Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet Vintage For The Holidays

Like many of you I have been busy getting things ready. We travel a bit this time of year and so I am always thinking ahead a couple of weeks. I'm not one of those people who can think about Christmas in July, so my crafting time is limited to what can be done just shortly before all the excitement hits. Usually pretty simple.

This soft vintage apron I came across yesterday is perfect for the occasion! Just ironed, it's light as air, like handkerchief linen, and drapes beautifully. Holly is one of my favorite motifs. And I like the mostly white background of the pattern.

I  also recently came across a stack of adorable vintage baby dresses at a giveaway price and decided to do just that! I'm giving some away just for show. 

I always have a few hanging in the girl's guest room year 'round, and love the precious details. I kept this batch as I found them in order to preserve the luscious antique color. 

Some other year (but probably not) I will fashion something festive and original to fasten on, but for now I have only added a vintage hanger, and a bit of ribbon and a tag for cheer.

The hem on this one is so sweet!

And all of those darling, tiny pintucks are so pretty!

The minute I saw this sheer dress I thought it would look fantastic in a Christmas vignette.

All it needs are a few vintage toys to complete the scene. . . .

A bit of Victorian lace added. . . .

This is just a simple underdress, but it has the most amazing details at the hem that should be shown off!

Those are little winged cherubs on the eyelet scallops.

And the hand-hemmed stitches are still visible where it has been sewn on, as you can see. I just adore the noblility in these humble old baby things! They remind me of the care and simplicity that once was part of everyday life. 

I seem to enjoy the very earliest stirrings of the holiday season best, enjoying a few quiet moments in my cozy work room before I have to think of what to pack or wrap to take with me on the road.

I hope it's a lovely White Wednesday for you too!


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  1. Your lovely linens always inspire me. I have been making my own linens from scrap fabric and I particularly love photos #6 and 7. Because I am embroidering 8 napkins for Thanksgiving, I am going with fairly easy designs and I am going to try that pattern on one of my napkins.

  2. If i were to find such a pile of treasure. Oh my these are beyond beautiful to me. The tags you gave added are just the right touch. I have a few precious linen baby gowns and you have given me an idea for using them in my Christmas decor. Thank you. How nice it is to hear that holly is your favorite touch. Both of our daughters are Christmas babies and ond is named Holly Noel. xxo

  3. Sorry for the typos. Dear me it is difficult to comment from a phone! This is the most beautiful holiday themed post I have seen. So delicate and pulls at my heartstrings. xxo

  4. I love the apron, but its the baby dresses that made me cry. I have seen baby pictures of me and my Mom and Dad holding me in dresses like that.

  5. you have the sweetest little baby dresses

  6. OH - So sweet! I wore those little pintucked dresses when I was a child. I had one for years and years and years and was going to frame it...but my daughter took it without realizing what it was and it is gone.

    You found the motherlode there, Jacqueline! Those embroidered pieces are darling, is that holly piece.

    Hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  7. Hi J,
    Sooo sweet! I love pintucks, and that cherub hem is amazing, all the pretty details!! The season is sweetest when its just begun, then the frenzy, ha!

  8. Those are the most beautiful baby dresses I have ever seen!

    I love the apron too and the little tags as well.


  9. Such beautiful and delicate works of art. It is rare to find such pretty baby gowns and I'm so glad they landed in your hands!!


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  11. I am not sure which is more adorable. Your baby gowns or your almost poetic description of them :)

  12. Oh my goodness those linens are absolutely spectacular - and I loved how you "dolled" them up to share with us! Lovely, and I too am "getting in the mood!"


  13. Jacqueline, as a vintage victorian linen dealer I have not seen a slip with that angel detail...beautiful ...a very well to do family .....absolutely beautiful and I sometimes call my self pintucks and old lace so love it all.....happy thanksgiving and safe travels this holiday season.'

  14. These vintage dresses are just adorable. I love the pin tucking. Enjoy your trip.

  15. Love those sweet little dresses. They are adorable.

  16. These vintage dresses are just darling, and the handwork is exquisite. You find the most charming and lovely linens of all kinds, Jacqueline. Love the sweet Christmas additions to these dresses.
    Mary Alice

  17. Enchanting as always! As you might expect, I adore the vintage tags!

  18. So much love went into creating these sweet little dresses! They are just lovely! The little tags are sweet, too. xo Karen

  19. danke für die bilder,einen schönen donnerstag und liebe grüße von angie

  20. Such love and care went in to making these darling baby clothes. I so enjoyed seeing them 'up close' with you today, Jacqueline.

  21. just precious, jacqueline! and the pintucks--love!

  22. Such pretty little treasures, Jacqueline. Very remindful of times gone by and the precious wee ones that wore them..Have safe journeys and Happy Thanksgiving..Judy

  23. Hi Jacqueline, your linens are beautiful.
    Love all the little details in the sweet dress. I have a few vintage aprons similar that were my grandmothers. They are so special to display at Christmas and I cherish them.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Always so lovely.
    Have a nice weekend.

  24. Such pretty sweet linens Jacqueline! That apron was a perfect timely find too! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Just lovely, as always. Those cherubs in the hem of that dress are just precious. I love that old blue hangar and your Christmas tags too.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, and safe travels.

  26. These are just gorgeous!!

  27. Beautiful! Love the baby dresses.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  28. Gasp! Jacqueline! These wee dresses are just beautiful! And, the tags are so sweet. The picture of Christmas. LOVE.
    Linda at Beautiful Ides

  29. Oh..these made me catch my breath, Jacqueline. Such care has gone into preserving these precious pieces.
    I'm so glad you found will appreciate the true beauty they hold.
    What a lovely post.

  30. Love the little dresses..I'd love to have a group of them hanging on a vintage peg rack. I love vintage linens!

  31. I always love seeing your linens, especially the little dresses with gorgeous trim and tucks. Thanks for inspiring us to decorate with linens and little dresses.

  32. These are so precious and lovely! The tags you've added are such a sweet touch :)

  33. Gorgeous .... and such an inspiration, thanks for sharing! Anita xx

  34. Jacqueline,
    Such amazing detail within the workmanship of each garment!

  35. O, Jacqueline,
    The precious gowns, dresses add to your beautiful styling with linens. I use to hang my daughters gowns and linens up in her room, part of a nostalgic passing of years that get by on us. I also would add one of a parent or grandparent garment as well, I am not sure why I packed it all away, but seeing yours out and pressed with the beauty you so lovingly care for and tagged so perfectly charmingly with a Holiday Greeting inspires something now in me to search out my little treasured pieces to display. Namely a baby dish my grand mothered used when she was a child, to then use for her son, then on me, the white feeding dish is white with the alphabet trimming the bowl in gold letters.

    During your travels the best pieces are found by you, and your holiday home warm and cozy with the beauty of linens once worn add to the spirit of the meaning of all is calm all is good and pure.

    Thank you for waiting til now, I am a very bad artist in creating that far ahead as well, that's why I have orders for Christmas stockings now!

    A blessed harvest thanksgiving and a beautiful gathering.


  36. Jacqueline,
    the baby dresses are gorgeous,
    so delicate and detailed, you can just picture them on a sweet, little baby! Using them at Christmas with your beautiful tags is perfect! I have a few that were handed down, reminds me I need to get them out for our new little Sarah Kate who is due to arrive anytime now!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  37. Oh, they're precious! I'd love to find some to decorate with. Don't have any idea where I'd put them! But they're just so pretty.

  38. So beautiful and delicate! Happy Thanksgiving.


  39. Jacqueline, you amaze me with your gorgeous linen finds. Those pintucks are so precious and the little dresses to sweet. I appreciate the time it takes to link up at the link party and I'm thrilled to be able to feature your beautiful linen find this week at Shabbilicious Friday.
    Happy Thanksgiving xx

  40. So beautiful. thank you for your lovely post.
    Merry Christmas


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