the website will feed your soul.

The website feels similar to one of your favorite blogs, and the intro offers this advice:

"Now tune in some classical music, fill your space with my "studio" scent and come on in." So I lit a favorite scent of my own, and did just that.

Stop by the site and tell me what you think!

These days I always read a magazine with my laptop at hand to look things up. Lots of our friends are in magazines lately too. I don't think that I will be giving up the printed page anytime soon. Now all I have to do is figure out a few more strategies to deal with all my past issues!

Hope you're enjoying a great day!
Thanks for popping in!


P.S. I wanted to leave a word of thanks for all of the wonderful words of encouragement I got in the comments and in email after my last post. They warmed my heart, and I am still getting back to many of you. Thanks so much for all the love!


  1. I know what you mean about magazines. I remember when they were about 35 cents. I recently bought one and it was almost 10.00. The only reason I paid that much is because they had a section of Practical Magic in it and I am crazy about that movie.

  2. Betty if you see this comment after yours, go to Hooked On Houses blog and search for the house in the Practical Magic movie. You won't be disappointed.

    Jacqueline, this post was wonderful. I had to tell you I read your posts like my favorite magazines. I go back to read my favorite posts of yours over and over. As far as magazines, must warn you some of the "special" ones like you showed are often "back by popular demand" ones...meaning if you save them for years like I do, you often find they print the same magazine over and over. I discovered this when I found I had 2 or 3 of the same magazine. All they do is change the size a little.

    I keep my magazines sorted by seasons. Walmart has a little gray tub with lid that is the perfect size for magazines, and you can stack them up. They're great for storing magazines, and you can write Christmas or Fall on them with a black marker for easy reference. Thanks for all the hours of "free" reading on your posts.

  3. As always, a great post. You always seem to echo what I'm thinking, but unable to put into words. Magazines have always been my favorite treat. When we were first married and I was still a teenager, our night out was Friday night after a week in school. We rarely went out to dinner because of the poor student budget, but we always went to the newsstand to peruse the new magazines. And, sometimes, we would even buy one!!!! My problem today is not the storage, but once again it is the cost making it a real treat when I do buy one. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts. Sally

  4. Thank you, thank you! I read about this artist a few years ago and I loved what he did. So much charm and beauty in this article...and great ideas. I too love what he did with his publications. Reading with a magnifying glass, very cleaver, I must try that!

  5. Oh I need to go exploring tomorrow morning. I am addicted to magazines, I call them my mini vacation; but like you I choose carefully these days. I always love your posts. Thanks!

  6. I love to read more magazines to know many new information from them.I love to have many different types and fragrance candles...

  7. Thank you for this post..... I was addicted to magazines for years until the cost went up so much and then, like you said, so much became available on the net. I miss curling up with one in the evening so every now and then, I buy one and read it over and over!!!

    Once a month I head over to B&N, get some great coffee and a treat and spend a few hours reading all the latest magazines cover to cover. Sometimes I buy the best one I can. The good ones are saved and I also keep them by the season like another reader stated. They are in boxes in the basement and all the Xmas ones are on bookshelves in my work room. They are such a treasure!!!

  8. I have a subscription to World of Interiors and it thuds through the letterbox once a month. Otherwise I only get magazines at Christmastime. I see David Arms has a nice Instagram page. Got myself on that recently and LOVE it, a good way to keep lots of pictures you like but without any extra clutter as I think you have probably noticed? Much as I love clutter I already have plenty!

  9. It is so true that magazines are getting to be so expensive. With sites like pinterest and IG I think peeps are using these instead of magazines and the Magazines are not getting the advertisers like they use too. So that hikes up the price of these too.
    Sad. I always love to have the magazines to pick up again and again to read through for inspiration. I have to say though I am guilty of not wanting to pay those prices and just using the internet sources like pinterest etc. for inspiration. I guess like everything else in life things continue to change in life.
    Have a great rest of this beautiful week.

  10. Oh Jacqueline, thanks so much for that link. I'm over to visit now.

    I confess, I save magazines. Lots. Too many. I love the paper. But sometimes I just go back and look through Christmas of whenever or fall of whenever. It's not the newest stuff but sometimes it looks pretty much the same as the new stuff does! I do have three subscriptions and might pick up something on a stand if it looks really good but you are so right -- they cost as much as a book! I wonder if we can get single issues through Amazon at discount prices!

    Well, I savored every photo you shared and every thought as well. And hygge is my word of the year and I've been doing my best to live it even though I feel continual anxiety these days!

  11. Sweet post, Jacqueline. I have a feeling every so often when I am alone, and I wondered why? Now I have a name for it. Thank you. Magazines are getting so expensive and frankly, I don't enjoy the "slick" feel and sight of the pages. I know it is the modern era, but I so enjoy the older ones the best. Victoria has become a guilty pleasure so I still get that one and the Cottage Journals do have the feel of the older ones. I don't subscribe as I feel very unlucky when I go to the grocery store and the only thing I can buy is food! The studio of David Arms is just beautiful. You can just imagine driving down that country road and finding it right around the corner.. You always share such amazing things..Have a great week..Judy

  12. Hi Jacqueline, I just read a book on hygge and I think it is a wonderful concept. The more cozy comfort we can find in these difficult times, the better! I love magazines, too, especially 'The Cottage Journal' and the specialty issues put out by Country Home. I wish that magazine was still issued monthly. I saved all my back issues when it was. I will have to check out the David Arms website. Hope your weekend is lovely. xx K

  13. I agree with your thought on magazines. I choose wisely except right now I want to buy all the Christmas decorating mags!! I use 40% coupons at the craft stores most often when I buy them. I really enjoyed the Autumn Cottage and will pack it away with my fall items so I can enjoy it again next year. We drive often to Ohio, which is an 8 hr trip, so I take all my old mags and reread them, then pass them off to other travelers on the highway rest areas - I refuse to "throw away" a good one and always pass them on in one way or another!

  14. This was a relaxing read with inspiring pictures. I'm in the same boat with magazines... I subscribe to only one currently and pick up a few other favorites throughout the year. I just bought one today and though... do I really need this with blogs, Instagram and Pinterest? I felt a little guilty buying it, but there is still something about holding something in your hand and being able to study it...

  15. Lindas imagens. Feliz semana. Cumprimentos.


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