Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bringing in the Greens

Having live greens is an important part of celebrating Christmas to me. I have already visited several garden centers over the past few weeks keeping my eyes peeled for what I want. 

After exploring the options, I settled on keeping a small bucket of live cut greens that I got from the florist for tucking in here and there and to replenish throughout the season. I got a nice bundle of mixed cuttings for seven dollars. 

Of course some tree lots will give you branches for free. And you may be lucky enough to grow your own! I keep my pitchers filled with fresh water, but it so easy to add fresh greens if necessary.

I picked up a couple of very small pots of ivy for tradition, and am loving using my little white Guy Wolff pots again! A perfect size for placing on a tablescape.

For now they cheer up the window seat. I also picked up a very small live poinsettia that can go on the table at some point.

My Amaryllis is doing well, but nothing on my paper whites yet. (insert sad face here)

But my evergreen sprigs are bringing big smiles to my face where they are right next to the dinner table. They are almost better than having a centerpiece taking up precious real estate.

There's always room for adding a touch of something more. . . .
I like leaving room for the possibilities!

Linens are placed in a basket near the table. I don't know exactly which I will be using when, but the tablecloths themselves make things feel festive.

I always love how this little vintage embroidered cloth relates to the greens wherever it goes!

I hope you are enjoying bringing in all the little holiday touches too!

For me just a little goes a long way.

I hope there is a wonderful weekend ahead waiting for you!



The Charm of Home said...

Greens are a wonderful and welcome this time of year. We went to a Bethlehem Walk this past weekend at my niece's church and we came inside to the gathering hall,there they had 15-20 cedars sat up like a forest backdrop with just twinkle lights and that was all. The smell was amazing! I always had a cedar tree as a kid growing up. It was the most memorable smell. Your greens are so lovely! Thanks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful as ever!

Debra Oliver said...

just the perfect Christmas touch. Love the smell of fresh evergreens. takes me back to when I was a kid at home in the country with snow and that clean fresh aroma.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I love seeing a new post from you because your decorating always gives me inspiration. The greens with the simple white pitcher are so lovely and simplified. thanks for sharing this with us today.

Jeanie said...

I love putting greens in my ironstone pitcher like yours (waiting for Rick to get his tree and cut the lower branches!). But what I really love here is your setting of them as a trio and in the tray. It sets it off in such a lovely way. Because I decorate early and have many artificials, it's always good to get the real green feeling and in your home you've aced it!

Sandra at Maison De Jardin said...

I love the beauty in the simplicity. It is so soft and I know the smell of the greens is wonderful. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

Junkchiccottage said...

Love this Jacqueline. It is amazing how simple and serene can be so beautiful. It all is so pretty.

wired4zion said...

I like how the greens match the embroidery...beautiful!

~ Elena

Agata Hogata said...

lovely decoration I invite you to my narrow thresholds

Marilyn Miller said...

The greens with the white is just soooooo beautiful! I have tucked a few greens in here and there, but I think I need more.

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