Monday, November 16, 2015

Gearing Up

It's time to start polishing up a few things for the upcoming holiday, but I find that more and more I like my silver with a little tarnish.

The items put to actual use on the table will be given a soft gleam. The silver gravy dish and the flatware, for instance.

But a few others used merely for decoration will carry their muted amber and russet tones.

I love silverplated pieces with monograms the best. Such a mystery about them. But also the varied fonts can be so interesting.

I like the heft of the weightier vessels, and the intricate designs, and the romantic look of a collection of silver flickering in candlelight.

I tend to have too much of tarnished silver peeking out of boxes, drawers, and cupboards. I want to present it for sale all polished up and gleaming, I tell myself. But it is labour intensive and the last thing I ever get around to doing. 

And it is often just too big a task deciding what to part with, and what to keep! This old creamer is never used for cream anymore these days, but wouldn't it be wonderful for holding extra spoons or sauce on a Thanksgiving table?

Or for pretending to be Lady Astor for a day? (Some days call for that.)

The recent news and gloomy afternoons have put me in a funk. One dark day can energize me, but more than that makes me eat and yawn too much. This is sunny New Mexico after all! And it's time for gearing up!

Time to select and ready the linen for the table. . . . 

But my guests will like my new old shakers well enough just as they are.

Really, can one ever have too large a rugged shaker collection all lined up like so many rooks and pawns?

and hinting of some other life so much more exotic?

Musing is much more gratifying than blackening my hands with silver polish! Maybe I will go back to reading my novel for awhile, while waiting for the sun to come out again. (See what I mean?) 

Hoping for brighter days ahead!
And wishing for a good week ahead for you!


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Georgina Malcolm said...

Get you, Lady Astor! Enjoy your grand dinner table. I'm sure it will look beautiful.

donna baker said...

For some reason, my silver doesn't get the beautiful glow that yours' does. Mine turns nearly black. Wish I had more of it.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

you have some beautiful pieces of silver. I just did a post of how easy it is to remove tarnish with baking soda. Hope you'll stop by. You won't believe it.

lala said...

Oh, how I just love the look of tarnished silver. Sometimes when I purchase a piece, I am tempted to bring it back to its' former glory, but the tarnished state always wins - I love the old patina. You have a wonderful collection which adds so much beauty to your tables and decor.

Pat Cantwell said...

Oh, dear friend, I've been doing that which you dread. . .polishing silver!!!
I am one whom can not use it otherwise!!!
I recently purchased a Silver Tea Set complete with Tea Pot, Creamer, Sugar and the Tray for an astonishing price. . .simply because no one wants to polish it any longer!!! It was a lengthy task, but now it radiates the light within the Dining Room and makes my heart sing!!!
Your linens are simply exquisite!!!
I, too, plan to use several "shakers" on my Dining Room table during the Holidays to eliminate all the passing!!!
Thank you for sharing, dear one!!!
Wishing you days filled with sunshine and laughter!!!

Kay said...

Dear Jacqueline, yes, I totally understand the yawns and lethargy of sunless days-- and we haven't seen that glow in the sky for days and days and days! I'm struggling! I had the most beautiful silver gravyboat that was in a swinging type silver cradle. Hard to describe, but I regretfully sold it! I love what silver I have but go back and forth whether to keep it or get rid of it. Your pics are always so beautiful, and help me decide to keep my beauties. Happy Thanksgiving!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Jacqueline, your gearing up is beautiful. There is a joy in the preparations! Love your silver pieces. Gloomy and storming here. The sun is trying to show but lazy at best!
Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Art and Sand said...

I love a little tarnish and now I kick myself for giving away some of the silver I received as wedding gifts. I'm not a polished and perfect person. If I had kept things, I know I would be including them in their tarnished glory in my decor today.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

So pretty! I've been pulling out silver this year, too...just loving how it looks right now...

Marilyn Miller said...

The tarnished silver is just beautiful.

Jeanie said...

You and I are on the same wavelangth in our "silvery" modes. I'll be doing the same today or tomorrow in anticipation of the holiday, even though I think it is just Rick and me this year (till family TG over the weekend). After all, it must be shiny for Old Saint Nick and the Christmas fairies, and there is nothing like silver to pull a girl out of a funk -- I've been in one, too.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love Lady Astor's curves.
I cleaned most of mt silver early summer

Jaybird said...

Your things are always lovely!, and yes, silver pieces make great servers and tableware holders.
I am one of the oddballs who think silver polishing is very relaxing, so I have been cleaning a few pieces each evening while the TV drones on in the den. Posie cat has taken to sitting on the shelf beside the counter to supervise. We have had several interesting conversations :^)
Blessings to you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
PS: I wear nurses gloves to clean silver....easy clean up when I am finished :^)

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Another beautiful collection. I think reading a novel and pretending to be Lady Astor sounds like the perfect way to spend a gray day. :)
Thank you for your well wishes over at my little blog.

JoanMarie said...

Hello Jacqueline,
I have been following your blog for quite some time and wanted to share that each of your posts are simply gorgeous and so very inspiring! Simply Beautiful!

Burlap Luxe said...

Everyday is a perfect day here with you, when I saw your first photo I felt like I was looking at my site, my home with this look and style you have. I have this flora can, the silver set of salt and pepper and it just felt like I was looking at a vignette that could be mine :)
Of course I love it, and I too have been weeding out silver and plated vintage pieces, and yes your idea with using them for flatware that too is a favorite look of mine as well. I am going to get out my old gravy boat and put it to use this Thanksgiving :)

Thank you my friend for your beautiful visit, it was encouraging to read your comment.

See you soon and all your holiday inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours


Botanic Bleu said...

Should you wish to sell your lovely Lady Aster 'gravy boat', please let me know. I love it and would love to buy it from you.


The Charm of Home said...

What a pretty gravy boat Jacqueline!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

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