Thursday, August 14, 2014

picnic table escape a la pottery barn

Yes, you read that right. I said "table-escape." Sometimes you just have to do it!

I stayed away from Pottery Barn all summer, but when I popped in a couple of days ago I spotted these salad plates, and all I could think about was a picnic. Kooky, right? The set of four is called Morning  Paper. Nicely suited for coffee and a breakfast roll.  But what can I say?

On the coast you head for the ocean to get cool on a hot summer's day. Here in New Mexico we head for the hills.

We arrived just after the rain. Late in summer, mid-week, there is little competition for the ideal spot. We chose a table nestled in the trees, away from the car lot, next to a brook. The sound of water in a quiet place is hard to come by in an ordinary day.

There are picnics, and there are picnics. This one is more about staving off hunger before we head back for town. Basic. A little vino, bread, fruit, and cheese.

Basic, but not boring. These wonderful plates are not fragile, but thick like ironstone. Paired with a grey linen napkin, an outdoor setting can lean more toward romance and sophistication. An occasion.

A handy straw tote carries it all.

A little mix and match vintage glassware is always festive.

(Serrano ham for the fellas.)

It's the sort of thing you always want to do before summer is over. And it can wait no longer. . . .

You might want to bring along someone special,

. . . who has a good knife! (haha)

We didn't spend a lot of time at it. A little dose of nature goes a long way. There was the delicious pine scented air. The lovely drive. And a flock of wild turkeys hanging around the picnic grounds. You see cool stuff like that when you give nature a chance. 

I brought along a crock thinking I would find some sunflowers along the way. Nothing doing. But I did find these berry branches of something looking rather decorative. Probably poisonous. (But don't worry, we didn't eat any!)

And no kidding about those turkeys . . . .

I have visited these grounds since I was a girl when there was no parking or even picnic tables. We put soda and beer in the snow fed stream and played baseball in a clearing. Kids and adults together.

 Times have changed. . . . But the hills are still here. . . .

I hope you are getting in those last licks of summer too!
Thanks so much for sailing by!


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Burlap Luxe said...

Oh ! M'y what a wonderful picnic to charm even the best picnickers !!
Love those plates, fond of the French one of course.... I think I would mix the French one in with my small warped and out of shape hand tossed white ones! I much checking I to to some for me!

Love the setting and you my friend know how to put on a picnic.....

Love the wild turkey friends here, I am sure they thought you might have a bit of crumbs for them.
Your the best in setting a picnic mood.


Burlap Luxe said...

What the heck.... It sounds like I was drinking to much picnic wine? .... I meant to say before spell check mixed me all up, that I must check out some for me, the plates that is :)


The Reed Warbler said...

I love a picnic or better said "table-escape" and it seems like ages I've had one, you've got me inspired. Including the lovely styling of course, thanks for sharing! Anita xo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Now that's my kind of picnic!!

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi J,
Delicious!! Table-escape, what a perfectly worded word( I would expect no less from you!)
It looks like a beautiful day was had & wild turkeys, how fabulous!!

Lara said...

Such cute plates! I don't think I would be able to have resisted them either. :-)

Cindy said...

What a pretty place! I like the plates, but i LOVE the basket you carried everything in!


Lory Bernstein said...

Jacqueline - this post is so wonderful! I love your whole aesthetic and can't wait to make my way around the rest of your blog... :-) Love those Pottery Barn plates and the sweet little picnic. Glad to have happened by here!


helen tilston said...

Hello Jacqueline

You certainly present a beautiful picnic. It is the simpler menu that, I find, is best.
We are off on a picnic to the beach on Sunday, when my youngest brother arrives for a visit. Today I purchased a large thermos so we can transport our tea.


Sarah said...

Picnicscapes are a favorite for me. A little hot for a picnic now, but come fall I'll be ready. I'll have to stop by PB. I may just need a set of those plates too. Black and white you know! '-)
Your summer days sound envious. I'll be in SF end of the month. Can't wait!

Linda said...

Oh Jacqueline...
This was just what I needed..
Linda :o)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I loved this post so much I actually had my husband read it.

Awesome idea.

We need to do something like this, too before summer is past.

Thanks for the gorgeous pics and the inspiration, Jacqueline. Hugs.

janice15 said...

Such a lovely place to enjoy.. your plates are a perfect match. I just love them.. Lovely post.. with love Janice

Marilyn said...

This looks like just the perfect thing to do on a late summer day.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Love the graphic pop of your new plates, Jacqueline! Makes for a newsworthy picnic. :)
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Elaine Cariglio said...

That is my favorite lunch! Something about wine, cheese bread, apples and the outdoors. It's so European! Love your new plates...I would have bought them too! Perfect for morning or a light dinner! I am so happy I stopped by.....very relaxing day!
Blessings My Friend,

Sandi said...

Love the photos, but really love that tote! :) Beautiful!

lynn said...

the cute plates are great for a picnic! love that you thought to bring the crock for flowers--i never remember that! happy weekend!

Ruffles and Roses said...

OH Lah Deh Dah Im off to pottery barn.....wish me luck....I must send or email you pics of my linens one day as Im as proud as you are ...i was in Romantic homes back a ways will look up the year.....

always look forward to your blog I only do an email blog right now with a hand full of women I should include you in at least one for a try out : > )))
hugs Lorraine

Pondside said...

What a beautiful place - and what a lovely-looking picnic. I'd say that this is the perfect way to escape the heat and enjoy a quiet interlude.

Pamela Gordon said...

It looks so lovely with your beautiful basket and sweet newspaper plates. I haven't been on a picnic since June. Too busy. :( And the houseflies were so bad this summer that we couldn't even dine on our new deck. Disappointing. Maybe we'll get another picnic in before it turns too cold. Pam

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