Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June. Where did you go?

It seems such a long time ago since I got these shots of the roses at the start of June. I had to include them here to show you something pretty to look at! It hasn't been the summer of showing pretty pictures on the blog.

I went through my scant stash of phone and camera photos mostly to jog my memory of what I have been up to so far. If it weren't for Instagram I would have few "cottage" pictures at all. (I just grabbed this crate to gather roses and then saw what a great shot it made.)

But even Instagram (which is supposed to be easier) has turned out to be a big challenge for me. Not sure if it is a good fit, but we'll see. At least I always have my phone with me. I have hardly picked up my camera at all so far this summer.

The summer kickoff started with getting ready for the shop garden event. We loved getting these water cans lettered.

After the big event I have been AWOL from the shop a lot. But so excited to have visits there from some of you!

I have taken a stab at learning to take pics with my phone and editing them for Instagram. I also finally learned to download them from phone to computer. (I know. what took me so long???) In addition, I had a lot of computer problems with my new Asus. (Yes, I am naming names.) It drove me crazy the whole time I owned it. Finally after replacing the hard drive at my own cost (so that I didn't have to live without it by shipping it off) it heated up and went dark. I took it in to the Geeks and told them I had a lemon. They agreed, and Best Buy replaced my laptop at full cost. I wasn't paying attention, but it happened to be the VERY LAST DAY of my warranty! Whew!!!

I still manage to stop in markets wherever I travel and found this adorable child's tea set for five dollars!

But our grand girls have moved way beyond the "dress up and have tea" stage, so Granny Camp has taken a more vigorous turn for outdoor pursuits that keep people off of the gizmos once in a while. Not as pretty for photos, and almost too busy to stop for photos anyway.

 My only daughter seems hardly more than a girl herself.

We are taking the girls in smaller batches this year and the three sisters had only two extra cousins this time. They love to pose of course.

But I love to get a ton of live action shots better. (In this case, a "ton" was maybe ten.) Some of you have seen these ladies on the blog since they were just babies. We were on a mountain picnic here.

On another trip earlier to see my two Texas grand girls ballet recital this is the only pic I managed to take (of the recital hall) before I got totally engaged in the show.

And on our recent road trip to Santa Barbara. this is the only photo I took just across the border to Arizona from New Mexico. I guess I was still feeling fresh! We cancelled our plans to fly because flights though Phoenix were being delayed and even cancelled due to extreme record high temps. One of our gasoline stops was at 111 degrees! Travel near Los Angeles was INSANE! Even a long way out traffic is C R A Z Y !!! And on the way back home we had a seriously close call in a blinding sand storm. OY!

SO. Pretty pictures needed! And nothing gets my heart rate back down quite like lots of white and gorgeous linens. (Tho chocolate helps!) :0)

A little time now to get a breather back home before MORE! 

I plan to get back here on the blog before the end of July!
 But who knows!?

I hope summer is being good to you too!

Happy Days!



  1. How wonderful the cousins are able to get together! That's my favorite part of my childhood...being with the cousins at family get togethers. Love all your pictures, especially your family ones and the shop ones too.

    I guess I was too late for the watering cans with words and numbers on them, so I'm just going to have to copy Kat you and put some of that on the one I bought at your shop. Always something to inspire me on your blog. For that I thank you.

  2. Other than your preference for desert climes and mine for lush green, it appears that we could well be sisters-of-the-heart. Our tastes are beyond similar to nearly identical! Love your blog.

  3. What better than to be with such sweet loves! No wonder you were AWOL!

    And the shop looks fabulous as always and those white roses divine. Oh, I don't know where June went, either. Or the whole year, for that matter! Just glad summer is here at last!

  4. Beautiful pics Jacqueline. The smallest computer task takes me hours and just drives me crazy. Spent an hour with techs on the phone with Dish as they are updating the Hopper and it just messed up the TV's. Going to have to get someone out. I even said the fu#! word. I don't want to mess with tech. Not fun.


  5. Love seeing the pictures and stories of the girls, always a fun trip with giggly girls
    Travel these days are scary to me, glad you made it there and back safe

    yes keep us updates on all your pretty linens

  6. How fun that the girls are having a fun time all together. Summer is flying by. Love your beautiful roses they are sooooooo pretty. Like the potted basket daisy's too. Adorable. Happy Summer Jacqueline.

  7. Summer is flying by...what great pictures of your loved ones, Jacqueline!
    That's what summer is all about....spending time with our grandkids, and kids.
    Your shop looks great! I just started blogging again after months of being away.
    IG seemed easier for a while, but takes more time after you get into it, lol.
    Enjoy July!

  8. We have had a really hot summer so far. Very unusual for London. But now back to normal and I have a hot water bottle tonight. Our roses were sensational I think we must have had 100 at once. Now they are all over the deadheading will take forever.

  9. Love all of the photos! The decorative iron pieces in the last one are so great!!

  10. Such loveliness. White roses, white lace - enchanting. And what beautiful granddaughters you have :-)

  11. Those girls are so pretty and look full of laughter and energy! Yes, getting back to your nest and pretty things is so comforting... linens, roses, tea sets. Hoping the rest if your summer is restful.


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