Friday, August 8, 2014

Ways With Wire Baskets

Like a lot of you, I have this thing for old wire baskets. Originally for garden plants, this is one of my favorites.

I love the curves. Love the rust. Love the character. I use it mostly indoors.

The greatest benefit, beyond the purely practical of course, is how handy wire baskets are for displaying things. Sort of a glorified easel, and completely see-through.

But I don't mind if they don't contain anything at all! This chippy beauty hangs on the porch like a kind of sculpture.

I'm partial to old egg baskets too. I found this one at a roadside junk shop while driving through Colorado last summer.

But this old white one will never leave me. In a moment of weakness I put it in the shop, but then had to snatch it back again. 

I really like the way a wire basket can support and anchor a vignette the way a tray can, but without the limitation of a flat surface.

I think the geometry of the wire attracts me as in this wire canning jar insert. I'm still searching for a suitable vintage bottle carrier at an easy price too, but that may be just a delusion. (A French one preferred.)


This old miner's basket with hooks to attach doodads would be perfect in a kitchen.

In fact, wire baskets are so perfect for storage that they tend to get wasted under a sink or in a closet somewhere around here where no one can see them! I have to go on a rescue mission now and then.

Is there anything more appealing than an old double handled market basket? I can't tell you how many times I have seen these in shops marked "Not for sale"!

This unusual tall wire basket (not vintage) is the only one I have with a fitted liner. But I think about making liners all the time. . . . (I'm a really good thinker!)

But I really do have a crazy attraction for old wire dish drainers. I want to buy every single one that I see!

They have endless possibilities for use in every room of the house. But especially for actual dishes!

And on the table for a buffet. . . .

This one displays wares in a shop. I think the really old mesh ones are my favorite.

This shallow wire basket that I use on my patio as a tray also started out life as a shelf merchandise basket in a store somewhere.

And of course wire is fantastic for fall displays!

But I haven't even shown any locker baskets yet!
( Maybe that's for some other time. . . .)

I hope there's a fantastic weekend waiting for you!
 Perfect weather here.

Thanks so much for visiting!



kami said...

Beautiful arrangements, I love wire baskets too:) Have a great weekend:)

White Lace and Promises said...

What great wire baskets. I actually have a rusty one that I want to spray with a little white paint to give it a little patina. Thanks for reminding me. As always, love your post and pretties.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I am now seriously having "I sold too many wire baskets over the years" regret. I am glad you snatched back your white one. Whew, close call. : - )

Your post brings me total joy. It's gorgeous, eye candy for the soul!

Sarah said...

Jacqueline, you've done it again! This is yet another fabulously unique collection. I couldn't begin to single out a favorite, but will tell you that the dish racks used for buffet serving are a favorite idea of mine. I have a vintage bamboo dish rack that I use for buffet service. I would like to add some of these photos to my Pinterest board with your permission.

Marilyn said...

I do have a weakness for baskets, but don't have wire ones. Now you have tempted me.
I probably have 75 wood/wicker baskets around the house. I will be searching for wire.

sweet violets said...

Love all your olden wire baskets........esp. how you've used them in displays!!!

Barbara Lilian said...

Such a lovely way you have chosen to use your wire baskets. I have loads but only use them for plants on tables or shelves outside. I have problems with Mr France he 's not keen on rusty shabby things . I think I'll have to start sneaking a few inside and displaying them here and there. I love the way you have used a wire dish drainer for buffet bits and bobs. Enjoy your weekend.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I love your wire baskets and how you have used them. I have several in my home, though not vintage yet.

Cheryl Ann said...

Love the buffet serving purpose for dishdrainers...very cool! Thanks, Cheryl Ann

Jen said...

Wonderful collection. I have an egg basket that I love.

Pat Cantwell said...

Gorgeous wire baskets, dear friend!!!
I have two of the round hanging ones. . .reserved for making into light fixtures!!!
Like you, I'm drawn to the wire kitchen dish drainers!
So far it has been an amazing weekend with a front porch "refreshing" for a MidSummer!!!
I'm anxious for Autumn decor. . .but alas, no Fall plants in our area, as yet!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too!!!

Marjon said...

Gorgeous styling and beautiful pictures. The wire baskets are wonderful with the chippy look and the rust.
I love it.....have a nice sunday and greetings from Marjon

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Thank you so much Sarah! You are certainly welcome to pin! I have not taken the time to figure out getting the icon gadget for my blog. Pin away! I'm glad to hear we are two clever buffet ladies! haha!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Well I love all kind of baskets of course! Sounds like you have quite a collection. I just found another wire egg basket yesterday. I'm so thrilled!

Art and Sand said...

your baskets are wonderful . . . your linens are wonderful . . . your displays are wonderful . . . and where did you get those darling little napkins in photo #12? Are they paper napkins?

Betty Sneeringer said...

Another thing we have in common - wire baskets. I like the old ones and new ones too. You use yours for great displays. I like the Johnson Brothers plate and everything else) you showed in a wonderful basket.


Cindy Coghill said...

So beautiful Jacqueline! You have such a lovely collection and have given me many ideas for displaying the ones we will be selling at our show next weekend. I thank you for inspiring me - once again, and always.

Jeanie said...

I swoon at every image. These are most beautiful!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Fantastic photos, Jackie. You have a fabulous collection, I just love wire baskets. I have a few, but none as gorgeous as your treasures!

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