Sunday, April 8, 2018

An Old Farmhouse and A Closer Look That Old Vintage Coverlet

Life has been so full for me lately, and one of the soulful things I got to do last week was to visit the timeless and beautiful New Mexico farmhouse of my friend Charlie. 

It felt like crossing a threshold through time. 

If you have spent much time in the New Mexico countryside, you can attest to the authenticity of this often austere landscape. The Rio Grande is not far in the distance, and with the arrival of spring a bit of green will soon appear along the riverbanks.

But now, some of you wanted to see more of this fabulous coverlet that I only gave you a peek of in my last post. So this morning I threw it over my bed to have a better look at it myself.

It blends well with my newer vintage-look pillowcases from Ikea.

And has fabulous crochet insets and trim.

A few ivory folds cascade over the end of the bed. . . 

with another lace throw to add a little sumptuousness to my Sunday morning whims.

I also rediscovered some monogrammed initials at the center of the coverlet that I had long forgotten about. I'm often not sure what the letters actually are, but find them beautiful just the same. Is that lower one an "I" ?

If only these lovelies had a farmhouse of their own to lay claim to!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . .

If only our spring winds would be over for awhile!

There are a few tumbling tumbleweeds still to go before it's over.

Have a great week ahead!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lost in Linens

Welcome to April! We are nearly a week in already, and I can't tell you where all of March got off to!

I have been more shop busy than usual, which is always a stimulating place to be. And I recently came across a cache of laces which I thought you might like to see. They are mixed in with a sampling of other things that I gather up along the way.

One of my all time favorites. White worked pillowcases in sets! They will whiten when laundered, but I find this stage simply delicious to look at.

I am so glad when I find a variety of edgings in such wonderful condition as these are.

A large doily lies beneath a filet rose worked table square, and a very old pintuck pillow slip adorned with a tatted lace fringe. (Tatting is made with a shuttle, and is a different skill from crochet.)

Not many of us bother with these lovely old sets of damask napkins anymore. This matching set of ten set me back about about two dollars. Such a beautiful rose pattern for perhaps just the right bride!

The various patterns seem as endless as snowflakes. . . . 

When I am away so long you can imagine me here. Lost in linens. My escape from the cares of the world.

I even fold my regular laundry here!

This large folded piece is a linen coverlet with crochet insets and trim.

It's not all linens of course. Other things get piled around in the life of a vintage dealer. When there's no time for anything else, this is all I have to show you! The men in my life might enjoy these small English pewter tankards.

Just the right time of year for a picnic with old fashioned deviled eggs!

And I have my polishing work all cut out for me here!

But the rest is good to go!

So nice that you stopped by to see what I am up to!
I hope spring is catching up to you. We finally have perfect weather here!

Happy days ahead!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Laces and Lettuces

I think that I may always be trying to live a Brambly Hedge life, but the tendency seems to grow stronger in spring. At least that's when I am most apt to get lost in a mouse story or bunny tale world! 

I have a million variations of the Jill Barklem books, but that doesn't stop me from looking for new editions now and then, and I recently found this nice one on Amazon. It was actually published a few years ago, and comes in a slip case. Makes a beautiful gift.

I will never outgrow this little fairy tale world which always seems to start with spring.

I am also celebrating a new ironstone pitcher and bowl. When I went to pay for them at a giddy price, the lady at the counter pointed out a crack in the bowl, which of course I already knew was there. Since I have a few cracks now myself, I don't mind a bit! Haha!

Right now my new lettuce flat has a cheery place to wait for it's place in the garden.

I had actually gone back to the shop to get this cotton print panel that I had turned down a week ago and had not been able to forget. I knew it would already be gone. But there it was just waiting for me!

And what should I find but a new stash of laces that had not been there before?!

Also well priced and in wonderful condition. These are all table runners. Pinch me!

Two identical Quaker lace runners in perfect shape.

But this one makes me swoon.

I also don't have anyone young enough around right now to take to the new Peter Rabbit movie, but I didn't let that stop me. Me and Mr. Cottage got a private showing at a local theater at 11 am. (Just worked out that way. I don't think many seniors were clamoring to see that one on a Thursday morning before Oscars. Haha!) Delightful! Wonderful therapy. And it got me all worked up to get into the garden!

There is always a beautiful new version of a B. Potter collection at the bookstore too, but I restrained myself. I have had this version for a while now. So I went and bought lettuce seeds instead!

And I am not too late for the peas! Can't wait to see them popping up.

A nice bouquet from a new friend is also making me feel springy while it blows outside. I know a bunch of you are still getting horrible bad weather. So this is for you too!

Finally, one more version of my kind of gardening book is illustrated by Inga Moore. I love her delicate drawings. (I have also already watched The Secret Garden movie recently. I have spring fever BAD! The 1993 version is my favorite.)

This is one of my favorite drawings of hers from Wind in the Willows. 

So that's me . . .

Welcome to March!

I hope it is all starting out well for you!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Think spring!


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