Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nice Surprises ~ Flea Market Finds

The smallest things can make you happy if you're into junking. Or thrifting, or saleing, or fleamarketing, or whatever you want to call it. It's the only place in my life that I actually like to be surprised. Surprised, because I may not ever have seen it before or even know that it exists before I lay eyes on it and have to have it or die! Most often it doesn't cost that much!

I don't think McCoy pottery is red hot anymore, and the values have plummeted in the current market. All the better for me. I have always always wanted this pattern in ANY color, and here it is affordably priced at $16 in WHITE!

I love finding old shipping boxes and crates with printing and graphics. Terrific for storage and vignettes, and cheap!

Happiness is a hand crocheted runner in ecru with BOTH roses AND fleur de lis!

Some of you may recognize my little butter cow of the "Charlotte" pattern. What is she doing here?

I was sooo lucky to find a matching transferware bowl in the same pattern that I love so much.

Even the maker's mark is delightful!


But nothing put that Cheshire Cat grin on my face bigger than THREE PAIRS of all linen cutwork pillow cases in beautiful condition for 3.57 each pair. YIKES!!!!!



I'm thinking this is Irish linen because of the shamrocks. Me Mum was Irish.

These items were from four separate markets. My luck usually comes with a lot of leg work!
I hope there are some nice surprises waiting for you too!
Ciao! for now!


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Pamela Gordon said...

What a beautiful lot of things you found Jacqueline! I love them all and am fascinated with the cow butter dish which is not like mine in colour but the cow is resting the same way. I think I like cows now so will have to looks for more. ;-) That McCoy flower pot is gorgeous too. Have a great day. Pamela

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Isn't it great to be a junker? It takes so little to make us happy. But your finds were really pretty. I think I'd be more than happy with them!

janice15 said...

How wonderful...wish I could see the pattern up closer for the runner. I believe I can do that pattern easily...the planter is divine... you found some nice lovely things.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks like you had a great day-enjoy:@)

Sizzle and Zoom said...

You've inspired me to start looking again. I've been so bogged down with little to medium emergencies. I hope I can find time now. Lovely photos as always.

Entertaining Women said...

I've often contemplated using vintage pillow cases as chair back covers for one of my tablescapes. I think that it would be so lovely. I think that I would want to figure a way to invert them and fold them back up on themselves, so the decorative motif would be more of a focal point...if that even makes sense to you. Great finds. I adore the "Charlotte." Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. Cherry Kay

Sarah said...

Jacqueline, it's little surprises like you mention that make my heart sing. I love to find a treasure waiting for me that I didn't even know I desired.
Happened on our recent trip to Maine - four coin silver chowder spoons. Will share them soon. ~ sarah

Kathy Martin said...

Love your finds and your Charlotte butter cow! I also collect Charlott and get pretty excited when I find a new piece! I would LOVE that butter cow...I make my own butter! Enjoyed your post!

Amy Kinser said...

You found some beautiful treasures. I love the cutwork beautiful.

Sharing Shadymont said...

What lovely finds! They are all wonderful. I especially love the pillowcases! You had great luck!


Charade said...

I NEVER have that kind of luck at a flea market. Those linens are too good to be true. Since I didn't find them, I'm glad someone like you got hold of them.

Sharing Shadymont said...

Thanks so much for your visit and for becoming a follower! I really do appreciate it!



RobinfromCA said...

I always love a good linens find but that McCoy pot for $16 is boggling my mind! What a steal! I am in awe of your excellent weekend success!!


Kathy said...

I love McCoy pottery too, whether it is in or not I love it! Gorgeous piece! I hope your linen is Irish - it and the lace are beautiful! Terrific finds! I'm Irish too!
Hope you have a great week,

Shelia said...

Oh, I love your pottery but that little cow butter dish is making my heart just sing!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

under spanish moss said...

What wonderful pieces. We would arm wrestle over the butter dish and bowl. So beautiful!
XO Angela and Renee

elizabeth said...

All of your finds are fabulous. I'm wishing I could be your flea market buddy!

Micupoftea~ said...

Wonderful finds! Love that when it happens. I am a true believer of buy what you love when you see it, and if the price is low so much the better~ :)

LuLu said...

Oh, I love the treasures you found!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I love those pillowcases and great price on them too! Happy for you that you found another Charlotte piece it's always great to find something like that!

Sherry said...

Nice finds Jacqueline. I always love Mccoy pottery in a great color. Nice pillowcases too.

Ivy and Elephants said...

What cool finds! I collect blue and white, but I'm leaning toward the beautiful brown transfer ware.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Bella said...

Hi J,
Yes the luck of Irish was smiling on you!! All those gorgeous new linens!! Roses and Fleurs, Perfect!! I am with you isn't it great to find a cheap thrill at a sale!!

Eileen said...

Gorgeous finds there Jacqueline! I'd have let out a real squeal, had I seen those gorgeous, gorgeous cutwork pillow cases. Love them. And love that they have shamrocks even more.
Eileen @ CBH

Ironstone and Pine said...

I want to tag along with you on your next flea trip, great stuff!!

cindy@cindysaheartlikemine said...

I love seeing your brown transferware and I try VERY hard not to be envious! We have been spring cleaning in our church which included the attic! NOT fun in Savannah in the heat! However, I was rewarded by finding an old cream McCoy planter stuck over in a corner! That came home to the parsonage with me!

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