Monday, November 28, 2016

Folding Up November

The girls were last to leave. My only daughter and her three little clones.

I get a lump in my throat as they all drive off. They don't live all that far away, but sometimes I want to be that other lucky grandma who lives next door!

The rooms heave a silent sigh that would sound like the timbers of a groaning ship if it could be heard by the human ear. Instead, it is only felt by the heart.

Then comes the folding up. The gathering of stray socks and power cords. A toy. A brush. So reliably found afterward. But the nursery is once again all mine.

 I do very little ironing this time. Just a fold of barely damp linen to press itself smooth in the stacks and drawers.  

It's also time to lay aside my autumn colors. The only time these pumpkin hues see my tables is late summer through the fall. 

Say goodbye to November!

This big tablecloth (old season William-Sonoma) was just folded slightly damp dry as well. Good enough! I did take a hot iron to the Italian linen pumpkin colored napkins though. So nice! 

It gave us so much pleasure laid over the table for a season!

There is also a certain pleasure to seeing things back in order again. Taking in the quiet, and organizing for the next big thing. Just a swing in the pendulum this time of year. It will all go so fast!

You know I just had to include one pretty vintage thing!

Don't you love that gorgeous hand made lace?

Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

 Looking forward to catching up to you!



  1. Beautiful photos and linens! I always enjoy seeing your linens. lol Even the soft pumpkin and that W/S table cloth are lovely, and that white baby dress is exquisite. Have a lovely week of readying for Christmas.

  2. What a beautiful and nostalgic post. Love your linens:) Enjoy your preperation for Christmas:)

  3. your words are beautiful and express what we all seem to feel. Life goes by too quickly when all the loved ones are near, and too slow without them.

  4. Lump in my throat for sure. Sweet post.

  5. I love your pumpkin linens -- and now I wonder what comes next. Soft mossy green, a pale cranberry red? We'll have to see!

  6. Yes, no one writes about the 'let down' of the holidays. My children are adults now, and they actually lingered at the house this year on Thanksgiving. Even in a room without a TV and football on. I have no pictures this year of the get together as we were busy being together...Love this careful post about leaving. Thanks, Sandi

  7. It sounds as though you had a lovely holiday with your family. Company is so grand, and I understand that feeling as they drive away, not wanting the time to end but to stand still. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas linens!

  8. So beautiful. In all things, so very beautiful.


  9. I use to cry like a baby when I would leave my kids houses over the Christmas Holidays.
    I guess I,v cried a river so I can take it a little better now?
    My youngest daughter husband and 4 sweet grandsons lives 45 minutes away and I hate leaving them also
    They will be with me one day during December and can't wait for our special day together
    I am getting out all my Christmas linens to use

  10. Love the pumpkin color with the white, so lovely!

  11. Such a sweet bittersweet post. I too miss the little ones. I can not find solace in the echo of an empty house. Hoping they all come back soon for Christmas and New Years Jacqueline!

  12. Oh, that melancholy feeling of saying goodbye! I would never want to leave your lovely home - I'm sure it must be very bittersweet, indeed. Such pretty linens and that precious little baby dress is so very special. Life moves fast these days and we must savor those family moments when we can. xx Karen


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