Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The San Francisco Palace Hotel

The Bay Bridge is less iconic than the Golden Gate to San Francisco, but I can't help getting excited no matter which route I take into the city if I have been away for awhile.

The call box ruined my shot from the car window, but c'est la vie!

Today we are destination Market Street and the famous Palace Hotel.

Resurrected after the earthquake and fire at the turn of the last century, the hotel has also been somewhat lately restored and is as breathtaking as ever. But my visits are always about the Pied Piper Bar and the Garden Court Restaurant.

It's hard to get a bad meal in San Francisco, but for me the Palace Hotel is not about the food, which is crazy expensive.

It's about the visual treat instead. Its history, unforgettable beauty, and inspiration.

Enter the promenade on Market Street and the hall will lead you straight through to the other side. But first you will encounter the Pied Piper Bar. So named because of the painted mural by Maxfield Parrish.

Famous for his dreamy subjects and colors, especially that "Parrish blue" sky, Maxfield Parrish was the most successful commercial artist of his time. The hotel is located downtown in the business district, and the bar caters to the business crowd. If you want to try something from the grill, the truffle fries are
the rave. Bring LOTS of cash.

But the main entrance holds the most enchantment where fresh flowers always adorn the marble topped table to greet guests.

At center is the lush and opulent Garden Court which a hundred years ago accommodated horse drawn carriages dropping off guests.

Now you merely enjoy a fabulous meal beneath the glass dome ceiling.

Purple can be the only suitable color for a Palace.

Table service is elegant and simple.

Afternoon tea, a tad more indulgent. . . .

The Palace Hotel has catered to Kings and Queens, and famous visiting celebrities from Mark Twain to modern Presidents. And now,  you and me. I hope you enjoyed the visit!

Ciao! for now!


  1.! there is so much inspirational detail here:)
    ~ what a fabulous visit!
    xo, Rosemary

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I lived in SF for 20 years, and went for lunch at the Garden Court a few times. Also loved the Mark Hopkins bar and the Neiman Marcus (formerly City of Paris) tea room. Thank you for the lovely memory trip!

  3. Hi Jacqueline,
    I love San Francisco so much! But I haven't visited it for so long now even though I only live an hour away. Next time I go there, I will definitely visit the Palace Hotel. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and telling us about that gorgeous place.

  4. I have lived in San Francisco all my life and are on of those less unfortunate people..I think it is a wonderful place everything in its elegants. I love the beautiful things you and the history you showed and gave..thank you for sharing a part I never saw...Janice.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Love the opulence and the antiques in the place. Just wondering if you had tea? Have fun.. I love San Fransisco! I left my heart.....

    xo marlis

  6. oh that was delightful! i live close to the city and never go i am such a country girl, but the garden courty may be worth the trip to get citified!

  7. Beautiful photos! I live south of The City but haven't visited the Garden Court for years. I may have to plan a trip up there for something other than a Giants game! Thanks for sharing your fun time!

  8. These are drop dead beautiful photos. WOW. I'm assuming you took them and they are fantastic.

  9. Hey J,
    Thanks for taking me along, stunningly beautiful, the lighting and that ceiling, pure elegance at its best!! Gorgeous!!

  10. San Francisco ~ one of my favorite destinations. Have a grand time!
    Thanks for sharing the images. What an elegant hotel.

  11. Thanks for taking me along, I've never been! Such gorgeous lighting and I love the glass ceiling! Just beautiful!

  12. Gorgeous!!!!!We must visit this place one day very soon. Lovely pictures, thank you for the tour.
    Angela & Renee

  13. hat a devine place! Love those chandeliers.

  14. Amazing!!! So gorgeous.... San Francisco has been on our "to do" list for a while now, and now there's one more reason to visit! Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa & Chuck

  15. Oh my, I think I would feel like a princess if I visited there, it is just stunning!

    Looking at this post with my daughter and she says it reminds her of The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World!


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